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  1. Mandarins 2018

    A couple thoughts after being incredibly eager to see what the Mandarins would follow up last year’s break out show with. First & foremost, this is an incredibly fresh idea. This is not a theme that any nationally-known outdoor marching unit, DCI or BOA, has explored: what happens to the sacrificial virgin in Rite of Spring after she dances herself to death. I feel like I know my independent indoor groups, both guard & percussion, pretty well, and no one rings a bell as having used this in a gym before either. So....kudos to the design team for something so simple to understand & yet so unique. I feel like there is a lot to explore here while still leaving plenty of room for the trademark energy that the corps sufficiently branded themselves with last year. Most importantly, the initial announcement screams for conceptual depth....something we’re not used to seeing from this corps. Combining last year’s intensity with seems to be a more challenging concept/deeperdesign and all my chips are in. My only point of hesitation: as mentioned above, the source music was not discussed, other than the statement that Rite of Spring will not be used. I do hope we see the group utilizing more actual source music. It is my opinion that using original (or mostly original) Key Poulan scores will keep a glass ceiling over the corps. Sound of Silence was the musical high point of the show in 2017; the original brass book was mostly unmemorable in comparison. With corps in their tier last year using Husa, Bartok, Gordon Goodwin, Grieg, Wagner, Danny Elfman, Joni Mitchell....eh, Key Poulan just didn’t stack up, and basing their wind book off of more published music last year could really have pushed the group over that final hurdle. BUT, I digress. This sounds like a huge creative leap for the Mandarins in the form of a startlingly-untouched idea that could make for another memorable show. Throughout the last decade, it seems nearly impossible for up&coming corps to capture show magic in a bottle two years in a row, and this team sounds like they’ve assembled the right ideas to pull it off. I also loved that the designer avoided the usual fluff of just here for an educational experience and flat out said they intend to field a top 10 corps this year. Ballsy, and I would be flat out thrilled to see them achieve that!
  2. Best of luck to Storm! I’m mostly here to note that the title of the thread is not correct —- Paul Warner started up Indianapolis Ignition, and they were Soundsport in 2015 & 2016, and even petitioned to join Open Class prior to the 2016 season. He has since moved on to other ventures and the corps is no more; but, they were a short-lived very real Indiana corps nonetheless.
  3. I loved that they added that in!!!! Too each their own, I suppose. The "God Said" movement from Bernstein's Mass is an integral & satirical part of the work (whose lyrics focus around "and it was godd*mn good") and I thought it was a great way to set up the show!
  4. Looked like a Marco Rubio fan through & through ; )
  5. Hey now!!!! Some of us love Golden Girls reruns AND every show on the field this year : )
  6. Your perspective on the world seems to be devastatingly bitter.
  7. Um....I missed the broadcast last night...when the F*CK did they incorporate the prop change to the Ouroboros at the end???? I knew they needed just a BIT more to push them ahead come Saturday night. That's it. That's the GE they needed. I'm DROOLING over BD this season, but I'm calling it. SCV tomorrow night. The show is just too perfect. Literally perfect.
  8. I mean. I get it. I get it I get it I get it. And I appreciate that they stuck with their idea all season and REALLY went for it. Really went there. I get it all and I see the pieces. Still just don't like the finished picture when all the pieces are there.
  9. Heavens to Betsy, that ballad impact was rough
  10. I'm not saying much about the top 4, because I know they've been analyzed to death all season and I'm not going to contribute anything that hasn't been contributed. Just fine to bask in the incredibleness of the Bloo/Crown/SCV/BD power block.
  11. I missed BL & L last night and only watched up through Troop yesterday!! So I will take your word for it!! I can't wait to see it again tomorrow, it's a fantastic show!
  12. Ok. Love love love everything about the Cavies show, have all season, too much to name. BUT. Seemed like a run that was a bit rough around the edges. Am I the only one?
  13. Ok. My ONLY complaint, and I've had it all year: the ballad just seems like a filler, obligatory, check it off the list movement; ala Cadets 2015. Totally in love with every other part.
  14. I sincerely am smiling throughout this whole godd*mn thing.