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  1. I mean that they are only 1.0 to 1.2 out of 8th, based on last years numbers. But you can't really use last years numbers as an indicator of this years success. The B&P MM's are veterans to BAC. So Colin & Gino are not building new lines. They have had an entire winter with these kids. The guard if what we are hearing that many are from Crown (which I don't know that they are, rumors being what they are and all) will be better in that area than B&P will be. If I understand what you are saying correctly. What impacted B&P performance last year will not be a factor this year, I am sure of that. The show design truly inhibited any modifications or re-writes. Staff availability also impacted design corrections. How the windmills were used for equipment storage on the field, became a prohibitive element to enable corrections and cleaning. So I see this years improvement and path to future success being the following: New cohesive collaborative show design - improved over LY Solid winter music program and staff involvement in program development Higher MM demand for performance quality and improvement - leading to further improvement over the course of the season More emphasis on program cleaning and design "cleanability" (designing elements that can be cleaned, then cleaning them appropriately, logically, in a timely manner with an experienced staff). Hope I was clear. Occasionally I'm not. No matter what this is going to a most interesting year for Boston, cadets and Crown. The offseason for each will generate a lot of fan interest. As it should.
  2. Maybe less time (not years anyway) when they aren't far off to start with. Then bring in new staff, new thinking, new demands and the improvement will be quicker especially with veteran brass and percussion.
  3. I would agree with this. With the change in staff, Gino, Colin and others and the newer off season quality demands on all playing, I see improvement in brass and percussion performance quality being substantial. Add the anticipated improvement in guard, and all performance aspects should be markedly better. I'll be visiting ST next weekend and will see and hear for myself. Hoping the weather doesn't suck.
  4. A new spin on demons and angels perhaps?
  5. Stop it. If the show is THAT esoteric, it would be hard to sell the program to the audience. Maybe I'll catch on sooner than you think. Maybe I'll surprise you since you believe me and others to be incapable of getting it right away. Pump your brakes a little.
  6. What gets me is how a posted comment is twisted/spun/misunderstood to become something that wasn't said. He said "most volatile season on social media since 07". You said "how was 07 a crap show on social media". Not what was said. The volatility could be explained more as there is little context to the statement. But I still think I got the sense of the comment. with all the transformations that have gone on here over the off season and the "cone of silence" program blackout of sorts, there is an anticipation of a lot of passionate social media discussions on all the shows we are only now learning something about. An example is the wonderings or comparison to an unheard Boston music rep to Phantoms previous program music.
  7. Go easy on statements like that. You said that quite a bit last year about Boston's show. When you think about it no one really has a show like anyone else's. That's the point, so that makes a statement like that kind of silly. The curious part of your comment is "You might understand this program later." What will happen "later" that will help clarify what we will come to understand? And when is "later?"
  8. I think it would be a unique marketing approach for souvies. Plus it would limit any preconceptions about the program.
  9. So there are 29 days until Boston's first public performance (Greenway in downtown Boston) and 38 days until the first show in Ohio. I think I got that right. Correct me if I am wrong. From what little I have heard through the grapevine and what I was aware of with their approach from the new staff, I think they will be better prepared for performing than in years past, right out of the gate. Should be stronger for the for the first show than the recent past. The ST's facilities are terrific and there is a lot of time to work on things as well as enjoying an incredibly gorgeous place for ST. I am excited for this years program and extend best wishes to all returning MM's and new MM's. Hope to see a lot of folks during Memorial weekend. Hope the weather holds. After all it is new England. Good luck to all and thanks to the staff, old and new and all the volunteers.
  10. Why do people know this much about kids? Well think about it: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google (and others) - Social Media; where everything about everything and everyone is available to find out about. Most information about people is placed on Social Media by the person themselves. Same on DCP for many posters. You can learn where they live, who they taught, who they are fans of, where they went to school, etc., etc. We didn't put their info here. Most of the time the poster did, or made sure we learned about them (maybe in some cases a bit of drum corps narcissism). And it is available for all to see. However, it is a choice to include personal info or not; to make it private or not. I suppose it could be viewed as creepy but some of these kids get known and have fans. Look at Boston's Pit Girl for instance. Go to google and simply type in "drum corps girl" and she pops up. Another minute or two and you find our her name and easily learn where she is from her age and so on. So Google is creepy I guess. DCP is a public forum and anyone associated with a corps is subject to having their information put on it. This is today's gossip driven world where we feel we have a right to know everything about everyone and little is off limits. It is up to us to self edit.
  11. I agree with you in that the Boston will undoubtedly be better this year than last. However, I do believe there will be increased quality throughout all areas of the corps for a number of reasons: more experienced BAC veterans; new staff (designers and techs); increased staff's performance expectation for the members (this is a big one); the ability to draw out better MM performance by the staff. I might not have articulated that very well, but there has been increased demand on each MM's playing capability and quality. New practice techniques during the winter for each MM should result in significant improvement in program performance and individual performance.. Knowing what the winter was to be for MM's, I expect more demand from the music writing/design via the collaboration of this staff, which I hear has been tremendous. No doubt there will be huge visual changes due to the quality of the designers of the drill and the guard and the improved tech's to support the design. So I am with you regarding improvement, but I think the music design will be as significantly better as the visual. 8th is a good possibility and I will be cautiously optimistic as I hope for that and more. Why not? Although I risk sounding like a homer jihadist just saying that. LOL What is a homer jihadist anyway? What a stupid thing to call BAC supporters on the Boston thread.
  12. Making assessments? Or making #$%% up?
  13. Specifics please about who is barking. You say "homers" like it is a bad thing. we are all "homers" to some degree are we not? Maybe the barking could be viewed as push back to a small few DCP'rs who, although they allude to knowing so much about every corps, really don't know all that much. They like the DCP readers to think they do. However, they come across more often than not as snarky, and in being "clever" with comments and graphics, that really are simply low grade insults. But that 's just my opinion.
  14. Ahh; you mean wicked pissah!