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  1. Have we all forgotten 1974 Purple Lancers?
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    I like Jim
  3. I totally agree about Kilties 1974 ... and no soprano fracking at the end of Auld Lang Syne! I will give you 1978 Guardsmen if you give me 1979 27th Lancers for the same reason. Without them there was no 1980 Lancers, and I know. I was there!
  4. I wanted very much to attend Dr. Matthew's talk tonight, but unfortunately a previous commitment prevents me from being there.
  5. Well, I am sorry to hear it.
  6. And Akron is a great venue!
  7. We absolutely are going to Hamilton! It’s a great line-up!
  8. Carolina Crown 2018

    Well, he might escape from Elba, so I would suggest St. Helena.
  9. Sign the Petition

    I am sorry but I’m appalled, saddened, disheartened and dismayed by this snarky response to a real problem. Hate me if you want. MMs deserve more. But hey, you got two likes so far and maybe more after this. Good on you. And if I am wrong and this isn’t snark but a legitimate expansion of the petition to include all volunteers to be subjected to background checks, then I applaud your efforts to insure that our MMs have the most reasonable assurance they will be instructed and supported in a safe environment.
  10. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

  11. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    How made finals?
  12. Cadets 2018

    When 27th performed for the opening ceremonies in the 1980 Olympics, the solution to valves freezing was antifreeze.
  13. Sign the Petition

    Perhaps the petition will fall on deaf ears at DCI’s corporate offices. Perhaps the member corps will decide that each corps should have its own criteria as to who is a risky staff or admin member. That would be a shame. I believe there should be a universal policy to insure membership safety. As the OP has repeatedly stated, this is not directed at one corps, nor should it be. All corps need to have a clear and uniform policy to prevent their MMs from having to endure sexual harassment, or worse, from staff and admin. Why is that too much to ask? I believe this petition could start the conversation to achieve this end. Please don’t parse my intent to hop down frivolous bunny trails leading to oblivion. I want to understand why this goal is objectionable.
  14. Sign the Petition

    Very curious here ... does anyone doubt this is a real problem?
  15. Sign the Petition

    I see the petition is up to 906 signatures. I signed it when it was in the 20s. I wasn’t paying strict attention but I am going say I was number 27.
  16. Sign the Petition

    Thank you for recognizing the importance of the subject and for your vigilance in keeping the discussion civil.
  17. Sign the Petition

    Sorry for responding to this so many hours after the initial post but it has been nagging at me all day. Is CYA really a good motivation for DCI to make a statement on this issue? How about it is the right thing to do. No convicted sexual predators or registered sexual offenders are allowed to instruct our youth. Can they have a second chance at redeeming their lives? Yes, of course ... but not with this youth activity.
  18. Sign the Petition

    You beat me to it, Planets! I was about to post the same idea. I will also point out how incredibly brave the victim of this specific case was in coming forward to report to the authorities what she experienced. I am sure it was a hard experience having to relive the event over and over to police and prosecutors. She was traumatized and yet she stepped forward. The cold facts of the case don't report her motivation for stepping forward, but I can guess that at least part of the reason was so this person could not get away with this sort of behavior ever again and traumatize other young ladies in the future.
  19. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    A Cappy sponsorship could “fill a hole.”
  20. Any word on CD/DVD/Blu-ray products for 2017

    I was at LOS for finals and didn’t notice anything amiss with Coats’ mics.
  21. Shows that you wish made finals

    The older I get, the higher they place! In a couple of years, I will put them in the 1977 finals!