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  1. Bone-Tone Lord

    Dubuque, IA - July 13, 2018

    The electronics being out would have been the least of the issues with performing tonight. It wasn’t just rain, it was a severe thunderstorm. DCI actually has an organization-wide policy requiring corps to go either inside, on buses, or under stands if there’s lightning within 15 miles. Additionally, the kind of wind we had tonight would have made it completely impossible for guard to perform and really hard for everyone else. Finally, the rain itself was so hard that the scoreboard wasn’t visible from the gate. Ain’t nobody doing a show in that.
  2. Bone-Tone Lord

    2018 Programs & Playlist

    Or the point where DCI requires corps to submit proof of licensing for their music so DCI knows what licenses they need to get has passed, which means corps have now finalized their repertoire. I marched a show where a movement was replaced in May because Astor Piazzolla's estate took too long to get back to the staff about licensing and they replaced him with Bruckner, whose work is public domain.
  3. Bone-Tone Lord

    The future of the Cadets

    I never would have wanted to march there anyway. Even before it came out that Hopkins was a rapist, they were infamous for eating and sleeping less than anyone else, and as a result having more people either getting hurt or burning out and leaving early than pretty much any other corps. And their lousy show design lately certainly didn't improve my impression of them. I do know people who left my corps to go there, but why you'd pick the Cadets as the corps you want to make finals with over literally anyone else is beyond me.
  4. Bone-Tone Lord

    DCI "Crossroads" In Zionsville, IN

    Muncie's pretty close to Indianapolis. In fact, it's close enough to be the Colts' finals housing site.
  5. They claimed the women who marched with them in 1971 and 2005 weren't members. And my complaints were directed just as much at fans and alumni, including some on this exact thread, who claim the woman marching Madison now isn't a member as at the staff who claimed the women who marched before weren't members.
  6. Anyone who pays fees and performs the show- at any corps- is a member. Claiming otherwise because she doesn't have the same thing between her legs as the other members is stupid at best, and outright misogynistic at worst (side note: interesting how the only corps that claim someone who pays fees and marches a show can somehow not be considered a full member are the all-male ones). Both Madison and Cavaliers should have fully integrated years ago anyway. The only positions in drum corps that actually require their performers to be a certain gender are some vocalist and actor spots. For any other position, there is absolutely no justifiable reason to restrict membership to only one gender.
  7. As far as literally every other corps is concerned, if you've paid your fees and you're on the field, you're a member. The idea that you can somehow not be a real member of the corps despite having done that is absurd.
  8. Bone-Tone Lord

    News from Allentown

    Parking's a nightmare for corps as well. All the buses park on one street in the park, and no one can leave until whoever's parked in front does. This is particularly annoying on Friday, when many corps want to return to their housing site early because they'll be staying there the next day and as a result have left their food trucks there. Last August, I spent an hour and a half sitting on the bus, plus another close to two hours actually driving to the housing site, with no bus box food because the next day was Walmart/laundry, and didn't have time to get the super-hyped-up funnel cake because of the super-early BIS. Most of our corps was in exactly the same situation, and the people on the buses next to ours didn't look too happy either. Allentown is a ridiculously overhyped show site in every way imaginable. Parking's a nightmare, buses, equipment trucks, warmups, and the stadium are all a million miles away from each other, there's that nightmarish hill that you have to haul props and pit up into the stadium, there's barely room for corps to enter and exit, and the stadium itself isn't significantly better than, say, Whitewater or Little Rock and is only talked up because it's the regional.
  9. Bone-Tone Lord

    Academy v.s. Colts

    Predicting results before the season starts or either corps you're talking about has even announced their show? That's a paddlin'.
  10. Bone-Tone Lord

    I wonder if the Rules committee discussed THIS?

