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    son will age out 2015 with cadets
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    cadets, spirit of atlanta
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    Sin city
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  1. onionhead

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    you just brought this proud band dad to tears also.
  2. onionhead

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    and where is the pre-mix Peanutbutterjelly !!! if it aint BROWN........ it aint going down.
  3. The 10th to 15th place corps battle gets stronger and stronger every year, what corps is going to get the final slot into finals this year ?
  4. onionhead

    Moving to a top 4 corp

    go to a camp or two and see how it feels, he or she will know what to do. evaluate what you have and what you want
  5. the fight scene between the rockets and the jets can now be computer animated.....oh the possibilities.....
  6. onionhead

    2018 Prediction Thread

    well if Blue Devils don't win.......... it will be because of Trump !!
  7. onionhead

    2018 Prediction Thread

    I think Boston is aiming for Bluecoats now
  8. onionhead

    Cadets 2018

    could be foundation
  9. onionhead

    Shows that you wish made finals

    put me in coach.... I wanna be .....THE LAST WORD !!!
  10. onionhead

    Shows that you wish made finals

    Wow....i'm amazed at so much history, and feel like such a rookie, 2012 was my first year of involvement as our child marched their rookie year with Spirit, Sin City.
  11. The show that comes to mind for me is the 2012 ? Colts, The Dark Side of the Rainbow.
  12. onionhead

    Because we care.......

    cant wait till next year
  13. onionhead

    2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    sounds like their is a lot of talent
  14. So where do 2017 shows rank among these..........? Thank you for reminding me of the so many wonderful shows, I'm sorry to say I've only witnessed since 2012. Can't wait to experience the creativity of next year.