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  1. A Drum Corps Fan's Dream Part Tres

    Yeah, but even this modernized version seems a bit stodgy by 2017 standards. Perhaps it needs to be re-moderinzed again. Needs more singing and spandex.
  2. A Drum Corps Fan's Dream Part Tres

    This is an excellent point. There are a lot of old school/new school threads arguing things like unis, marching vs choregraphy/dancing, electronics, etc...but to me the biggest loss from DCI of my youth is the music being played. It used to be that when a corps played a piece of music, they played the piece of music and you'd have that in you head all year. Or in the case of classics, 30 years. Now it seems as if music...even if it's a well known merely a few phrases here and there presented in a disjointed manner and seems (to me) to be completely unmemorable. When I was a youth we couldn't wait to get the LP's of that year's top 12. I can't imagine listening to an audio recording corps today, especially if I'd never seen the accompanying visuals. I suppose it's the move towards visual emphasis, where the music is just there to complement the choreography as opposed to the other way around. Madison's 2011 closer is about the closest modern show I can think of that reminded me (musically) of an old school show. If course it'll never make a classic highlight reel because...copyright.
  3. A Drum Corps Fan's Dream Part Tres

    How about Children of Sanchez, Tiger of San Pedro, Legend of the One Eyed Sailor, and The Ice Castles Theme? Children of Sanchez was certainly (and absurdly) over done, but one must admit it was about the perfect 70's drum corps chart. At least the first 5 times it was done.
  4. A Drum Corps Fan's Dream Part Tres

    I was under the impression that modern fans don't care for songs, recognizable tunes, or anything so quaint. Perhaps just a "medley" of exercises culled from the Herbert L Clarke method book? I kid. Sorta.
  5. You say this like it'd be a bad thing. Being (1) on the field, and (2) drunk, are two of my favorite things. Combine them? Nirvana.
  6. I was there in 81 and 82 also. Perhaps our paths crossed. with regards to why there aren't nearly the number of corps today, that's easy. Who can afford it? With what DCI is today (for better or worse) it's simply no longer possible to participate in a shoestring. You need big money.
  7. You're assuming that the attendance and interest growth is in response to the actual product on the field. I certainly can't say either way if that's the case or not. But I'd contend that the Internet/Social Media/YouTube etc have had a lot to do with marketing the product so that it exposes far more people that it did 25 years ago. With the same marketing/communication today as was in place in 1990, what would the audience look like? As far as today's crowd? Lucas had a ton of people in it. But so did Mile High in 78.
  8. And? Because Led Zeppelin and Taylor Swift use theramins, keyboards, and pedaled guitar effects...drum corps should too? They also play indoor on stages with small groups. I guess drum corps should too. And Zeppelin didn't use sopranos/trumpets. Why should DCI? DCI used to be a particular activity. Why was it necessary to turn it into something it wasn't? Like I said earlier, if you take over a pizza shop and start selling nothing but vegan wraps and carrot's not a pizza shop anymore, regardless of what you call it. Drum corps hasn't evolved. It changed in to something else completely.
  9. Why would it be a disservice? DCI existed for 30+ years without amplification and electronic trickery. I don't recall anyone ever complaining about it being a disservice. It's band. Drums and brass. It doesn't (or shouldn't) need synths and mixers.
  10. Why not just contact them and alert them of the mistake? There are instructions all over their site about who to contact for billing issues. Did you actually cancel? The one month subscription is recurring until you cancel it. If you did then I'm sure they'll straighten it out for you.
  11. Like any other live music medium? By that you mean...fake? You really see it as a disservice to kids by telling them that you've written this music and they'll get to play it on the field and people will actually hear what they sound like? Wow. How awful. You're right. It's like any other auto-tuned over-produced show biz production now. Like modern pop stars who are just pretty faces on studio tricks and backing tapes. Drums and brass? Bah! It'd be a disservice to expect that from kids without several layers of electronics muddying it all up.
  12. That's all pre-recorded. The sound man has it covered. Though I did forget the video engineer for CGI'ing in some "drill."
  13. 2017 DCI Hangover Invitational

    Needs more 1975 Santa Clara Vanguard, 1976 Blue Devils, and 1978 Phantom Regiment. Oh heck, throw 1975 Madison in there too.
  14. Now come clean, Natasha. I don't think you're new to DCI in 2014, because you referred to it as Drum and Bugle Corps. Regardless of when bugles were actually eliminated from the field, I don't think it's been referred to as Drum AND BUGLE Corps for many many years. I think you're an Old Timer! That said, you're preaching to the choir for a lot of us. Unfortunately the ship has sailed. It's going to me more vocals and electronics in the future. In 20 years it'll be 140 dancers, ten vocalists, and a sound man, though it's possible a dancer might occasionally clip a wireless mic onto his/her saxophone and blow a solo.
  15. What will be the trends for 2018?

    If attire is meaningless, then why the emphasis on costuming? 35 years ago when a corp wore the same uniform every year I may have agreed with you. But if it didn't matter then there wouldn't be so much thought and money put into it. SCV didn't decide not to look anything like SCV because they didn't think the look mattered. And as far as Bluecoats attire in 2017? Just about the stupidest costumes ever. I'll bet they'd have placed higher without such a cheesy getup.