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  1. I cannot remember what the exact amount was, however I do know that my student was offered contracts in both Legends and PR. PR was less expensive and that's where he is today. PR was a better fit for him although he had a good experience at the fall camp with Legends.
  2. Pacific Crest is. They are on now.
  3. Okay, Oregon Crusaders are the real deal. I see what all the hype is now. Loving it and that's just from watching on my phone!
  4. Typically if you go to the corps website, they will list their housing site on their calendar.
  5. I just click on the Watch Live under events on the homepage and it takes me to the feed.
  6. Contest Coordinator - Anthony DiCarlo Chief Judge - Robert Solomon General Effect 1 - Darrin Davis General Effect 2 - John Howell Visual Proficiency - Hieu Nguyen Visual Analysis - Frank Miller Color Guard - Robert Solomon Music Brass - Paul McGarr Music Analysis - David Carbone Ensemble Percussion - Jeff Ausdemore
  7. Thank you for all the pictures! Much appreciated!
  8. I have always enjoyed/appreciated most every corps in person more than what I see from video. Phantom is no exception. The one exception I've had this year was when I saw SCV in Rockford. It was a harder run that particular night due to the wind catching their props but I think overall I had built them up higher in my mind than where they were at the time. I suspect when I see them again in Nashville, the run will match my expectations.
  9. I would like to know that as well! Haha
  10. One of my friends, also a band director, said he has 9 students that have marched corps. More of them are woodwind players than brass players. She just needs to get a mouthpiece and start buzzing. Definitely go for it!
  11. Cleaning and changing, but I'm not sure when the changes will be revealed. At any rate, I too hope to see the gap shrink.
  12. So, I saw Phantom in Rockford. It was a rough run. They had some equipment issues and the mojo just wasn't there. Watched on Flo Marching the Minneapolis run and definitely better. Talked to my marcher and he said it was their best run thus far. Yesterday I decided to surprise him at Madison. Another really good run. They are excited. Momentum is happening. They have 2 days to work, add, change. They are young but working their tales off. Cant wait to see this corps develop this year.
  13. Yes! I think I might have to sell a kidney or some plasma to keep this up. Going to Nashville with his mom and finals WEEK! Have never been to more than just finals. His mom thought we should go and I didn't protest. :-)
  14. You're welcome. You are going to be a great teacher. I just know it. :-)