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  1. GlenI

    Cadets 2018

    Does any one know exactly what the "in uniform protocol" is? What are the specific behavioral rules and traditions, etc. Thanks.
  2. GlenI

    Cadets 2018

    +1 on that. I've been going to Allentown since the mid-80's, and just recently started going down early for the Chester show the last 2 years. At first I thought, that corps sounded better the other night. The I realized that it was the stadium. Great sound. And there's something cool about the huge bridge looming over the stands and the sea air.
  3. In the New England HS competition circuit in the early '80's it seemed that Pictures at an Exhibition was played by about 8 of the bands in the NESBA finals. About 1/2 way through the competition, you could hear the groan coming from the crowd when a band started to play. Very funny!
  4. GlenI

    Cadets 2018

    It would appear that the new leadership has what it takes not only to stabilize the organization, but much more than that. Scott and Drew carry the Cadet DNA back from when the corps was upending and re-defining the activity in the 80's and 90's. Add the brilliance of Tom Aungst, and you have the makings of something really special. Given the theme and the substance of the program material we could see The Cadets create the next seismic shift in the activity in the (near) future. I say we accept no limitations and and look forward to some great stuff this year!
  5. I can't disagree more vehemently. To have the creative hands tied by a "required" piece makes no sense in this age of themed shows and visual/drill/and musical integration. After hearing BD do Flight of the Bumblebee last year, do you really need them to play a "required" piece to gauge the quality of their brass line? I don't think so. I understand how it happened in the past. What I find puzzling is how corps can end up with some of the same music program material in a given season in this day and age. There's just so much music out there. How it actually ends up that way is beyond me.
  6. Showcase Cinemas at Patriot Place, Foxboro, MA
  7. GlenI

    Cadets 2018

    We’re going to be at the BAC show July 1, and I’m so excited that the Cadets will be here! I’ve got a feeling that this will be a surprisingly successful season!
  8. Actually, Dean Acheson was the Secretary of State during the Cold War under Truman. The Kennedy administration brought him in to help with strategy during the cuban missile crisis. The movie 13 Days has some great scenes with Achison and the Kennedy cabinet clashing over what to do. Anyway, back to regularly scheduled program...
  9. What a relief! I keep having fears about mass exodus of talent and funding... Great to know things are good on the MM front - at least right now.
  10. Well, in the end he got his wish.
  11. An update...
  12. I can’t disagree more. Saying that art with sexual content leads to sexual assault is misguided. Whether it’s The old Betty Boop cartoons in the 1930’s, Mae West’s racy talk, or even the lyrics and musical productions from something as tame as Grease, it’s quite a stretch to say that any of this creates an atmosphere for sexual (and power) misconduct of leadership and educational staff. That’s just too simple. Don’t blame the art for the failings of humans.
  13. New England has other sanctioning bodies “circuits” as well.
  14. What will become of Kristy Templin in all of this? It would seem she could become a casualty of this scandal as well.