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  1. I am looking forward to the end of the DCP debates about who is releasing show information and when and what kinds of unis or costumes are being worn. Then we can move on to critiquing (sic criticizing mostly) all the shows and unis. Yay! Honestly though, I am looking forward to some very creative programs and close competition.
  2. There is no telling at this time with any certainty what Boston is going to come out with. There has been a strong sense they are making significant changes. I don't think either Boston of Cadets will follow Bluecoats lead in major changes to the degree the Bluecoats did, but Bluecoats change may be the catalyst for significant changes to uniforms/costumes for both orgs. I have to believe Boston and Cadets will make changes each group feels is appropriate for them, and their program for the year. And a move away for the traditional cadet style uniform would not be surprising in the least. I am especially excited and curious about both groups this year.
  3. I thought I was responding to your request that I offer something substantial in the way of an idea. So I did. Then you reply with...well I'm not really sure what you are commenting on. Maybe it is that you really had nothing of value to say. I'm also not sure what your credibility comment is about other than being nothing more than you usual obtuse snarkiness. So I'll tell you what, I'll move on, not so I don't bother you anymore. I'd rather have...nah, I'll stop.
  4. Yeah, pick a fight! I wasn't really joining in with the offering of fundraising ideas, so you missed that. I was making a comment that a slap to Brasso was due to a poster missing his point. A lighthearted point but nevertheless an analogous point. Sometimes some posters take themselves way too seriously so much so, the get their panties in a bunch when they try so hard to make others provide SOMETHING, ANYTHING of what they might feel is of "substance". A bit of self annointed overseeing, if you will. Maybe stop pointing out and debasing what others write so much of the time. So you want ideas? How about annual fund raising auctions for alumni and friend where donations of items or services in kind are available? Or reach out to the local corporate community (after researching what their potential involvement could be) and have a "free" concert in the community where the corporate "sponsors" could be there and be very publically recognized for their help and partnership? How about creating a base of operations and market the organizations staff to help with community grass roots efforts and get municipal partnerships to assist? Grow the Board of Directors and develop a wide talent pool of members from many varied disciplines to reach out to casting a wide net of assistance, kind of like diversifying your portfolio but from a talent resource perspective. Invest financially when possible, to keep a safe stream of income available. oh yeah, then do bake sales, car washes and candle sales to max your ROI. That would be the most inefficient, time consuming and exhausting tedium, extremely hard to do in today's DC because of the geographical managing of MM's trying to raise tour fees and fund raise for the org. i hope I have pleased you with my ideas. Are they sufficiently substantial? Less pomposity and condescension would be nice.
  5. Is it your intent to pick a fight? Really? Is that that what YOU have to offer? Always being judgemental of other posters? Demanding everyone appease your self-importance and self righteousness? Are we to comment always with seriousness you approve of? How about YOU stop telling everyone else what to say and how to say it. I for one am sick to death of you and I doubt I am alone. You are consistent at least in acting like a condescending know it all.
  6. Can the mods end this. It's become a mudwrestling match with people just picking fights at this point.
  7. Also missed point. It was an analogy that most people would understand. Yeah right he was suggesting you rob banks as a fundraising opportunity.
  8. Ulterior motive. ??? What are you talking about? The missed point: You get money from where the money is. You go to money sources to ask for money. You took from that: a criminal reference, pointing out DC is not a criminal activity. Duh!. That take away of yours was not the point of the analogy. Oh and thanks for the condescending commentary. No one was trying to provide you with an explanation YOU found satisfactory. It wasn't about you. que sera sera.
  9. And you eat this in an ambulance and head right to the ER? Good lord that sound death defying. I wish you the best of you've eaten many of these.
  10. Can you explain the BAC reference? I am getting a little lost in all the back and forth sniping.
  11. There were some occasional comments about it last year. Some folks had heels dug in thinking it was a tradition and no big deal and the opposition should all basically get over it. But tradition for whom? For Troopers sure, OK. But when a tradition impacts other groups in that manner, courtesy and respect for others (DM's, MM's and fans alike) acquiescence to expedience seems a better path.
  12. Keeping this completely off the rails...what pray tell is an Italian hot dog? Would that be a grilled sausage with onions and peppers from the guy outside of Fenway Park?
  13. JC, no seriously they are NOT all free. For some. they may be. But what I described is an exact narrative of an actual agreement. The horns were not free! What you were "told", may represent a few but not all, so what you may have been told isn't entirely accurate.
  14. I see a scenario like this: A corps buys all new brass (or percussion) at a great discount, for the upcoming season maybe at cost or slightly more than cost) so the manufacturer gets the marketing and publicity (all the better the more successful the corps is that year, especially in brass). The corps gets the new brass (or percussion) at ST for instance, minimizing the time they have the cash out. The corps immediately markets the new equipment and gets a commitment to buy the new/used via a pre-purchase from the purchasing org). The season ends, the corps gathers the now gently used new brass to deliver to the purchasing organization. They either break even or make a little money possible profit. The purchasers get equipment used for maybe 12 weeks. Not a bad deal all around. Granted some corps may get some (or all) equipment for free, but they might also have a long term level of excellence that enables a premium deal and may make a long term commitment with the manufacturer. Just my guess.