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  1. What exactly happened?? Did it just go out or ?
  2. Cadets 2017

    It's been said many times before, but you are my favorite poster on here. Wish DCP was more positive towards everyone, there are many others but you are the most kind hearted, almost like all the kids are your own LOL!... after all..SOMEHOW, kids show up as members of all these corps every year proud and unapologetic of what they produce on the field every day. Anyway, great job Cadets.. amazing work. Y'all have a big fan.
  3. Cadets 2017

    Agreed 100%. Only Cadets can bring the emotions to me that they do.
  4. DCI Finals Beer Pairing

    Um... can I come watch drum corps with you...what a creative way to get drunk LOL
  5. Cadets 2017

    This question may sound really ignorant... but it's something I was thinking about. Could it be possible that maybe people are worrying maybe a little too much about this situation with hop? I know cavies these past few years had a bit of a dip in the usual placements/scorings , but they seem to be coming back up the totem pole, I see a medal even championship in their future. Is it not possible this is just the cadets version of a dip? This may be a really naive question, and it's not how I actually feel. Just was curious. No disrespect to worried alums.
  6. I'm just so ready for these championship lot vids to come out on YouTube y'all...
  7. Crown added in their closer these silks of the colts sideline that they "tear off", that was the most noticeable change for me.
  8. El Paso, Texas. Gonna be a Bluecoats theater for sure. Best of luck to everyone especially my best bud in Blue Knights. Excited to say the least!!
  9. Biggest Surprise of the Season?

    1. Boston. I know I expected them to be better, but not that much... they're in my top 3 this year. 2. BK. That hornline has improved so much from last year. Honestly I think this is one of their best years. 3. Hornline micing specifically SCVs small ensemble. Don't know if I like it, but it's the future I'll get over it. 4. Phantom... design shmesign yada yada. Their music blew me away. One of my top 5 favorite moments from the season is around their 5:20 mark. I like them when they're aggressive. 5. Madison's show impressed me way more than I thought it would. Sorta can't believe they did Judas after this show. 6. Mandarins. We all know why. Great job y'all. Fiercest drum major too you should watch her for a minute or so she sells it. I'd have them and Madison both in finals over crossmen... just think their show is lacking compared to both. 7. Die hard crown fan and it's the first show I was sorta meh about. Still die hard though, hum their show to myself more than any other one. 8. Cadets didn't rebound the way I thought they would. Whatever, still really enjoy their show. 9. I'm surprised scv hasnt won recently... if they did it would make sense. It makes sense that BD has been winning too but still... theyre just as worthy as BD for that 1st place IMO. 10. Lastly, I'm surprised I've enjoyed this season so much... theres multiple shows from last year I just didn't enjoy but this year... everyone has been bringing it. Like I said, design shmesign. Everyone is doing fantastic! Buying the blue ray asap.
  10. Carolina Crown 2017

    Sure hope so. I really do enjoy this show, think the only reason I have a problem with it is because I've enjoyed other Crown shows SO much more, so it just feels different to me I suppose. Their performing abilities completely make up for a theme that doesn't necessarily speak to me, and that's something I can't say for a lot of other shows.
  11. I literally gasped out loud when I saw the scores... something's missing but imagine... if it wasn't a mistake :o
  12. Couples that reference shows together mid convo stay together