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  1. Blue Devils 2018

    Domination like we have never seen before. Love it!! Do it up Devils!!!!
  2. 2018 Prediction Thread

    I am predicting a BD silver medal finish. So then they can come out in 2019 and go undefeated and win gold #19! Even when BD loses they win. Do it up Devils!
  3. Blue Devils 2018

    I actually thought BD brought it in finals 2008. But PR won fair and square.
  4. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    Finals night judge did indeed judge BD and SCV guard earlier in the season. July 28th, Nashville show. And he/she had BD over SCV in guard 18.6-18.3.
  5. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    I am not going to even pretend i can answer why BD won by a comfortable margin. Maybe they put together their best run, maybe SCV was off idk. I wish we could hear the judges tapes from all three nights for BD and SCV. But most importantly, happy 1st bday to your son. Being a dad myself, that is more important than any scores and placements.
  6. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    If you are referring to the CG caption between BD and SCV, which i think you are (please correct me if wrong) BD was 10-4 head to head against SCV in guard all season. I did not count Allentown since they performed on different nights, but if we count that one, BD beat SCV 18.80-18.65.
  7. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    Alabama and SEC fans said exactly that before the 2009 Sugar Bowl against Utah.
  8. Drum Corps One-Liners 2017

    You should do a list of troll one-liners we have had during the season. And there was some good ones lol.
  9. Drum Corps One-Liners 2017

    Alot of these are hilarious! Good group of people here on DCP. Great list!!!!! How did you miss Hook'emCavies? Insert anything about the Cavies and there you go LMAO.
  10. Post of the year in my opinion.
  11. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    That's bad***!! Thanks for the info!
  12. Blue Devils 2018

    Ok. I thought he might have aged out last night. Wasn't sure. Even so i hope GG continues to work with the Devils.
  13. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    Ah ok. Corpsreps is incorrect than. Well hopefully they will get the eighth unbeaten season next year! Appreciate you setting me straight.