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  1. I have little doubt many corps and corps staff would say the same thing. I know a couple of corps claiming they been unfairly judged by certain judges at critical times, where their placement was impacted. I also know of corps who believed they were judged more harshly than they should have been, just so their alumnus judge would not be viewed as favoring them.
  2. That's where the devil is! LOL And I don't mean Blue Devils.
  3. Well the Cadets are already out of the top 5. So it would be keeping them out and knocking someone else out.
  4. Just bringing to light how well he plays.
  5. Good lord, lighten up. So you can't chat about anything other than 2017 BAC?. Really now. There's little relevant chat on this thread outside of people bit@@ing or moaning about something or someone. So many people being the expert or an insider with all the info and gossip. Sorry to "derail" all the important blah blah. But sooner or later it does get back on the rails as soon as there is something worthwhile about this years program. In the meantime, deal with a little idle chatter with your DCP friends. Or join in maybe as well. IMO.
  6. Or the MIT janatah likin them apples.
  7. I think it is odd that the NFL sic Goodell, supposedly found "evidence" of signal stealing or filming for Spygate; they supposedly found "evidence" of deflated footballs for deflategate, but no one can find a shirt that went missing from a locker in a locker room full of people?
  8. And he's bringing avocado ice cream too.
  9. You were around Boston then? Were you teaching? There was a bit of drama about it then wasn't there? Seemed at the very least radical to some and downright blasphemous to others. So absurd looking back at it and seeing what is done today?
  10. I guess. I'm not saying they have a special privelage just I'd feel a bit out of place. Probably sounds really dumb, wish some were closer to me and I'd probably have just gone for it by now. Hey, just find a group you like and volunteer. All groups need volunteers. It may not be a specific thing you want to do but it gets you started. If it's for a day or a week or the summer, it helps. MM's love volunteers and they are happy to hear any war stores no matter how enhanced they become over time. And we do enhance them (creative license, right?). I can't do a tour but I was a ticket taker and gate watcher at a show. I know people who tour or do ST for a week helping the kitchen crew. I know a guy who drives one of the equipment semi's for a week. He got his CDL just so he could. Shuttling people to and from airports, helping shop for food. There are a lot of ways to help. And if you don't have a specific DC war story, tell a story about anything DC related. Ask an MM about their stories. Jump in with both feet.
  11. There was a corps years ago that made a change in their uniform, adding black to the back of their cadet top. From MM reaction you would have thought a family member had been sacrificed. It was at the time a tough pill to swallow for many, but it was done and a favorable outcome resulted, paving the way for more updating/enhancements, necessary to keep up with changing times. The world actually did not stop rotating. There was also another more significant change to a uniform in a section of the guard, that was met with huge resistance as well, which has since become an iconic look for the guard section that became a major feature of the corps at the time. Their success reinvigorated a lot of other guards and guard significance at the time.
  12. what??? no Tom Brady Restorative PJ's?
  13. I agree to an extent about enhancing existing uniforms with show related elements but designers can be sufficiently creative. Not all corps haves the budget for new unis every year and I am sure although there are deals to be made with suppliers, there aren't many if any fully free deals. Many corps are on cycles for uniform change outs. Not knowing for sure, to do something like that means the initial uni design is designed and made for short term usage that a WC corps would put them through. Some corps are fortunate to be able to resell them, but I imagine that 's hard to do given unique identities groups have or want to have. A group buying a previously used set of unis, imo, would want to be sure they were cared for appropriately so they might last until they were ready to make a buy of a specific uniform for their org. It is a big investment.
  14. You are right. Demanding is a bit strong. But in the context of demanding being insistent that corps should release information because it isn't wise not to, or because someone thinks they should, approaches demanding. Just not pound your fist demanding, but somewhat demanding.
  15. Seem like a lot fewer loose lip this winter. I'm OK with that. we'll hear more I am betting, after the next camps.