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  1. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Either drill writers will be no more, or there will be a rule change to mitigate the amount of park and blow. I also think judging consistency will be looked at.
  2. I strongly disagree with that statement
  3. I will put my money on Crown
  4. If I were a program director, moving forward I wouldn't hire a drill writer. I would hire a staging director and a choreographer.
  5. Its called broadcast delay
  6. SCV left it all out on that field. Best run of the year by far
  7. I'm the contra player that took an extra step in 99 Crossmen. I still wince
  8. I love that show, but they really couldn't match the magic of last year. There was no great gig in the sky moment
  9. When I saw the show in Orlando, I thought it was a recording
  10. That forte piano on the high note is one of my favorite musical moments this year
  11. BK has the most wonderfully weird show. I love the source music. They really have a fresh and innovative voice in the activity......oh and the percussion writing is wonderful
  12. Blue Stars knocked my socks off. My wife said the guard and visual was so good she forgot there were instruments on the field until the end