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  1. Crown's BARELY starting to try to become "hipster" there were lil moments here and there specifically 13 and 14.. but overall they're very classic. This year I see the change with no one to know one (can't be bothered to capitalize the random letters properly). Still, only slightly.
  2. You are correct, sir!
  3. in a couple years their uniforms will be "vintage" and they'll REALLY be hipster... plot twist: pioneer is the corps to bring back traditional uniforms after everyone else hops on the wagon :o
  4. Also this hahaha
  5. I'd say Blue Knights, Bloo and Oregon Crusaders are the closest to that. Blue Knights are using Björk for example, Oregon was it last year they used Björk? It takes a certain type of appreciation to be into her music, kinda like black coffee, another hipster thing. If anyone wants to try to get into her music I'd recommend listening to her Vespertine album top to bottom btw. However, I didn't vote Bloo because they're the top dogs now. Naturally, with the hipster culture, they can't be the most hipster because their popularity. (It's not hipster if you call it hipster! lol) I voted BK because they're weird, hard to understand it's almost frustrating, but they stick to their own aesthetic and with that there's a natural appeal to them whether be negative or positive. Also, they've basically given something different every single year without really following a major formula besides their closers and the 14-16 uniforms. They're also from Denver... majorrrr hipster.
  6. Ha! In WHAT language though is the question..
  7. Lol. Interesting. I wonder what purpose it's supposed to serve?
  8. I asked a few days ago but didn't get an answer, does anyone know what the voice over guy is saying at the beginning of the show? I catch myself trying to understand what he's saying but I can't make out the words.
  9. Nerves can be killer sometimes. I know I'd be thrilled/terrified if I was a soloist.
  10. I would soooo buy one haha. I'd probably #### off everyone from about 5 rows back though at San Antonio
  11. Omg Madison... despite the obvious controversy those uniforms are such a LOOK!! If I'm being honest I love them. Wonder how they'll look on the field.
  12. Hahaha well this whole activity is based off of critique and subjectivity, and this is a public forum for all ages... dunno what he's expecting.
  13. Hahahah good idea. Sooo my summer job is being a delivery boy at Dominos... someone needs to get REAL hungry at the theaters so I can sneak off!
  14. My bosses hate me and scheduled me for work today hoorahhhh! Looking forward to reading everyone's afterthoughts.....