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  1. Selling 5 seats at $32 each or $125 for all 5.
  2. Selling 5 tickets. $30 each or $125 for all 5.
  3. For sale: 5 tickets for $30 each or $125 for all 5.
  4. I have 5 tickets for Cranston July 3. Wanting what I paid $35 each or $125 for all 5.
  5. There are a large number of students who are fans in West Texas who wont consider trying out at all. As a subset, they probably represent a fair share of the same age group across the country.
  6. Never dreamed that my son starting piano at age 5 to middle school band to high school band would lead to this. Last year being a first year DCI parent was a whirlwind. Taking time the 2nd time around to enjoy the moment more. I am so amazed at the talent from the bottom open class corps to the top world class corps. Then it hits son is in this thing too! Totally blown away and totally amazed at what my kid learned away from the shows. Its a total experience.
  7. I paid $100 for the full package last year
  8. The 2017 show is shaping up to be spectacular. Can't wait to see the drill with the music.
  9. Totally awesome!!#Texasbornandbred
  10. Anytime the human element determines the outcome of an event, there will always be a disagreement. I think what the OP maybe hitting at is the lack of civility that has developed across the spectrum. Face to face interaction tends to temper people's reactions while social media frees people's vitriol. The ones to respect are those who feel a personal responsibility to respect those who they disagree with.
  11. So, as DCI continues, would corps be better off writing/developing their own music? Or, is the competitive value of using copyrighted music to much to overcome? Boiled down, does the copyright issue only effect the fans who want to watch shows in perpetuity?
  12. I can confirm as well. I was there too.
  13. Our biggest concern for our MM. He was good last summer wearing a tshirt and sunscreen. But the unspoken peer pressure to fit in is tough.
  14. MikeN and WaxDCIfan, it was good to see both of you. I really enjoyed the weekend. I cant wait for this years tour and the years to come.