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  1. Thank you. I sent a tweet to BD. Rehearsal is closed today/tonight.
  2. Does anyone know if BD rehearsal is open tonight/tomorrow?
  3. That last minute. (Sheer Joy).
  4. Wow. Somehow, NO one To kNOW one has become one of my favorite pieces of the year. (I HAteD it iN JuNE).
  5. [giggle] he said schism. [giggle]
  6. Agreed. That reprise is pure joy. My single favorite musical moment this year.
  7. Buckeye

    Cadets 2017

    I will always support the Cadets MM. But, that live stream left a very bad taste in my mouth...right down to the bitter early end. I know...we were warned. But, I am not so sure that the 'punish the donors' approach is the best way to drum up $upport.