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  1. Boston Crusaders 2018

    With a preview scheduled for April 29, will a show announcement precede that?
  2. No doubt there are bumps in the road along the way but a smart design and tech staff (with experience) can foresee most of these and proactively modify the program elements appropriately. At least staffs that are in the higher tiers, IMO. Totally get the staffers thinking their area is the priority. I actually would not want it any other way. There is a necessary passion and measured aquiescence that is required for collaboration and success. Some feedback may be confirmation that what is planned is the correct path.
  3. I don't necessarily agree with the need to have a "bad guy" to rein things in. What is needed to maximize success, IMO, is collaboration and not just in the premise that all on the staff and working together is collaborating, but authentic collaboration where the key designers set ego's aside and fully consider an idea. To look at it from many POV's. There should be an overseer to ensure the collaboration is happening but that oversight should be communicated in a positive fashion at all times. Aquiescence & compromise when needed. For show growth during the season, there should be preplanned changes: planned layering with milestones for incorporating changes in a timely manner and allow for cleaning for peak performance in Indy. I get the sense this will now happen for them this season. Management can manage the corps and make repairs, designers can design the show and the techs can clean and enable performance. And kids can enjoy without worry. It is a new day for this group. Best of luck to all.
  4. The changes in the org may have an effect on the program. But, I think it would be very little, and very possibly no effect at all, given the biggest roadblock to the design team's success in the recent past is now out. Maybe composing and developing a show with out the seemingly chaotic constant changes will allow the show to grow over the season.
  5. Boston Crusaders 2018

    I am fairly sure about what the program isn't based on, but I am very certain I don't know what it is based on. The staff keeps things tight. I only know what I heard from the recorded snippets, and as I said before, nothing can be gleaned from those relative to a theme or the program.
  6. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Nope. Nothing. We will all be waiting until May probably.
  7. Carolina Crown 2018

    I would assume like most corps, once all applicable licensing is resolved and shows are coming together and no major music changes are needed; so licensing CAN be locked down. I would expect when corps hit Spring Training, programs will be announced and maybe a few trickle out before then through April. So May for most?
  8. Boston Crusaders 2018

    What a great night at the IAM Take 6 event last Saturday night. Take 6 was terrific (great group of guys) as were the kids from HYPE & Denny Drums, one of IAM sponsored community (inner city) based music programs. Kotoko Brass was excellent as well. A fun and successful night for IAM. And for the DCP crowd; some very limited info about Boston was "shared". Nothing about the show itself, but more of a progress report on the brass line from Gino Cipriani and how the camps have gone so far. I believe there is one major camp remaining in April, then into Spring Training in Castleton, VT on May 19. A few very brief snippets were played, so nothing about the program for this year could be gleaned (purposely). Suffice it to say the brass will be much improved with a sound, IMO, a bit more mature than even last year as advanced as last years line was for Boston from previous years. This admin team and instructional team have a solid plan and are on track. Truly Building A Champion.
  9. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Would love to know your thoughts on how they sound. Enjoy your brass weekend Brasso. Somewhat redundant huh?
  10. Boston Crusaders 2018

    You meant to say Trumpets right? LOL
  11. Boston Crusaders 2018

    I'll be there. Looking forward to it.
  12. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Nothing better than being corrected...Love it. I apologize for my horrible lack of precision in the explanation. But you get the gist right? And you kinda said what I said. SOS is Mayday which means help me. It is also a fun and creative teaser but if you don't like it, there is no reason to characterize it as new age blather. Sheesh.
  13. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Given the corps recent delving into literature or historical periods/events and creating an interesting and audience friendly show, I would lean toward possible shows with a lot of substance which would eliminate (IMO) most but: Amelia, Lost, Treasure Island. The SOS part creates interest as it can be for a ship, plane. SOS is the international distress signal and has a linguistic origin. It is a French translations for "Help Me". It was first used in 1908 for a Cunard ship SS Slavonia. SOS also does not mean "Save Our Ship". It has other meanings, one of which is "Save Our Souls". So that is what I just learned about it. It is actually a bit complex. So taking that thought, I guess we are going to get a much more complex show from Boston this year, which kind of aligns with the camp reports. Suffice it to say, Boston appears to be stepping up their game. Eat em up Boston 2018.
  14. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Well it's fun for all us speculating hope they get a kick out of all the guesses.
  15. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Well that's a lot of nothing, Captain obvious. LOL. It's like saying the brass will play notes and drummers will drum.