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  1. Corps Pond -ering

    John Thirion arranged for and instructed the Des Plaines Vanguard drum line in 1968 and 1969. He was an acoustic engineer by training. John also spent a lot of time working with the engineers at Ludwig Drum. He and Hy Dreitzer collaborated numerous times trying to work the tympanis and other tuned drums into his arrangements. Interesting times for the Des Plaines Vanguard members and staff.
  2. Corps Pond -ering

    The first time I recall hearing Mellophones was at the 1964 VFW National prelims. A corps named Tri-Community _____ had them. At first I thought that they were French Horns on steroids. Prior to that, I was very familiar with the outstanding mellophone section of the Stan Kenton orchestra.
  3. Remember?

    The Des Plaines Vanguard marched a single tri-drum in 1968. In 1969, they eliminated tenor drums and instead used three tri-drummers. The Cavaliers marched a single three drum apparatus in 1968. We referred to them as "bubble drums" because they had rounded, clear plexiglass bottoms.
  4. Contributions to Innovation

    The Norwood Park Imperials were doing a sunburst maneuver in 1959. The tune was "Daybreak." They may have done this in '58 too.
  5. Corps Pond -ering

    Des Plaines Vanguard used them in 1968. Possibly the Royal Airs
  6. Game changer? Or the final nail in the D&BC coffin?
  7. 1964 VFW Inspections

    It was a slap in the face to every corps member who worked so hard to prepare for inspection. A terrible decision.
  8. The Madison Scouts used glockenspeils in the 1950s. The Quincy, IL Debutantes used a gong and a glock 1958 ('59?).
  9. Switching Corps

    After 1962, it was very rare for anyone to leave the Vanguard to join another corps. I can only recall one member from that era leaving to join another corps. When members left, it was the end of their Jr. Corps experience.
  10. Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights

    In 1965, Dreitzer arranged "When the Saints go Marchin' in" for the Vanguard. Then in 1969 the Skyliners played a terrific, but decidedly different rendition. Hy was one of a kind. Creative/innovative.
  11. Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights

    Hy arranged "Luck be a lady" and "Bill Bailey" for us in 1964. He continued writing and teaching for the corps into the1969 season. I was in the Vanguard in 1963. We were relatively young, and we were exhausted when we arrived for the show. (No excuses offered.) It was not our best effort of that season. A majority of those young Vanguards were still with them into the late 1960s.
  12. Most Successful Corps BY State

    I remember watching the Magnificent Yankees compete at the 1965 VFW Nationals in Chicago. Very impressive! They played a difficult book back then.
  13. Don't You Miss.....

    Real color guards. Flag code, inspections Patriotic flag presentation numbers. "Ungrounded" instruments. Rudimental drumming. Military footwork.
  14. Most Successful Corps BY State

    I can recall seeing members in their military uniforms marching. I cannot come up with specifics. (Which corps? Which years?) Maybe someone else can provide some details. I was in the Army in 1967 and attended several Des Plaines Vanguard appearances. I wore an Army summer khaki dress uniform to a couple of them. I was on staff, and not a marching member.
  15. Most Successful Corps BY State

    The Milstadt Crusaders put out several pretty respectable corps over the years. They were not far from Belleville, IL. I knew Mr. Creson (founder and manager of BK) slightly and was hoping to have the oppty to work with their horn line in the mid' sixties, but the Army had other plans.
  16. Most Successful Corps BY State

    Belleville BKs were mentioned in KeithHalls' original posting. I remember them well. They were one of my favorite corps in the late fifties and early sixties. Very classy, and innovative.
  17. Most Successful Corps BY State

    Illinois: Des Plaines Vanguard Royal Airs Guardsmen Norwood Park Imperials
  18. What City.....?

    Looking at the map - The Des Plaines Vanguard, the Rosemont Cavaliers and the Schaumburg Guardsmen were all within about 8-10 miles of each other. Prior to DCI, there were the Norwood Park Imperials and the Royal Airs within the same vicinity. The Chicago area was loaded with major and minor corps.
  19. List of drum corps circuits

    Illinois Drum and Bugle Corps Association IDBCA
  20. Favorite OTL (or Opening Music)

    I would add the Des Plaines Vanguard "Man of Lamancha" opening from both 1967 and 1968. But, of course, I'm a little biased.
  21. Chick Corea's "Spain" in 1960?

    I recently listened to Cambridge from 1962 and especially enjoyed "Sunday in Seville." I heard a voice in there that sounded like perhaps a baritone with a soprano or mellophone mouthpiece. Did my ears deceive me? The Rockford Phantom Regiment played "Sunday in Seville" in 1964, but not as well as Cambridge.
  22. Chick Corea's "Spain" in 1960?

    St. Rose was also instructed by Al Saia. Cambridge, St. Rose and St. Mary's all had that Al Saia sound. Hard to describe. His use of harmony sopranos was unique.
  23. Who ....?

    John Thirion - Des Plaines Vanguard percussion instructor/arranger - Expanded/innovated instrumentation in percussion. Don Angelica - Expanded repertiores into more challenging areas. Pushed contra bass development. Ken Norman - Worked tirelessly toward adoption of G-F-F# standard for bugles. A major improvement. And so many more.
  24. Schiller Marching Brass

    Link doesn't work.
  25. New York City

    As a midwesterner, my knowledge of eastern corps progress through the seasons was minimal. When I said underrated, I am referring to the attitude of people I knew who were also midwesterners. I think I recall BS appearing in a 1964 competition in the midwest, and their being creamed by the Cavaliers. I attended that show and personally felt that they were screwed. I think that the east vs midwest rivalry got out of hand in the mid-to-late sixties, and often felt that the regional judges were trying to "even the score." Of course the ones who most suffered from this were those of us who practiced under the hot sun. The "it's political" phrase was being used more and more to explain confusing contest results. They used to say that adults were ruining Little League baseball. I think that adults were poisoning the D&BC activity at that time.