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  1. You can add me to your group. I disliked it at the premier, and I disliked it at finals. Just not enjoyable for me
  2. Wow. The choir is wonderful. I usually dont enjoy singing in drum corps but they blend in very well
  3. I would be concerned, except they're being redone so i'll wait before blasting them
  4. These look better than the silver tennis shoes Crown was wearing the other day lol
  5. Henry. You've literally made the same post with almost identical wording about 20 times now. I think we all understand your opinion. You don't have to keep making the same post over and over. You come across as spam or a troll when you do that. I respect your opinion and thank you for sharing, but you sound like a broken record at this point.
  6. You are the only person that I have seen that shares this view. So forgive me if I take your opinion with a grain of salt
  7. Ashamed? Uhh no. Welcome to the 21st century. Men shouldnt be "ashamed" to read romance novels. Men shouldnt be "ashamed" to order a fruity drink at a bar. Men shouldnt be "ashamed" to wear the color pink. Men shouldnt be "ashamed" to cry during a sad movie. And NO WAY should they be ashamed to wear this costume and march for an amazing organization. Im sorry your masculinity is so fragile
  8. Medea has been used fairly often in drum corps, much less so in the high school band world. But go to any high school marching band competition and you'll likey come across a group playing music from Wicked.
  9. Everything is great until the vocalist enters. Would be much more effective if there was less of her. Some of it I like, but it's too much. Love the horns, but overall im not feeling this show like in past years, YET. Still plenty of time to change my mind. But right now im "meh" Also, playing music from Wicked....I cant help but think of the THOUSANDS of high school bands across the country that have played it too. An odd choice for an elite group IMO. Part of the reason Bluecoats feel so innovative and fresh is because they find music most people have never heard before
  10. Oh absolutely. Of the shows I go back and listen to regularly, usually they are not the shows that won. But this is a competition. And placing as high as you can motivates the members to practice 12+ hours every day for months. Fans want that validation of which corps they like best. But the members definitely want that validation too. It's not the ultimate goal, but it incites drive and ambition, which is what we were talking about
  11. Explanation point? Lol I think both will be motivated; both have a lot to prove. Cavies using their momentum to get back in the medals. And Cadets pushing hard after having their worst finish in 25 years
  12. I showed friends the photo of Boston's uniforms, and they had NO idea which corps it was haha. But honestly, I think they look good. My only criticism is the orange-ish color, but it will probably not be as noticable from the stands
  13. I do too, but we've waited 9 months, one more week isn't going to kill you
  14. How about y'all just wait one more week? I promise it'd be better than watching a crappy video
  15. ANYWAYS Gold or silver shoes... shakos maybe, sometimes... 4 minutes of "no drill".... cool :)