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  1. The huge ### snow cone at Allentown More generally though, I want to see how corps will respond in a post-Downside Up world
  2. Assuming we have guessed correctly with the music (Chichester Pslams), what do you think the show title would be? Just MASS? Or something else Trying to generate some speculation
  3. Im going to guess they will insert an abundance of color this year. For most of last season...the show might as well been titled 50 Shades of Bleh
  4. Makes sense. Most staff members are involved in the high school level. So I'm sure when they adjudicate 100 bands playing the same song it's exhausting. I guess I missed the years when it was extremely popular.
  5. Sounds like a challenge that would be greatly rewarded. Crown would be able to pull it off. And some other elite corps. I could be wrong, but I can't recall any top corps playing his work. And if October is over played, what does that make Simple Gifts, Pines of Rome, Medea.....
  6. Haha, this thread from 2007 even pointed out the similarities between the two
  7. Everything he does is lush. And the subtle use of dissonance is goosebump city. His piece "October" would be a really cool ballad. Some parts just scream drum corps imo
  8. A few years ago, Hopkins asked the general public for show ideas/music selections. One of the ideas I included in my email was Eric Whitacre's work and his virtual choirs. Naturally, I was intrigued when it was announced Cadets were fielding a choir this season haha. (Of course, all signs now seem to be pointing to Bernstein) But yeah, Whitacre is incredible
  9. For me it boils down to this: I don't want the staff to feel they need to choose a show that appeals to the uniform (i.e. Toy Souldier). Rather, have the uniform reflect the show. But yeah I guess we'll find out soon enough what they've come up with. Hopefully it's good so this forum doesn't explode. And I agree...all eyes will be on Bluecoats to see if they continue with the costuming
  10. I prefer the normal colors. It was a mistake to go to black in my opinion. Makes the drill appear less impressive. However, I see no problem with an updated design that would reflect show theme more appropriately. I know current Cadets marching members that have expressed the same opinion.
  11. Some of those shows you are referencing are over 2 decades old. The activity just isn't the same as it was then. Let's be honest, the Cadets probably wouldn't have achieved a perfect GE score in 2011 if they didn't make uniform alterations. The differing colors MADE that show possible. I think what people are saying is that in recent years it is becoming harder to develop a full blown all encompassing visual package if they are restricted to a military style uniform. Removing that restriction would open more doors and allow exploration of new ideas. I believe we have entered a new era of drum corps. What worked 20 years ago isn't going to give you the same success today. That doesn't mean the traditional uniform can't generate a successful show in the future. But maybe they shouldn't be restricted by it. Give the staff some more creative freedom. I assure you even with that freedom, they will still be respectful to Cadets' tradition and identity.
  12. Diversity is good. Let's hope judges don't reward any one particular visual style
  13. I KNEW someone was going to hit me on that. And guessed it'd be you lol. You are correct, the kids don't have much say in design. Or anything. But they have a choice of where to audition. So I would think it's in the best interests of the staff to try to appeal to today's youth in order to generate excitement and buzz
  14. I agree with you. It's a balancing act. I still expect the Cadets to sound and move like the Cadets. It's important to maintain an identity. However, historically I've always viewed innovation to be their tradition, and lately they haven't been pushing the envelope. I'm just looking forward to seeing that again
  15. Good assumption. Success cures everything