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  1. Rileydog

    Genesis 2018

    Wow! Family performance last night was awesome! The music book for this show is very entertaining. I think/hope DCI will really dig it!!
  2. Rileydog

    Genesis 2018
  3. Rileydog

    Genesis 2018

    I’m super proud of him. He has really tried to choose his attitude this year and it has seemed to really be a great three tough weeks.
  4. Rileydog

    Genesis 2018

    Listening to Genesis play...working hard and their ballad is killer.
  5. Rileydog

    Live Stream Schedule

    Good deal. Before I sign and try to figure out how to make it work at home, i want make my marchers corps is being broadcast.
  6. Rileydog

    Live Stream Schedule

    They still show nothing on their website about streaming any shows.
  7. When will the broadcast schedule for DCI this summer be released? I’m assuming Flomarching is the provider again this year.
  8. Rileydog

    What you want for 2018

    I would like to see the finishing order more topsy turvy throughout the season
  9. Genesis 2016 Hell Hath No Fury
  10. I think some of the shows in past years have presented a view of our society that reveals the demise of civility, problem solving that values the person, and fails to see the power of living in tension with one another. It’s definitely a way to present a reality that needs to change, usually through people who change the reality through embracing a better way.
  11. Have you seen the parking lots at the Alamodome or Lucas Oil? Where would you put 1 extra bus per Corps? Ignore logistics? You have obviously never driven a bus and had to figure where to park. I vote no.
  12. Rileydog

    New Open Class corps in 2018

    I would think corps out of Albuquerque and Horizon in West Texas.
  13. Rileydog

    2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    What is published is what is discussed. The names of the students are not published (too my knowledge), they are simply known as the corps. Therefore, tendencies and prior accomplishments among the published names are what is discussed.
  14. Rileydog

    2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Simply not true. Coaching hires are examined, analyzed, and projected for future performance in every major sport all over the world.