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  1. Boston Crusaders 2018

    ...so you're telling me to be patient :) Love it! LOL!
  2. Boston Crusaders 2018

    ...maybe my feeling of hype is due to the fact that I have a member old enough to march, so I'm immersed in all the hype. Seriously, the boy is a drum corps junkie and I'm on pins & needles waiting for announcements from ANY corps! :)
  3. Boston Crusaders 2018

    A HUGE congrats to Boston's Gino Cipriani for being nominated in to the World Class Drum Corps Hall of Fame! https://www.wdchof.org/voting-results-for-class-of-2018/
  4. Boston Crusaders 2018

    It adds hype anyway, especially when corps release teaser trailers (EEEK!). I for one am on pins and needles for the announcement of Boston's show theme! I think I would have excitement overload if they were all announced on the same day :) I know! It should be a scheduled release date throughout the spring. That would be what, 1 per week?!
  5. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Sometimes drum corps is an activity that requires true patience - at least for me. ....I can't wait for all the show/uniform announcements! EEK!
  6. The future of the Cadets

    I completely agree that this will likely be a very closely monitored corps and possibly one of the safest for awhile. Having a currently eligible marching member and knowing some who are currently in the Cadets, I can tell you they are commonly called to a corps for reasons much bigger than one person. It's about their own personal mission and how that corps fits in to that mission. It's about a feeling, a dream, a goal, an experience, etc. Some are Cadets because that is what they've always wanted to be - call it their dream corps. Those I've spoken with haven't changed their dream corps, even with all this going on. Quite the opposite actually. They are terrified they may have to walk away and want nothing more than to have a successful season. On the flip side, others are simply not drawn to particular corps, for whatever reason. My particular member had no interest in being a Cadet - it just didn't call to him. He tried a couple different corps and was blessed to be able to choose the one he felt best fit him. It's such a personal experience and I truly hope the current members can continue to push forward and rebuild the true meaning of being a Cadet!
  7. Boston Crusaders 2018

    I'm SO pumped for this!!!
  8. Ahh yes, whatever happened to Stu? My hope is that DCI recognizes that there are currently 150 members of the Cadets that worked hard and earned their spot in that corps. If the ax must fall on the corps as a whole, can we please wait until their season is done. Those members did nothing wrong and deserve the summer they worked so hard for. If the corps must fold, let it be Sept 1, 2018.
  9. I don't mind that she is doing what a reporter does - find a story, report, and follow-up. This is a serious topic is society today and needs to be addressed. MY BEEF, however, is that we could hardly pay to have an article written about the good as well. Zero interest until a scandal and then it's just mud-rubbing. When is the last time they wrote an article about what these members put themselves through and overcome over a season? The talent that lies within? The ridiculously amazing shows? Like I said, I think this topic is absolutely worth discussing. I just wish we could have balanced the scales a little bit. This is all some will ever know of drum corps...
  10. Is there a link to the article? I just keep reading the same articles. Thanks!!
  11. You're my favorite :) Multiple reasons why - I'll send you a PM! Thanks for the app tip!
  12. Instead of speculating, can people please share the gist of it?
  13. Agreed. Let's get a 2018 board started!! Sometimes wish this board got as much love as WC. ...then again, I'm typically on WC, so there's that :)
  14. Boston Crusaders 2018

    You didn't like my phrasing?! I'm shocked :) I'll be sure to be a little more vague and specific in the future :D I joke, I joke!
  15. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Alright, I'm on pins & needles! How did the visit go for those who went to listen on Sunday?