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  1. Belpre was über competitive in the local Ohio and WV circuit back in the '80s/ early '90s and produced a few DCI players. Went through a major downsizing/elimination in the mid 90s (due to lack of kids) and now rebuilding to what you see now. I was there '87-91 and was very much patterned after Garfield the first two years (pointed toe roll step... high speed curvilinear drill). I never marched DCI, but the availability of small shows like the one at Warren High School or at Parkersburg (WV) High in the mid '80s was the catalyst for my interest in DCI. Garfield, the Cavies, Dutch Boy all used our housing in Belpre. Nothing like heading home for dinner and hearing Firebird ringing out through the neighborhood!!
  2. I think the OP can coast down the other side of the mole hill with little worries of a wipe out :) Most of the current big events are sites of professional teams or well entrenched collegiate teams. I would be more concerned with funding or low participation well before lack of sites/housing. However you did get me remembering a little show back in 1988 in Barlow-Vincent OH at Warren High School...not sure of the exact size of the stadium but certainly can't hold more than 1000 if even that. Was a great show with BD, the Cavies, and VK to headline. BD stayed at Warren High and the Cavies stayed two days at Belpre Middle School in Belpre OH (my hometown). For Belpre... the field they used was just that a field... (although I believe in 1984 the Cadets used the sacred High School football field which peeved the football coach and he and the local band director got into it ) Some questions I have (noting I am an outsider per se and not really fluent into the economics of DCI): What would be the smallest venue (stadium) that is currently on the DCI World Class circuit? Are there any current venues that have a real/perceived shortage of housing? What does a housing site charge to stay?
  3. Good explanation although for me hard to say the ending truly did lock them into 3rd... to me it was still about the percussion book writing. The book writing over the last few years in terms of gaining points to break into a higher placement is still been a "negative" scoring impact (meaning the higher corps above them really are not losing much if anything or flat out gaining on Crown). And Crown's Brass can't absorb the scoring drag. Perfect example is this year... best book writing and execution for Crown in my opinion since 2009. But it still is not enough on Finals Night to overcome SCV's or BD's line. The reason is the percussion books over the last few years have always favored the overall music book and not put in percussion notes just to have notes. Hard not to not applaud that. But in terms of a on field percussion judge....(listen to this year's finals tape)... Crown was clean but just didn't have a feature worthy of scoring them higher. (and 2016 was no different in terms of the book). Simply the on-field judge wants something to say like "that was insanely hard and incredibly executed...I don't know how you did that....blah blah blah." Hopefully Crown adds something for 2018 to feature the talent.
  4. ...and it helps with a telegraphed ending that the crowd ate up... setup with the "GUILTY" formation and then the burn pit was one of the best props of 2017. Was the right size and frankly had good viewing angles from just about any seat to keep the "She Must Burn" illusion up. And by Finals they tossed a few more into the fire! Crown on the other hand deflated their buildup and the ending was a mess.
  5. Any thoughts on the 2018 Visual side? Certainly room for improvement from 2017 from a color palette perspective amongst other visual items (guard/props/staging & drill).
  6. I really liked the 2017 Crown Percussion book writing this year... so hopefully more of the same for 2018 with a really hip battery feature.
  7. CrownBRASS.... "BONZAI!!!!!"
  8. It is simple for the ending...Crown's best in class hornline just needs to create a final chord "vortex of sound" that causes everyone's butt to stand-up and cheer!!
  9. The the thing that gets me about Crown in this context is that it sorta flies in the face of what was explained to me many years ago from a staffer (I don't remember the name) at the reception before NightBEAT... that Crown was always trying to connect with the audience and is a core philosophy for them. So that is the standard in my mind that I have of Crown. This year...sure if it is a one off then "It IS"... but if the change is "for good" as someone suggested above then, that could be a turn-off in the future. We will just have to wait and see.
  10. One way or another there will be two camps on this show after Saturday... maybe "IT IS" exactly what the designers want...but I for one could go for a little more "traditional" Crown thematically.
  11. Please let us know on the any new changes as they come about this week... always interested in how things evolve and particularly if any of these can grab some Visual/GE points.

    It's a buffet... take what you want and leave the rest!!
  13. With losing the marching "pit" ...there is more gained with them standing... for instance one player can play multiple timpani (allows for gain in instrumentation member allocation) and you introduce different styles of keyboards (size-wise) to allow for other percussive sounds. Sure they are literally standing but they add to the effect of a broader percussive musical voice. The sounds were always there...just moved to the sideline. Plus another key part to the sideline voice is often when the music book switches to the sideline focus... the brass/battery are resetting their formations, so a chance to integrate better transitions between vocal and visual sets. So it adds to the presentation. In the end I really don't think anyone out there is upset at the main pit for being on the sideline. Getting rid of the sideline pit... you would notice and say bring them back. Getting rid of a sideline choir...which is what some of the original argument is about...we would not miss them at all. Technically the field conductor stands around the entire show...we should get rid of them too
  14. Hurts my back just watching those timp players ... cool vid though!!
  15. I for one would rather have a sideline pit versus say marching keyboards or timpani and glad that evolved as such. These instruments just look to awkward on the field. Brass is OK to park and bark... sometimes you just got to let it out!!!