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  1. Ok maybe there isn't a Hop talk after all. Seems like a false alarm from the Cadets' Facebook page
  2. Another Hop talk tonight
  3. Yeah honestly there hasn't been the "hype" like in past years. Just good vibes. Good vibes man.
  4. I'd hope not haha. You do a decent amount of it yourself. I think it's great to boost excitement in the offseason. No point in being pessimistic
  5. I'll grant you that. Everything appears good on paper. We'll have to wait and see. As of now? Things are looking pretty great
  6. It's definitely show specific. Marching an abstract concept does not need a lengthy description. Power of Ten, Tilt, Downside Up...they fall into that category. But Cadets didn't choose that type of show. The theme between static vs. change wasn't clear until the end of the 2016 season. It should have been present on day 1. All I am saying is that it feels like the ship has been turned around and progress is being made when compared to last year. Do I think Cadets will win it all? No. I'd bet on BD. However, debuting a cohesive design is a win in my column.
  7. By the time the season starts, if MM's can't at least somewhat explain their show, it means the staff failed to explain it to them. Which also probably means the staff does not have a firm grasp. The episode of Clash of Corps in which members couldnt describe the show was cringeworthy. How can you perform something...when you don't even know what you are performing?
  8. I'm not talking about the MM's ability to play or march it. I'm talking about the design team. There is clearly a firm grasp on what this show will be. That wasn't the case in 2016 as Hop and MM's struggled to explain/describe the concept even after ST.
  9. Personally, the biggest takeaway from the Hop talk is the show is finished. Of course minor things will be added and removed over the next several months until August, but the fact that the core of the show is finished (in February) is fantastic news. 2016 felt like drum corps improvisation, and I am glad that we will not be seeing that again. With the incredible level of talent each corps possesses nowadays, championships are won in the offseason. GE is most important now.
  10. '85? Didn't they win that season?
  11. Yeah, I'm not surprised. I know the mello section leader from last year, and he isn't returning. I believe he is now contracted with BD. But it definitely feels like the start of a new era in Cadetland
  12. The trumpets have had control of the Cadets official Snapchat story this weekend. They went around and introduced themselves, and it seemed like a lot of first year Cadets in that section
  13. Considering the company was founded in 1996 and is now a multi billion dollar behemoth, I'd say is a success. So they finally have a year that doesn't witness a 20+% growth rate. It was bound to happen. It's probably a good time to buy their stock within the next year honestly. Haha not trying to rain on your parade, but I guess I do get defensive. UA is one the best American success stories of our time. Mr. Plank started selling shirts out of the trunk of his car 20 years ago...and now Major League Baseball will be wearing his brand on field. It's not crazy that an exclusive sports apparel company would decide against marketing themselves towards band, IMO. I mean, I would love to see that! But nothing to hold a grudge over.
  14. Hate to break it to you Garfield. UA isn't a failing company and they will bounce back. I recall Addidas struggling in the US market not that long ago, and they seem to be doing well again. 56 colleges and universities have switched to UA...and that number is growing. In my earlier post that you chose to ignore, I stated that UA outfitted my college marching band. Clearly some of your statements are misguided. Also your obsession to see an American company and brand that employs thousands to fold because your feelings were hurt is rather odd