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  1. While I do not think they will place above 9th, I would not characterize that as a failure. It should serve more as a wake up call, IMO. It is hard for long time fans to see them almost irrelevant. It's kind of sad.
  2. That trend is changing. He's definitely been wrong a lot more than he's been right since 2005. The problem is he doesn't seem to get it. Get it that it is time to step away from design.
  3. I would agree with this. In the 2000s, we saw Madison star to get left behind. Starting in 2013/2014 Phantom has been left behind, and starting last year the Cadets. It's sad. I remember at finals, these were the corps you couldn't wait to see, along with SCV and BD. It's a different day I guess but I hope these three some how find their way back.
  4. Well. I've read some things but who knows if they are true. But, when a man turns everything to gold he touches you keep him.
  5. I don't know. My heart is so deep into this organization that I'm just really really sad.
  6. I have not one single complaint or suggestion. This show is perfect. There is so much going on. I have literally watched it at least 50 times and I still see new things. It is amazing. I hope they win.
  7. Me too. At Stanford, when I heard, "Under the direction of JW Koestner" my first thought was "####, good for them." Spirit of Atlanta was completely moronic for letting this man go.
  8. The running is an attempt to put in content. But demand doesn't always equal content.
  9. Spot on. It wasn't so much about changing the corps identity than changing the design. They could have come out with a jazzy show and done a modern design. Modern design doesn't mean esoteric music. Look at Bluecoats.
  10. Not only is the season over, the Academy will pass them up, too. Just watch. I know I seem really pessimistic, but if last year taught us anything it taught us to be realistic.
  11. Well, considering qualified judges agree with us and not you, I'd say you're biased more than we.
  12. That's what we call, a bias.
  13. I'll maybe give you Crown in brass, but not BD. No offense, but I'll also take the word of 8 qualified judges over a poster on DCP.
  14. Me too. Bluecoats have such a fun so that is so enjoyable to watch. After SCV, it is my 2nd favorite. I just love it. I like BD this year too, and Crown (until the singing starts). SCV's show though - I mean wow. It just just the coolest and so intricate. So much going on.
  15. No, no, no. Can't agree with you at all. No one's brass book compares with the content in SCV's this year. No ones. All music judges tonight placed them 1st in content and 2nd in achievement, with a huge spread between the 2. That tells us the judges are recognizing the depth of the musically book (saying it has the most content) but that the achievement isn't close. In fact, all 8 judges put SCV 1st in content.