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  1. Glad it wasn't only me!
  2. Barbara being in the HOF is long overdue. Nice it happened in a Mass year.
  3. First ensemble rehearsal of this new year. It was great to see all the pieces of the first 2:45 come together. So far, the guard is front and center carrying the visual program, but there clearly are places for the horn line to pick-up some of the visual load. Musically, there are some very exciting things going on. I think a lot of people will be pleased with this year's edition of the Bluecoats.
  4. Well, I like what I have seen and heard so far, though it is early in ST. I have attended two days of brass sectionals and then staging rehearsal last night. They have about 2:30 of drill learned. Things are moving right along.
  5. Back in the early days of the internet there was a drum corps forum on Prodigy. One of the main contributors was a guy named Bill Cook. He was great ... open ... self effacing ... funny. Never once did he have to say he was a billionaire running a large medical conglomerate. I miss those days.
  6. ... and they nailed them!
  7. Can confirm: I was was at spring training today, and Bluecoats are playing lip slurs, warm-up and technique building exercises. And contrary to some reports, they have a full horn line.
  8. Not only that, but metamorph is a noun form of metamorphosis, the Greek term used to describe transfiguration ... as in the transfiguration of Jesus as described in the Bible. That's a pretty western Judeo-Christian concept.
  9. It was an early '90s joke about Cadets work ethic, so never mind.
  10. I thought Arbeit Macht Frei was Cadets' motto.
  11. Hey, I am still trying to figure out Helen Hess. Which one was Helen?
  12. I believe 20% is the customary tip.