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  1. I keep hearing rumors from a few posters, one particular poster who believe he's in the know, says the show is about witches? Maybe he is hearing from all the brass and percussion stars that have migrated from a top corps? Is that possible he knows anything? Probably not, trolls don't know much. The way this off season has gone I would not be surprised to learn announcements won't be made until ST for corps.
  2. Exactamundo.
  3. You are being puny, I mean punny aren't you?
  4. I apologize profusely for misspelling the word impugning. However I did a search for impuning and lo and behold what came up was "Did you mean: impugning?". I was then able to determine what the word was that I spelled incorrectly, along with its meaning. Anyway, I believe the overall context was clear. Didn't mean to through er...throw you off.
  5. Can you clarify? Not fully getting the reference. I get final table but no how this applies to the comments you referred to.
  6. Hi M, There's no doubt there has been an increase in the posting for BAC this season. I think most of it though came early in the offseason when the staff changes were the "trending now" "breaking news' type of page growth. I sense there has been a slowdown as I see the BAC page drift back into the depths of DCP but bubble up every couple or few weeks or so. They certainly can't keep pace with the cadets corps can LOL. That is a prolific group of posters. IMO there has been a great deal of outsider (as you put it) commentary that certainly raised the defenses of the corps. However these defenses that are exhibited, are what has kept this corps going year after year where others have folded. Through the years there have been a number of instances and attempts to make this corps go away. Many folks not fully aware of the history of the corps may not understand why long standing fans alums get so intensely defensive about how they are viewed or what they say and do. But there is a long history there of adversity and that will create a protective "chipiness' should anything be thought to be impuning this organization of very passionate followers.
  7. Ok then we will agree to disagree on what you believe is hype and what I believe is hype. Not a problem. To me, "hype" is a neverending rose colored glasses, "wait till you hear this, they will be phenomenal this year" kind of kind of posting. Bordering on the extreme. What I have gotten from all the posting, that is in reference to the upcoming season, has been more subdued than in prior years. There was a lot of talk early on about the new staff as well there should be. But most recently there has been little of that by BAC posters. Lots of speculation maybe but I don't see that as "hyping" anything. I am excited to see what corps come out with this year. There are so many ways this can all go with so much speculation about uniforms and costumes, hats not hats, propos, music, themes, who's in who's out, staff changes; on and on. I'm looking forward to it and we will undoubtedly hear more hype once corps ST begins.
  8. No selfies please.
  9. So what is it? Hype or anti-hype? He is not "quite correct" that expectations are extremely high. They are restrained, they are hopeful. The posters on the Boston page are careful in what is said for the most part. They have been through many down years and missed goals but continue to do what they can to move forward and improve not just the corps performance but the entire organization. We'll see how this year goes, but people begrudging them for taking a big step forward and getting in the game starts to traipse into elitism. Undeserved. And if some posters want to keep saying what they see is blankety blank what! What does it matter to them?
  10. I thought about it as you suggested. I wasn't referring to anytime prior to 2017. So your comment has no relevance to mine. I agree there was a lot of hype in years past. The same is true of most corps this year. And yes I agree there is a great deal of chatter as evidenced by the number of pages and posts. However, much of it was about staff changes....back in September. Not so much recently, and when it is mentioned, it's fairly generic about a belief and hope there will be an improvement in the corps standing, based on a consensus there has an upgrade in design and instructional staffing. Your assertion there is a lot of hype is one somewhat one dimensional with no other comments adding to or expanding that thought.
  11. I am unclear on what you mean by hype. I'm not sure I'd characterize most comments here as hype. I'm not getting hype as much as hope. Hope they move up...hopefully optimistic. I think most comments I've seen on this thread from BAC fans and alumni have been restrained. Maybe that stems from a lack of substantive program updates; aka hype. But the same seems to be true in general from all corps this year. So little information coming out keeps a lid on hype as we've known it in previous off seasons. wouldn't you agree? And I honestly can't say I have disliked it all that much; the hype I mean.
  12. OK. Not quite sure what message was being delivered but I was thinking I shouldn't refer to the program as crappy music. Just a frame of reference, not a judgment. That would seem contrary to the off season expectation that a new talented staff, with all their high level DC experience, would have put together a program design with good if not "great" music. So I assumed "great" was an apt description as any to ask the question to learn what the poster heard. Now we know, it was not the corps itself, but a midi file. Which is perfectly OK, but with the understanding that the music selection is, and/or the arrangement is; "not messing around". It still elevates the anticipation and gives the comment some context. And anticipation is all we have to go on for the next few weeks.
  13. Do you mean you heard some great music that will be in their program? Or you heard Boston play music that's in their program? That clarification would be significant. Great music that might lead one to think "they're not messing around" might be more than they can handle, as great as it may be,. However, if you heard great music being played by Boston at this point, then "not messing around one bit" takes on a very different meaning. That being said, they'd still need to max out performance to live up to the "not messing around" hyperbole. Hope you are right as it adds to the excitement. Not hyping as one poster mentioned earlier (with a hype train reference), just being cautiously optimistic.
  14. I usually predict badly and I promised myself I'll hold off until Spring Training or their Boston appearance on June 14, but I am hoping for single digits, closer to 6 than to 12. Issues from last year are known and we are certain those wouldn't be repeated. Just call it missed opportunity if you will. So if things were equal to last year, but with corrections made, there would be upward movement. With the new staff (and their experience), a new smarter higher demand/expectation approach for MM's, programming and program execution; I see the upward movement being more than the typical 2 positions a corps improves when they move up, as Brasso often points out. So after the Spring Fling, I'll make a call. I have a tentative list now, but it has been so amazingly quiet this offseason from all corps it is hard to get a read other than everyone typically is soooo much better than last year. I'm very excited about 2017 for all corps.