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  1. Exactly! I'm really not too worried about it. Usually with Cadets I can close my eyes and enjoy the show completely, so I'm sure after last year and from the pressure of the Bernstein preservation company/agency/whatever it's called, they're gonna put out a really good product.
  2. I suppose I can understand what you're saying. For me though, I feel music should speak for itself, ESPECIALLY a mass. When it has to be explained, to me that's when the intent and spark of it is lost. Almost like explaining a joke. I'm not a musical prude btw, I like all kinds of weird experimental musical ventures. Just suppose this one isn't my cup of tea either way. I'm sure it'll come together when I see it live, either way I want the Cadets to succeed this season! They obviously see something I don't which is fine.
  3. I kind of can't place anyone above Bluecoats anymore after 2016 regardless of who is moving where, unfortunately. Hear me out, Crown wins visual, brass, and color guard, you know, the basis of drum corps and the reason it is what it is, and get's 3rd. IMO what made corps amazing isn't celebrated anymore you can't march and play well with interesting drill and complimentary guard anymore. Everything has to be thematically deep and philosophical and existential or conceptual, or it's boring. It's forcing a lot of corps to question their identity and basically change, or be lost. I commend Bluecoats for being innovative and different, cause that's their gig. But it bothers me that they're considered by many (even me) to be a champion contender again with dirty brass, visual, etc. when there's corps who don't need to overcomplicate things and IMO have WAY more enjoyable and cleaner shows, only to be stuck on 4th place island (SCV) just because of GE, the most subjective caption? I heard BD's opening 5 minutes, that Flight of The Bumblebee is wild... but it seems already it won't be enough, because the Coats will be shaking their hips while sliding down a ramp (or this year, an even bigger prop). kinda went off on a tangent there... your comment on BD and Bloo made me think about that. Guess my point is what does it matter where other corps' staff moves, Bluecoats are gonna win cause of gimmick anyway.
  4. Not sure if it's been posted yet, but yesterday I gave the whole Bernstein's Mass a listen. Listened to two different recordings (sometimes the recording makes the piece) and I gotta say... I cannot get into it at all. There's cool epic brassy moments throughout, but overall I was left thinking what in the world ???? It's like Bernstein wanted to be serious and then was like, "SYKE! here's a scene from a broadway project I'm doing for some reason." over and over again. Just seems like a joke, compared to masterpieces like the B minor Mass... I guess my unpopular opinion is that I can't stand this musical selection that's basically Cadets' show for 2017, hopefully I don't hate the show Cadets are one if not my favorite corps.
  5. Yeah, I was exaggerating a bit. But check out the predictions page, a good percent of the day to day posters on here won't put crown above third, that's where I got to thinking about all this. I'm so excited to see how everything unfolds.
  6. These are my thoughts exactly!
  7. Everyone lately has been predicting crown to fall on its face this season. By crown standards, they mean dropping a few spots, out of the top 5 even. I read a commenter compare them to cadets 2016... I'm just curious as to why so many people actually believe this? Crown has been nothing but consistent these past few years I can't imagine how different staff is going to kill them. After all it's the marchers going out on finals night and doing the dang thing, not the staff. Let's remember they won visual, brass and color guard... to me it makes more sense to assume they'll do even BETTER, not worse.
  8. I thought it was a strange pic of all the awesome Björk songs out there, but it sounds really really cool. It's been stuck in my head lately
  9. Heard it at camps and this show has that same energy as 2015 but a different approach and I think it will be a really unique addition to the 2017 season! Brass has stepped up and I think they're more realistic in terms of arranging this year for sure. I think everyone will enjoy this show this year.
  10. I'm from West Texas and you're absolutely right. I've always wished there were more support for marching arts around El Paso. Some of the kids over there still don't even know what DCI is, and they're in marching band in their schools....
  11. Miraculous Mandarin?? Nice.
  12. Been thinking about mine for a while. parenthesis means maybe 1. Carolina Crown (2) 2. Blue Devils (1) 3. Bluecoats (2) 4. Cadets (5, but Cadets win anytime when it's the right show, no question.) 5. SCV(4) 6. Cavaliers (5, even 4th) 7. Blue Knights (could be anything up to 3rd honestly, I've heard the show and think it could expand into something great) 8. Phantom Regiment 9. Boston Crusaders 9. Blue Stars (up to 7th) 10. Crossmen (to 8th) 11. Madison Scouts (to 7th, I also never doubt the Scouts) 12. The Academy (to 10th, not sure if Academy style shows will really hold in this new age of drum corps) Like this
  13. I figured someone was going to reply this to me LOL. Yeah, he definitely is a legend. I contradict myself by saying it but it would be strange if he wasn't announcing! It just always is weird for me hearing "presenting their 2016 program, confusing existentialism, THE AHAHAKAFZJAVZJAHAUA" then it turns into some serious deep show. No offense to Mr. Crocker, there's a reason he's had that role for a while. Just my two cents :o)
  14. I don't mind dissonance, in fact I love it, but I'm getting tired of the tri-tone chords usually done by mellos then they resolve. Vanguard 2016 did it like every five seconds it actually kinda made me annoyed overall with their show, but basically every corps does it. Also not really show related and I feel I'm the o my one who feels this way but I hate the announcers voice at finals. He sounds like he's yelling while gurgling water and it kills the vibe of every show and makes it sound like a MMA fights about to happen instead of a drum corps show.
  15. Actually, I just found it. BD has basically every show recording since 1971 on their website. Pretty cool find