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  1. That has been the plan all along, so makes sense.
  2. Good thing my wife bought hers opening night!
  3. Absolutely! Please send your royalty check to ...
  4. If only we weren't going to see our daughter in NYC, we would go to Muncie on Friday. Three Floyds is an added draw for the show
  5. I want to give a shout out to Bloo's guard. I have been scratching my head over the past two scores ... tonight they scored very well.
  6. Cadets have a very solid show. I really believe it has legs.
  7. Bloo sweeps the captions!
  8. He slays his solo in Zomby Woof. Yes, he has that killer trombone solo.
  9. I couldn't agree with you more. You know he is a talented musician and that solo is so exposed. He has to overcome a cold horn and a crazy range. I am so glad he is finding his sweet spot with it.
  10. They had a good run. A couple of small timing issues between brass and percussion, but they are much improved over their first two shows. And I think you are right , they have an updated '90s Madison vibe to them.
  11. Interestingly enough, with all their electronics, Bluecoats have a 79 member horn line with 15 tubas.
  12. Here are a couple more pics from Boston's show last night: posted from the DrumScorps app
  13. I think that is a fair statement. in general this was a good run tonight. Not perfect but good. The euph solo was better down an octave but it still needs tweaking. I have no doubt that the staff is on it. In general, the ballad still is missing the magic it had in mid Spring Training. Again, I am sure this will be a major focus in the next couple of weeks and the magic will be recaptured. There were some minor timing issues between brass and percussion but the big phasing issue at the beginning of Psychopomp was much improved. For show number three, I'll take it!
  14. It sounded better ... not cringeworthy anymore ... but not perfect. I suspect it is still a work in progress.