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  1. I loved that they added that in!!!! Too each their own, I suppose. The "God Said" movement from Bernstein's Mass is an integral & satirical part of the work (whose lyrics focus around "and it was godd*mn good") and I thought it was a great way to set up the show!
  2. Looked like a Marco Rubio fan through & through ; )
  3. Hey now!!!! Some of us love Golden Girls reruns AND every show on the field this year : )
  4. Your perspective on the world seems to be devastatingly bitter.
  5. Um....I missed the broadcast last night...when the F*CK did they incorporate the prop change to the Ouroboros at the end???? I knew they needed just a BIT more to push them ahead come Saturday night. That's it. That's the GE they needed. I'm DROOLING over BD this season, but I'm calling it. SCV tomorrow night. The show is just too perfect. Literally perfect.
  6. I mean. I get it. I get it I get it I get it. And I appreciate that they stuck with their idea all season and REALLY went for it. Really went there. I get it all and I see the pieces. Still just don't like the finished picture when all the pieces are there.
  7. Heavens to Betsy, that ballad impact was rough
  8. I'm not saying much about the top 4, because I know they've been analyzed to death all season and I'm not going to contribute anything that hasn't been contributed. Just fine to bask in the incredibleness of the Bloo/Crown/SCV/BD power block.
  9. I missed BL & L last night and only watched up through Troop yesterday!! So I will take your word for it!! I can't wait to see it again tomorrow, it's a fantastic show!
  10. Had to like that, of course.
  11. Ok. Love love love everything about the Cavies show, have all season, too much to name. BUT. Seemed like a run that was a bit rough around the edges. Am I the only one?
  12. Ok. My ONLY complaint, and I've had it all year: the ballad just seems like a filler, obligatory, check it off the list movement; ala Cadets 2015. Totally in love with every other part.
  13. I sincerely am smiling throughout this whole godd*mn thing.
  14. Have a beer or seven and get lost in the music and magic of the last five!
  15. Seriously. The things she is asked to do. WHAT AN EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMER.