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  1. i went to the show two years ago and sat in an aisle seat on the bottom row on the 40. The seat was fairly comfortable with a back on it. I don't remember whether or not there was arm rests. The thing I remember the most though was how very tight the rows are. Granted, I am 6' and about 280, but my knees rested on the rail in front of me. I am so glad I didn't sit in the middle of the section--it would have been real uncomfortable. I am going again this year and taking an aisle seat again.
  2. I'm guessing from the sky in pics there is no chance of a rain out.
  3. I think it's coming along nicely. Thanks for posting.
  4. I believe Crown made the trip out west in 2013, and their butting heads with BD all season probably helped them in the run for the gold. I could see why they don't make that run every year, though, as the increased cost is probably quite a bit. If I were them, why would I do that every year if I didn't have to? I sympathize with the point of the original post though. If I lived on the west coast I wouldn't be happy with this current arrangement either.
  5. Interesting explanation. If I understand you correctly, I believe that the judges' scoring is more subjective analysis based on the opinions and preferences of the judge than it is concrete objective direction driven by policy makers at DCI. Obviously, there is some of both, but I wonder how much of each is at play in judging. Using your BD example, I wonder if BD might not have scored lower because there was a type of evaluation from the judges being exercised that was not reflected in the written objective guidelines. It sounds to me like there is some guesswork involved by the drum corps in understanding what the judges want. As successful an organization as BD is, I would think that they would have been quicker at adapting if the changes were actually stated policies of evaluation.
  6. Who then, decides the direction in which judging changes and what is acceptable change and what is not?
  7. Of course I voted for Crown, but like many others, I love Academy's show and I am rooting for them to break the top 12 this year. If Crown doesn't take gold this year, i hope Bloo takes it.
  8. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Hey, one other thing. Although I am obviously a Crown fan, after a couple of minutes feeling big disappointment in them not winning, I got over it. Why? This summer I got to see my first live DCI performance at TOC--Nightbeat in Winston-Salem, NC, on July 26th. After I saw the Blue Devils for the first time, I turned to the person beside me and told them I can see why they have won 16 titles if they are this good all the time. WOW! I did not like their show better than Crowns', Bluecoats' or even SCV's, but I thought they were all really awesome in different ways. The entire top five really blew me away, and I did not let my loyalties for Crown get in the way of seeing the shows for the great shows that they were. Although I don't like how the Blue Devil's have such a dominant dynasty right now like so many other people, I still look forward to seeing what the Blue Devils will put out next year. I am sure they will amaze me and entertain me again. Many on DCP have noted what a great year it has been for Drum Corps, and like it or not, BD deserves much of the credit--its not their show I'm talking about but their continually top notch product that they put out pushes the rest of the corps that much harder in their pursuit of excellence. Bravo BD, good luck next year, and may Crown pass you up again in 2016 like they did in 2013.
  10. Let's take it one step further--let's give everyone the same score and send them home with a pat on the back. No more rewards for excellence, just reward for attendance and make everyone feel good. That's how some schools are doing it nowadays. (Warning: heavy sarcasm content, reader be advised).
  11. I would be interested in knowing how many times a 1 point deficit in semis has been overcome to win the gold. Any DCI history geeks know?
  12. Still a dead heat going into finals. Way too close to call between the top 4.