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  1. Battalion vs Columbians will be an interesting one to watch! First year of Battalion, Columbians racked in 1st place at all the competitions. They went a different direction with their program last year and Battalion appeared significantly bigger. They went neck & neck all season long. This year will be very interesting as they both seem to be in an upswing. Should be some great competition in the Pacific Northwest!!
  2. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Saw that earlier! Pretty cool how corps (and staff) support each other!
  3. 2017 Seattle Cascades

    Such a fantastic group of kids and staff! This show will always hold a special place in my heart! <3
  4. Suh - Ma'am - ish - They need to get their mind out of it and just play :D :D :D
  5. Go for it!! You'll do great and they are on the rise! Excited to see what this corps does in the future!
  6. Will be interested to see where Brad Toth (former BK brass caption head) ends up!
  7. Leave it to GH to announce almost exactly at the turn of tomorrow :) LOL!!
  8. Thank you for actually talking about staff changes in a post that should have been titled "Rumors & discussion of 3 different corps'. Oh...and Boston doesn't rehearse in Boston - all their camps are in Tampa, FL. This would mean comparing them to a sports team, would require use of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers instead of the Boston Red Sox....er....um...oh dear. Love you guys!!
  9. Blue Knights 2018

    My kiddo will be back to audition for them. ...and can't wait!!
  10. Just another way DCI gives Cascades the shaft. Hey - you didn't make semis, but now that you'll all mourned that loss, we'll add you to the schedule in error. Unacceptable. I'm not one to get frustrated easily, but geez...
  11. 2017 Seattle Cascades

    The site was pulled down & the schedule updated. Cascades is not performing tomorrow.
  12. If this is an error, it's an unacceptable one. Cascades members are already on an emotional roller coaster and don't need a typo to give them false hope.
  13. 2017 Seattle Cascades

    I noticed this. What in the world (class) is going on?
  14. I'm wondering the very same thing!!!!