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  1. Random question are the Bluecoats drumline still playing Vortex? Also it seems like there's been an unusually low amount of drumline videos being posted.
  2. Woodwind players who marched DCI

    From Indy and being able to go to finals a couple years has definitely had an impact on her interest in DCI.
  3. Woodwind players who marched DCI

    Well, she's got the first part on flute right now, and even has a solo in their marching band show this year; I'm not sure if she'd be willing to drop it, but we and the director also thought baritone or euphonium would be the easiest brass instrument to get into and are trying to arrange her to get one to practice in her spare time. I suggested to her that she could/should probably also try at least a year in open class to get more experience.
  4. Woodwind players who marched DCI

    Thanks! I'll be sure to show her these comments of encouragement.
  5. Woodwind players who marched DCI

    She, I think understandably, doubts herself a lot right now. Her favorite corps and what she wants to march with is the Bluecoats, also my favorite. I auditioned with them on euph and made it in as their first alternate for the 2013 season right out of high school, but had to turn down the offer because where I went to school wouldn't allow it, and I could not turn down this school. I'm thinking of trying DCA myself in the distant future if I ever have the time, and even though I know I made the right choice, every season I'm still wishing I could have done it myself and don't want my sister kicking herself for not doing.
  6. So my younger sister who is a flute player and a junior in high school has really loved drum corps for years and she wants to do DCI in the future. For those of you who did make the switch, how was your experience? What instrument did you start on, switch to, and when did you start learning? Did you do Open Class first? What tips and recommendations do you have? How often do woodwind players make it switching to brass instruments? I had to give up my chance at DCI and just graduated college this year and am too old to do it, but I'd still really love for her to be able to do it and have that experience.
  7. No. Honestly only watched one of their first performances on Youtube once and didn't care to rewatch or see the changes. Yes they perform their shows well, but I've never enjoyed them, at least most of what I've seen in the last 8 years, although ironically last year's show was the only one I liked, or at least some of it when it seems like it isn't liked as much here.
  8. Not a fan myself. Drum break to start is too long and not exciting or catchy. Music seems too random and without a good melody to keep me interested.
  9. On the lack of headgear...

    I liked the 2010 Metropolis baritone solo flare he had with his helmet on.
  10. As a euph player, especially on a concert euph, in my opinion, that's a very difficult register to play in and maintain especially without much intensity.
  11. I think some of the falls were due to the rain from in the rehearsal today. Even as they brought the stage onto the field they were doing last second drying with towels with the little time they had before they started.
  12. Just watched a little bit of their practice today and am going to Lucas Oil tonight. I'm so excited. It just makes me wish even more that I marched with them.