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  1. 2015 CD's are here!

    The only problem with the CD that I have had is that the end of the Bluecoats show was either so loud or too close to the mics that it gets very distorted and takes away from the end on the show. Other than that I'm pretty happy minus all the copyright stuff but what are you going to do about that.

    hey my friends dad was 3 seats to the right of you

    I hope so too...but take a medal as a win for the corps. Crowns brass is just too good and the Blue Devils always seem to make the top 2.
  4. Final Finals Predictions!

    Here's my prediction: 1: Crown 2: Bloo 3: Blue Devils 4: Cadets 5: SCV 6: Blue Knights 7: Phantom Regiment 8: Cavaliers 9: Madison 10: Boson 11: Blue Stars 12: Crossmen 1-4 is still a toss up. Anything can happen come Saturday night. And the scores are not what really matter. Every single one of these kids put on incredible shows this year. No doubt about it.
  5. Final Finals Predictions!

    I really think they can pull out another 2nd place finish if not first. I don't know how many of the Tilt members aged out, but I really think that the members that were there last year will really lead when it comes to Indy. I personally think their show is incredible(granted i'm a huge bluecoats fan) and they could really make some magic happen on Saturday night.
  6. Bluecoats 2015

    I was at the show. The front microphones didn't pick up the soloists and it seemed like the pit was a little too loud
  7. Bluecoats 2015

    Did anyone else notice the front microphones for the tubas and the soloist weren't working all night? Really held back the end of the show when there was barely anything being played. I just hope they fix these problems before finals. Luckily i get to see them again in Indy to watch them take home gold!
  8. Allentown questions

    I have a question about the line up. It looks like this: Friday, July 31 6:30 PM Welcome and National Anthem 6:40 PM Pioneer - Milwaukee, WI 6:57 PM Cascades - Seattle, WA 7:14 PM Mandarins - Sacramento, CA 7:31 PM Spirit of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA 7:48 PM The Academy - Tempe, AZ 8:05 PM Intermission (17 min.) 8:22 PM Blue Stars - La Crosse, WI 8:39 PM The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL 8:56 PM Blue Knights - Denver, CO 9:13 PM Santa Clara Vangaurd - Santa Clara, CA 9:30 PM Blue Devils - Concord, CA 9:47 PM FREE Players 10:04 PM Cadets 2 - Allentown, PA 10:21 PM Awards Ceremony What is actually going on at 9:47? What does FREE Players mean?
  9. I see some members have their favorite corps in bars underneath any one of their posts and I would like to know how they do that.
  10. Bluecoats 2015

    I saw the Bluecoats perform WAAAYYYY back in Pittsburgh. I now get to see them perform in Allentown and then Indianapolis. I can't wait to see the improvements they made live and for them to finally overtake the Cadets. This is the year for Bloo. Last year it was so close, there is no way they lose this year. Let's Go Bloo!