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  1. LabMaster

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    Those "uni's" look nice for an a heat related alternative.
  2. LabMaster

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    Will anyone feel even hotter when Boston lights the signal fire? You know a psychosomatic kind of thing.
  3. LabMaster

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    All corps have summer unis? This is certain? You know this? I'm guessing they may not. But I don't know that for sure any more than I would know if they do. What corps MM's may have are similar clothing items that would work for the hot conditions. Not necessarily rehearsal attire. But some rehearsal clothing elements to give them a somewhat cohesive look.
  4. LabMaster

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    My point was with the cost not the safety aspect. On the Denton thread someone did comment that they would rather not go than pay the ticket price for non-uniformed non-judged show.
  5. LabMaster

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    No clothes would cause a problem Craiga. LOL
  6. LabMaster

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    Ah, you might want to look at some MM's practice/rehearsal clothing or lack of it. Didn't some folks get offended because there was little worn from some corps?
  7. LabMaster

    Denton, TX - July 19, 2018

    I have to think there is a sufficient supply of smart thinking people associated with DCI admin and corps that they can figure out a better time to tour through Texas and the deep south to avoid heat like this and keep the thousands of touring corps folk safe. How about the early part of tour (not mid July) go through Texas? Is San Antonio going to dictate tour which brings it to Texas this time of year? Maybe the tour premiere is in San Antonio. Flip with Detroit.
  8. LabMaster

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    I guess one concern patrons may have is when they discover there would be no uniforms/costumes or scoring (as was stated) that paying $38 for a ticket to see a non-dress, dress rehearsal (aka run through); is a bit much. It may bother some patrons (and some can be unreasonable) that might have driven 2 hours, paying $38 to see much less than what was expected. Maybe the sponsors can offer something for ticket buyers like free water, a discount on food & souvie, or free swag. Some accommodation anyway. It is smart to delay the show but help the supporters out too if the show parameters are changing so much.
  9. SCV 89.1 BD 88.65 Bluecoats 88.55 Boston 86.25 Cavies 86.0 Phantom 83.4 Blue Knights 81.9
  10. LabMaster

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    I guess I don't get your math. BAC is 2.77 behind BD. So that's 5 corps within 2.77. BAC is 1.35 behind Carolina who they tied last week. BAC was .45 from Cavies. So how this is "not close" is what I don't get. There is a month to go so there are no safe bets. Especially in the top 6.
  11. LabMaster

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Look at that thing! Is that how tornadoes start? LOL
  12. LabMaster

    Top 12 All Time Shows

    I guess I misunderstood. When I see "all time" I assume it meant all time. Tends to have an expansive context to it.