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  1. The difference, however, is that MASS was originally composed to feature vocalists. In order to stay close to the intent of the music, a choir should be welcomed. I think it's a great idea Most corps in the past have included singing/vocalists just because they could, not necessarily because it was vital to the production
  2. Is there going to be an official announcement out of Cadet's social media? Or on the website? I want to see a graphic or short video like other corps have done in order to get a glimpse of possible design. Need to over analyze the font and stuff
  3. You sound like a child
  4. Or maybe Bernstein's Symphony No. 2: Age of Anxiety. An overlooked piece and it would be fitting for our current environment. So much greatness to choose from this is exciting
  5. Hoping for a modern rendition of On The Waterfront in one of the remaining 2 years
  6. So we're expecting an announcement on Saturday?
  7. Ahhhh Vesuvius. 2008. Played quite wonderfully. But had no business in a show about the pursuit of happiness
  8. Not going to lie, I'm kinda excited that so many people seem to be counting out the Cadets. You look at the prediction thread and there's not much love (and understandably so...I get it). But it feels like the Cadets are an underdog, which is certainly different. Hope the members feel that too and use it as a source of energy. I think they will be hungry
  9. And that's highly unlikely IMO. I predict Cadets and Crown will both be top 5. If Cadets move back up, someone has to come back down though. And I have no idea which corp that would be
  10. Visual visual visual. It's been the Achilles heel the past couple of seasons. Fix it and they should be in medal contention. Music certainly doesn't seem to be the problem. I always seem to enjoy listening to the CD more than watching the DVD. Would love to see Cadets have a top 3 colorguard again. And clean feet please :)
  11. Those at the camp, thoughts on the brass arranging? Sound good? Brass and guard are the captions I'm curious about. I feel pretty fine with how percussion will do
  12. Completely disagree about 2007. Do you understand where the theme that year came from? "This I Believe" is an international organization that gets people to write and share essays about their beliefs and core values. The entire 2007 production was essentially the Cadets' submission. Narration was required. Take it away and the whole purpose of the show is lost. That program was one of the more complete concepts they've ever fielded, and they played the #### out of it. A monster show that should've won
  13. cadetsofficial
  14. The vocalists have control of the Cadets snapchat today. They sound so good
  15. SCV 2013 Les Mis