    I'm pretty sure the actual purpose of these is for research on artificial lips and lungs.
  11. Bone-Tone Lord

    2018 Rules proposals

    Had I written the proposal, I would have set the limit at nine or ten in order to allow one of every part in a small ensemble (three trumpets, two mellos, three bari/euphs, and one or two tubas), but I'd much rather the limit be six than 154.
  12. Bone-Tone Lord

    2018 Rules proposals

    There are very few subjects on which current corps members like myself agree with DCP. However, full-field amplification is one of them. There is not a single brass player in the activity who wants to have the whole ensemble amplified, and the only people who could conceivably support SCV's mini-hornline are the people who were actually in it- and even then, I can't imagine they would have put that in the show had they been in charge of designing it.
  13. Bone-Tone Lord

    2018 Rules proposals

    The most important thing on here, obviously, is the ban on full-field amplification. It never should have been allowed in the first place, and its death is the most needed on-field development in the marching arts right now. The additional four members seems like a pretty good idea. If a corps can't afford to feed, transport, and equip an additional four members, then they probably shouldn't be on the road in the first place because it would take next to nothing to cause that corps to fold. Besides, the proposal doesn't require corps to march 154, just like the current rules don't require corps to march 150. I'm in favor of adding a second brass judge- it doesn't really make sense to have twice as many judges for percussion and more than twice as many members for brass- but making this change would only make sense if the additional MA judge was not added. Updating music analysis seems like a fine idea. Then there's the scoring proposals. First of all, if you follow DCI because of the scores and competition and would stop going to shows if they weren't judged, this is the wrong sport for you. Even the members who the scores actually affect only care about them for maybe 10-15 minutes after they come out each night unless it's a regional or something big happened like Boston pulling ahead of Cadets or Colts pulling ahead of Troopers, and that's only for members of the affected corps. This activity is first and foremost about the performance, not the competition. Even members who switch corps do so more because they want to perform harder shows better than because they want to place higher. With that out of the way, let's talk about the proposals. Let's start with the one that actually affects corps placements: Hopkins' ordinal rankings. Trying to read something written by George Hopkins is a distressingly similar experience to reading something written by Donald Trump, but from what I was able to get out of his non-standard formatted word salad with ellipse dressing, he wants total ranking to be based on the average of the caption's rankings, with GE scores used to break ties. The current system uses the sum of caption scores with no tiebreaking system. This would make a caption spread of .001 the same as a spread of 10, and make it much harder for a corps to make up for deficiencies in one caption. It would screw up how seeding for San Antonio works, and I have no idea how they'd get around that. This seems unnecessary. It's not the worst proposal imaginable, all personal thoughts of its author aside, but it doesn't seem good enough to be worth the costs. On a related note, we have the proposal to not release scores until July 1. The full text of this proposal states that corps would still be judged and scored as usual, but the scores would only be given to the corps, and if I read it correctly, corps would only get their own scores and not anyone else's. That seems like a fine idea. In early-season shows where scores are all over the place anyway (in 2016, I marched in a show where we went up by two while everyone else at the show dropped dramatically on one night, a show where most corps had normal gains of around one to one and a half points, but we jumped by nine, and two nights later, after having a parade day, dropping by two while the other Open Class corps stayed around the same and the World Class corps got rained out) and there aren't full judging panels, they mean even less than they normally do. Personally, I feel like it might be best to combine these two- only give placements rather than scores until July 1, and then switch to normal scoring after that. Then there's the biggest change: Increasing the size of finals. It does make some amount of sense with World Class growing and Open Class increasingly being World Class but cheaper, and my corps would be one of the most likely to benefit from the change. However, it does feel like it sort of cheapens the experience. Concerns about the length of the show are unfounded, given that there are plenty of shows with similar, if not significantly larger numbers of corps, like the regionals, but the sense of achievement for members if we make finals because it got bigger will be somewhat diminished. Ultimately, I'm inclined to favor it because giving more people a chance to perform another show and giving the audience the chance to see those shows one more time is a pretty big positive in the end, but I'm not going to be all that disappointed if it doesn't pass. If it does, people will still see it as an achievement to get top 12, just like people see it as an achievement to get top 15 today, or top six, or top three, even when those tiers don't get you into another show, and the initial weirdness it'll have for those of us who march both before and after the change will fade before long.
  14. It is. The Colts website lists Dublin for the day that DCI's website lists TBA.
  15. I had to go through all the events individually (or at least, all the events in a plausible region) for my corps to figure out which events to list in my Facebook post, and since several shows whose names and/or locations are listed as TBA didn't load, I have no clue whether or not we're in them. Had this been released last week, I would have gotten a proper schedule at camp, but apparently that couldn't happen.