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  1. So after seeing BD and SCV. Which one do you prefer?
  2. Ditto, as that's one beautiful piece of music.
  3. B-Flat

    Carolina Crown 2018

    So I watched the clip a couple of times prior to its removal and had the following observations: 1. Brass - I believe the horn-line is in good shape and playing a very difficult book. I would rate what I heard as good for June 17th. Prospectively, I look forward to the cleaning that the Harloff's will do which should straighten out any rough areas. Overall I think this group is solid and will land in the top 3. 2. Percussion - The battery is killer and by far the best line Crown has fielded in recent years. Obviously its early and I have no clue how they will score, but I could easily see them top 3 come finals. They are very impressive and honestly killing it as of June 17th. Overall I think this group is solid and will land in the top 3. 3. Guard - This group wins the most improved award of the corps (year over year), as they have a lot of demand and are executing their book pretty good. It really felt like the quality guard Crown is use too is back, of which will have a significant impact on overall scoring for the corps as the season progresses. I did see several rifle drops / dirt in general, but all I can say is job well done. They brought a lot of energy to the show. Overall I think this group is solid and will land in the top 3. 4. Overall - I think this is one of the stronger pre-season shows that Crown has produced since 2013. I look forward to the ending being added and all of the other layers/changes that will be added as the season continues. I also thought the visual package (drill and body) was pretty well done, as Jeff Sacktig is doing an excellent job for Crown. To me, Crown's drill/visual is on the rise. Overall I believe this show will be top 3 and I am with the other person who stated I could use another 12 minutes of that closer as that was fun/exciting. I wish them the best of luck this season and on Thursday.
  4. B-Flat

    Carolina Crown 2018

    I am just stunned that after watching the show, the only thing that is commented on is the theme. I watched the Cavilers, BD, Boston, Phantom, Cadets, and Crossmen preseasons shows also, and I'm clueless on their meaning. I do recognize that the season hasn't officially started and I will learn about the meaning of each show in detail later on and I hope to enjoy them all as the season progresses, just as I will with Crown. They are all just playing music and moving around at this point to a show title, which is interpreted by each person differently. Can you please provide a commentary about the visual/drill, quality of the music you heard, the percussion section, the color guard, etc? Anything else worthwhile?
  5. B-Flat

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    I vehemently disagree as I predict the top 3 will be the same but in a different order, as time will show all soon. Best of luck to Boston and all drum corps as they all work hard to bring us what we all love.
  6. B-Flat

    Carolina Crown 2018

    I was not able to locate where on the webpage a live feed will be made available on the crown jewel page.
  7. B-Flat

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Yeah like I said before, I think this show will surprise everyone as it is night and day better than last year and very fun and technical.
  8. B-Flat

    Carolina Crown 2018

    This post is nothing more than me venting about all the negativity in this thread, of which everyone that chooses can ignore: In my opinion, if Crown does something people don't like (e.g. the uniform/costume choice) folks are all up in arms with repeated negative comments that go on for pages. But when another corps like SCV (I personally thought last years uniform/costume was awful) everyone is like it looks amazing and fits the show concept so well (maybe my frustration is coming from the results of group think). I get the fact that people have bias by nature, but I look forward to the day when this thread returns to excitement and hype about the upcoming show instead of pages upon pages of negativity. The kids at Crown and all drum corps are working there buts off day in and day out to put out high quality products. I say all this to say, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I support everyone's opinion regardless of my own, as I am happy we live in a society where each individual is allowed the privilege to voice their preferences/choices/opinions. There is no real point to this post other than when I read through it and other corps threads the difference is clear. I have no desire to fight with anyone as everyone on this site is free to voice their opinions as often and as frequent as they want. I teach this same principle to my kids. I for one, am very hype about Crown's possibility to win the gold this year. From what I am told from alumni and based on the recordings I have heard, their music package is one of the best/hardest they have ever put out, and the visual/drill is insane, and the color guard/percussion are both bringing fire. I am also told that the show has a lot of GE and emotion, as they explore all sides to the "BEAST" similar to a human. I love how they left the show title vague so each individual can interpret what Beast means to their experience. This openness is usually appreciated in the DCI community, as the Cadets were beat over the head for their literal implications in their show of the Power of Ten. I predict Crown will change some minds once folks see what they have been up too and there dedication to excellence. I also predict this show will rank 1-3 when its all said and done. Regards,
  9. B-Flat

    2018 Predictions

    Agreed. I have listened but not seen BD, Crown, and Boston shows and based on the audio I think Crown is top 3. I also believe SCV and or Bloo will be just as strong. I have been told that Crowns visual package is a literal "beast" (no pun intended) and the guard/percussion are 16 times better than last year, which leads me to believe they will land in the 1-3 spot. Next Thursday we will see if any of these predictions mean anything.
  10. B-Flat

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Jim - they had a singer for you.
  11. B-Flat

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Great job Boston, the music book is sounding great! I think it will be a fun season.
  12. B-Flat

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    I'm dying a slow death watching all this.
  13. B-Flat

    2018 Tour Premiere

    Anyone from DCP joining me at the Clifton NJ AMC showing?