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  1. About predicting scores for this show; I wasn't comparing anything to anything. What I was getting at was that score predictions in the opening night thread average just under 71 for BD and under 70 for everyone else. Then in Indy, the predicted average was higher than anyone was expecting. This could be because of the corps in the show or possibly judges not being conservative with first show scores. Who knows. So enough with the "you can't compare scores" Sheesh. Not what I was asking about. Hope everyone is hydrated enough out there. Good luck to all.
  2. I know many posters have submitted a score prediction. But based on last night in Indy, what adjustments would be made? I would believe BD & SCV over 70 for sure, possibly BD 73 & SCV 72?
  3. Shows are complete in that all captions have stuff for the entire/full show. Some corps may not have everything included yet.
  4. 5 words each Bloo - not as innovative, but gooood Crown - Too Disneyesque in second half Cavies - Frenetic, confusing, but pretty cool Cadets - Manna from heaven, being 4th Blue Stars - Should have been 4th tonight Crossmen - missing a little drill oomph Just my opinion above. In theater tonight crossmen and cadets got polite applause. No one sure Blue Stars show was done. Cavies got a mixed reaction. Crown was a fave. Bloo was unquestionably the big fave. Comments heard: Bloo was great. Cadets got a gift. overall there is a lot of room to grow for all. Each so very different from the other.
  5. My immediate thought when I saw Bluecoats
  6. Do you mean the dad of a 21 year old adult woman ? Probably OK with it.
  7. Bloo, Crown, Cavies,Blue Stars, Cadets, Crossmen. In that order. Cavies close to Crown
  8. And we'll save this commentary for future reference too George. Maybe Saturday night will be one of those "upsets"?
  9. About 50 and growing in a theater in Houston. Playing D.C. Now good volume hope it stays this loud
  10. This is great. Thank you for doing this. It will be cool to see, as the season progresses and finishes, how these position change. If they do.
  11. It's too bad no one here has the time to do an spreadsheet of the average scores of each shows predictions and see how scores are averaging along with placements. Might even get a preseason ranking via predictions. Obvious its Bluecoats and BD at the top. Then it's all over the place or so it seems after that. Cadets are bouncing around as is Crown and Boston is in the mix. This is making me antsy for the shows over the next few days.
  12. Interesting; tiering in a 6 corps show, the first show of the season?
  13. Yeah but at this point we add only a small percentage. Lol
  14. At this rate this thread will hit 700 by the time the show starts tomorrow.
  15. I will be there in spirit. I have to be in Houston for work. I hope everyone enjoys. Eat em up Boston.