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  1. First off, congrats to the MM for a great show tonight. The highest honor goes to the percussion line as they killed it. Visual also was amazing as our drill is the best we have had on the field since 2012. With that said, I think we would be in 1st or #### close to it if it was not for the color guard. I'm a huge Crown fan, but real talk; it's time to have an intervention with the guard caption head as I'm embarrassed. In order to win, you cannot have more than one weak link, and our guard will be in 10th place if this continues. I know the marching members work very hard and to see these guard butt woopings daily is hard to watch and not fair to the rest of the corps. I have to go have a drink just to sleep tonight after the guard recap.
  2. Not sure if anyone else on the high cam caught, the big rifle drop in the end of the opener but the member recovered really well. I only point it out as it is really uncommon with them.
  3. SCV is having a low energy run tonight to me, but it's clean as heck!
  4. My high cam is spotty, so I'm sticking with the multi cam.
  5. My flo stream just froze. Anyone else.
  6. Crowns schedule today has Block #1 & Block #2 posted. I wonder what that means? Maybe/Hopefully, Crown will through in a couple of changes tonight and improve their GE and Visual scores. Best of luck tonight, as I hope they blow us away and close the gap!
  7. Can we all take a couple of deep breath's in this thread and just get excited for the first regional tonight? With that said, my current mid-season finals predictions for placements are as follows: 1) SCV 2) Crown 3) BD 4) Bloo 5) Cavies 6) Boston 7) Cadets 8) Blue Knights 9) Phantom 10) BlueStars 11) Crossmen 12) Mandarins 13) Madison Scouts 14) The Academy 15) Colts 16) Troopers 17) Spirit of Atlanta 18) Pacific Crest 19) Oregon Crusaders 20) Genesis 21) Cascades 22) Jersey Surf 23) Pioneer ***Please take this prediction with a grain of salt, as it is just the opinion of one fan and holds no merit other than that.***
  8. The Bluestars have an amazing music book and look and sound great.
  9. Madison was way better than I expected. Great Job, and I think they ended the debate on being in the top 12 this year!
  10. Thank you for clarifying my point and apologies to all that I confused, as I only intended to point out that there are approximately three minutes of the total show where the hornline doesn't play. Upon further review, I went back and carefully timed the sections of the show where the horn line doesn't play and it is only approximately 2 minutes and 36 seconds. In the video posted by the DCI center, the most visible example of the hornline not playing can be seen from minute 7:25 - 9:03 (98 seconds during the drum break). I honestly don't think this matters too much, as it is about quality not quantity and it was just my observation. On a side note, I am by no means a young buck, as I have been a huge DCI fan since the mid 90's and have several friends that either marched and or are band directors/educators. -Carry on!