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  1. Thanks. Oh and I'm glad for your reading of my entire comment. You were able to find two words out of the whole statement and take issue. Capital.
  2. IMO I think the whole system needs adjusting. I find the enhanced sound tidious. I want to hear the music organically and not with needless microphones and distortion. I really want the ruling panel to sit down and hash some things out because we are losing musical proficiency. I am left cold with all the sounds outside the horns. I can't make out what is being played because something else might be playing something else. It is a bit cluster ####ed sometimes and hard to understand. I want to hear authentic horn playing and true ability. Again, this is just a personal opinion and not a jab at the performers. Those kids are given what they are given.
  3. Sometimes the judges just jump off the rails and decide to surprise and give what they give. I would have given SCV GE but I am not on the field judging.
  4. I completely agree. I don't know if you are being sarcastic but that has been the direction the activity has gone. I personally don't care for staged shows but it is what it is.
  5. Yeah you bet. Those kids in every corps work their butts off.
  6. Agree with that. But it is what happens with a winning BD production. When they win they get marked up.
  7. OK. Now that the entire season is over. BD is the only corps that drew tears from me.
  8. WOW! 98.538! What a score. Good on BD tonight.
  9. Now we are getting to some territory.
  10. Blue Knights will medal at some point in the near future.
  11. I've got everything on some kind of disc, tape, cd too. Just a remarkable night and was pleased to be there.
  12. God...I wish we could have the entire 89' finals run again. That was the most impressive night of music that I have ever experienced.
  13. Of course I was referencing Phantom from 89'. But I did not remember the BD 2nd place score. I've always been so consumed with the 89' PR production.