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  1. I absolutely have no way of knowing if I am right or wrong, but it sounds live to me, and the gentleman's voice is extremely similar to the voice of the mid-show stand up comedian with the d*ck pic joke.
  2. I'm super into our pet names for each other now. And, you finally provided in your last post for the first time what I was looking for all along: that the mics never went off. Thank you! You hadn't provided that up to this point, and as I mentioned before, that's a pretty integral nuance that this entire argument hinges on. That's some useful information that I can process and potentially be proven wrong with. I still argue that one band doing it once does not equal a trend, although I certainly was unaware of TWHS doing it in 2013.
  3. I adore Archbishop Alter : ) to me, that is a completely separate idea, because they are micing all 10-20 wind players, age 13 or so (I'm assuming) to age 18. The implication by the two lovely humans with whom I am arguing is that multiple top level ensembles mic their best players for the entire show and then blend that into the ensemble sound of 150 horns, and I call bullsh*t.
  4. Oh sweetheart, *you're* the one with the burden of proof here! You can't make a (rather bold) assertion and then tell me it's my job to investigate that assertion. This is how healthy conversations work: you say "here's my controversial statement, and x, y, & z pieces of evidence to back it up." Then I ask questions to clarify and you can either answer those questions or tell me you are unaware of the information I am looking for. That's how dialogue works, kitten. And, for the record, you just repeated yourself, which still doesn't answer my question. I am still inquiring: were those 26 miced top players live the entire time, or were their respective mics switched on and off as needed for solis & small ensembles (a very common practice that eliminates the need to move drill up to the mics on the front sideline). That clarifying question is actually incredibly integral and inseparable from the matter at hand and the whole reason (I assume) that you brought this assertion up in the first place. So, yes, it's your job now that your assertion has been made, to back it up with verifiable examples.
  5. That *IS* specific enough, thank you so much! So, now my questions are: were the 26 players' mics on the entire time, or just for solos & solis? Because what everyone is claiming is that various top level high school marching bands are micing their best played throughout the show and blending that into...a full ensemble sound...that fits in with the non-miced full ensemble sound? And, if The Woodlands did pull that off, do you have some other examples? One group does not a trend make. Do TW regularly take that route with their full ensemble sound? I need specifics on this claim.
  6. I haven't heard that specific complaint, but one would have to be a complete moron to think Bloo's drill book is a slouch in the demand department.
  7. After seeing the big 3, I think BD comes out ahead tonight, and probably by a bit of a margin. That said, I would certainly keep a sharp eye in the rearview mirrors if I were them (and of COURSE they will) --- SCV & Bloo have much, much more to clean while BD will continue to layer. All three shows are monsters and could take the gold in a few weeks, although I do think it will be BD's tonight by a healthy margin.
  8. Ok. If I had to guess, I don't think SCV will finish closer than .75 to BD tonight. And this is coming from someone who thinks SCV can and will pass BD by the end of the season. Visual demand, SCV offers up so so so so much more than BD, and I'm not just talking about drill. The whole visual package is there. Musically, tonight, they had what I felt to be a rougher brass run. I would honestly put this brass book up there as one of the more demanding ones in history, but it's not clean yet. In terms of ensemble sound, too many splats and heroes tonight. Raw and visceral, it was, balanced and blended, it wasn't...and yes, those two can and need to mix in order for this insane brass book to get the credit it deserves.
  9. Not their dog!!!! How about just dump out all of their expensive scotch and refill the bottles with apple cider vinegar?
  10. BD was incredible. I saw them live in Denver on Saturday and THREE DAYS LATER I feel like they've added a good bit --- enough to differentiate the visual package from what I saw with more depth and less standing. That's so impressive. I'm loving finally being aware of BD's style of building their visual package throughout the season, because it's been magical to watch it morph (zing) from something I thought was stale and a real head scratcher into a beast of a show with so much depth and deliciousness.
  11. That's what two posters have said now and no one can provide examples from the BOA world of groups who mic their top players throughout the show. Still think it's a bunch of hearsay just to add to the pot. Provide evidence and I'll believe you. Until then, there's no need to bring this example in as a way DCI could go, because there's no reason to believe it's done regularly at the top levels (and is being rewarded) in the high school marching band world.
  12. Who? I like to consider myself highly involved in the BOA world and I know of no group who does this. Not saying you're wrong, just doubting your claim when it's presented without evidence.
  13. I'm super sure this has been addressed, but I don't want to dig through the thread and I'm excited in my own little bubble about something small but making me happy. I'm watching the DeKalb run and cheered to myself (and chuckled) that they finally added in the "and it was god #### good" in the opening lines of the show from "God Said". I love it! Good job Cadets!