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  1. This is going to be a great show!!!!
  2. Yikes!!! My bad I didn't see it... I'll remove this one
  3. Follow Humid and Sticky Houston thread for show info!!!! Noob mistake!
  4. To me Bloo is too much like "Blast" on the field in my opinion.. I love variety in drum corps.. They have unique style. I get it. I just love the intricacy and complexity of SCV's show. There is something appealing about the SCV's show design.
  5. SCV is on fire right now... wow
  6. search for: "Lex" on scope.. she will restart when SCV and bloo perform.. Sorry if this is a repeat, I haven't caught up on the thread.
  7. Why in the world is this show not being broadcasted?
  8. They (flomarching) only have one chance to get it right as this is a live event with no opportunity to archive the shows. I get the licensing issue. This is why I beg flomarching to please get it right next time. Even do a practice run for crying out loud. No sound for the top two corps in the world is frustrating. I'm sure nobody cares, but I left work early to catch SCV and BD and I happily paid the money to subscribe. Not every show is the same, that's why this activity is so amazing. We all love to watch every show broadcast and then "armchair quarterback" every aspect of every performance! It's what we do. We're a passionate and loyal bunch. Please get it right..
  9. I wish DCI broadcasted this internally using their own knowledgeable staff.. a staff that studies the shows and knows what to emphasize.. this is partially the responsibility of the director of photography. These camera angles last night looked like the camera operator went on a break or was hired off the street or was a wedding videographer hired by flomarching.
  10. Sounds good and logical, but if I pay for premium service I expect little to zero errors. It doesn't matter if they have a perfect batting average prior to this. The sound issues should have been ironed out before the show. I subscribe to Sirius XM, and cable. When those go out I can actually speak to a human and then in most cases I can listen to something on demand. In flomarching's case I can't speak to human easily and these broadcasts are a one shot deal... no do overs. That's why in this case, no, it's inexcusable.
  11. Man you're so lucky!! Do you go to all the big shows? That is on my bucket list.. Travel across the US and go to all regionals.. Since we can't rely on good video and audio (garbage flowmarching). Still fuming. Cheers and safe travels!!!
  12. Someone breaks 87 tonight....
  13. That singing is painfully cheesy.... My goodness. On the bright side, the hornline is a monster.