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  1. I've been lurking here and just want to share how much I appreciate the professionalism and overall tone in this thread. It has been informative and encouraging. We love this activity and have seen it change lives. I was not blessed to march but have been close to some who have or are currently marching. Thank you for the information and your thoughts but more so for your apparent love for the activity and for the MM.
  2. Very well said. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Obviously I never made it over there. It got busy with my marcher after PR's show. Maybe tomorrow. :-)
  4. For the last couple of years I've said that I could just get the audio of Crossmen's show and listen all day. This year is no exception.
  5. What section are you in? Would love to meet the two of you!
  6. Ms.L

    Phantom Regiment 2017

    Watching the friends and family rehearsal. As a band director I love this. Excited to see this show on the field this week.
  7. Ms.L

    Indy 2017

    Wondering the same..... Anyone?
  8. Got my glass and it's the good stuff. :)
  9. Ms.L

    "And now my tour end's near..."

    So glad you did this! Just read your blog, thank you for sharing with us. What a great experience for both you and your son!
  10. Saw my PR marcher last night. He was always one of those favorite students that band directors love. But as I talked to him, I realized how much he has grown and matured this summer. He is working his butt off, loving it and I thought to myself, he didn't just 'drink the kool-aid' he drank the whole pitcher of it! I am so proud of him and what his corps is doing. They have HEART!
  11. I have hit that by accident so many times on my phone! Not good lol Wish there was a way a pop up would say "are you SURE you want to report this" if you hit it by accident.
  12. Show withdrawal doesn't sound good at all! Not sure a movie will cut it!
  13. Ms.L

    Phantom Regiment 2017

    I watched a recent rehearsal video. One of the minor changes took out part of the drill where I could always find my boy (former student). Now I have to search for him again haha. Glad your son is having the time of his life. So is my student. Can't wait to see the show again in Nashville on Friday!