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  1. DCIat14

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    Eat 'em up Boston!! Make sure you guys are drinking TONS of water & using sunscreen! Have you heard if this event will be scored and/or if it will be in full uniform?
  2. I have to assume the judges - and the corps - know what they are doing and what they need to do moving forward. I've been shocked for a few days that Boston is scoring as they are - it seems out of place. I'm surprised to see we've broken 90 already (oh SCV, you deserve it!). All in all, I guess I just have to sit back, enjoy the ride, and cross my fingers for what's to come.
  3. Oh, I think he'll find enough juice for the Bluecoats :D
  4. Boxing Fred appears to have gone to stealth mode. Maybe he's lost...on an island :D "Sending out an S.O.S."
  5. Was that "Because" in part of Blue Knights show?
  6. DCIat14

    Olathe, KS - July 16, 2018

    Eat 'em up Boston!!
  7. ...and what is left after the singing is taken out of the 2018 shows would change the game entirely!
  8. DCIat14

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    That was another great performance by Boston! Decided to post the love on here since there seems to be a lot of negativity on the show thread. I love the additions to the show and the amount of movement these members do is just stunning!! Keep it up Boston, you're amazing!!
  9. Dang! The boss found you!
  10. Phantom was so still in the beginning I thought Flo froze on me! (Happened a few times tonight for me, so it wouldn't have shocked me). Phantom - love them, but PLEASE give your guard a glitter bath so we can see them on the field!
  11. I like Cadets show. They took something that was and turned it in to something that is! This year will not be forgotten by any Cadets past or present & represents their forward progress. Proud of all of them!! Not to mention, I love cheesecake with chocolate/raspberry drizzle. Mmmm!
  12. How many corps can sneak the 'Spider-Pig' song in to their arrangement successfully?! Love it Legends! posted from the DrumScorps app
  13. DCIat14

    Tri-Cities, WA - July 9, 2018

    Blue Knights doing the encore tonight. posted from the DrumScorps app