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    Pioneer What Next?

    Thank you for continually pointing this out. I think the confusion maybe comes from the classes sharing names with WGI's classes, which ARE delineated almost entirely on skill level. There's so much more at stake with taking 154 kids and myriad of staff & volunteers on a national, months-long tour every summer. Of course World Class ends up containing the better corps, but there is much, much more overlap than in WGI's classes for the sole reason that touring models, finances, & time commitments make up so much of the class distinctions in DCI. It irks me that people still assume it boils down to who's better than whom. Again, thank you for your diligence on this issue.
  2. ******, I know the picture comes together every time, that’s the whole ****** point of the show, but Jesus, it gets me every time. So brilliant! Incredible performance from BD. This top three is just too good.
  3. Bloo got me good. Pure magic. What a perfect performance. I hope every member is beaming with pride!!!!
  4. FU*K ME, the Saro ballad was PERFECT. Everything they were aiming for and more.
  5. Bloo, everyone & their mother, myself included, is nuts about this show. Lay it to rest with grace & passion, and placements be ######.
  6. I adore Cavies, especially ‘16 & ‘17. But Boston has no business being below fifth tonight. Not even close.
  7. Jesus Christ on a cracker. I’m having a difficult time comprehending how insanely good their guard is.
  8. Isn’t it Hopelandic? Or, a self-described made up language by Sigur Ros?
  9. That made me a happy man.
  10. Alright, I can admit a beautiful performance when I see one! While it's not a show I care for, it was incredibly well written, and stunningly performed. There should be no question in anyone's mind as to why the Blue Stars are sitting in a well-deserved 8th right now, nor did they receive the slightest challenge from the strong groups below. I probably won't go back and listen to it or watch it much, but no drum corps fan should deny a stellar performance & smart design when he sees one, and Blue Stars unquestionably check both boxes. Spectacular Finals run.
  11. Cool, have them spend less time with BD and more with BK, hopefully remembering sooner than the day of that the visual design is due at midnight. Sorry —- it’s just that the massively talented, smoking hornline deserved a better pairing for their outstanding & highly demanding music book.
  12. I like to think I’m intimately familiar with the piece —- I’ve performed it twice, and it was THE piece that my bassoon teacher used to show me that orchestral music could be balls-to-the-walk exciting too, way back in probably 7th grade. And I agree; this is by far the most authentic treatment of this seminal orchestral work on the field yet.
  13. Ugggggh BK brass blowing me away. Perfection. And playing the snot out of INSANE Rite of Spring music. If someone had remembered to design a visual book for the corps, these guys could have been pushing the top half of finals this year.
  14. Legit teared up at that last insane trombone gliss up in the final chords. I’m so thrilled for Mandarins!!!! They deserved every bit of tonight!
  15. Much, MUCH tighter than yesterday, Phantom!