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  1. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    I'm so excited that troopers are doing black parade! I've always thought it would translate to the football field really well. I hope it works for them!
  2. Carolina Crown 2018

    I think that's why I was able to enjoy both endings. I understood that Crown was sending a message and I was ok with that. I also actually enjoyed the hallelujah reprise in the new ending unlike a lot of others, it was very well played. I also thought the guard work in the new ending was really well done.
  3. Carolina Crown 2018

    The ones lobbying for the merciful endings were complaining about gun violence from the recent Orlando shooting at the time. Didn't you know there's a big difference between guns and death by burning alive?. FYI I enjoyed both endings.
  4. If I can tell the difference between brass and amplification from the stands, I'm pretty #### sure the judges can do it while standing right in front of the hornlines on the field..... I'll say it again, I think you're exaggerating just a little bit here.
  5. I think you're exaggerating just a little
  6. 2018 Prediction Thread

    As much as I want crown to win their 2nd title, I'm also really pulling for SCV. I honestly think they had the best show on the field last night. Congrats to BD on #18 though with a phenomenal performance, not trying to take anything away from them! I really enjoyed Boston this year and hope they give us another great show next year and I also REALLY enjoyed BK and hope they can make a move up in placement next year as well. For now I'm going with (subject to change) 1. SCV 2. Crown 3. BD 4. Boston 5. Bluecoats 6. Cavies 7. BK 8. Cadets 9. Blue Stars 10. Phantom 11. Crossmen 12. Academy makes a comeback with another magical show!
  7. Carolina Crown 2017

    I'm here sitting in section 438 in the Crown block. I wish you all the best and hope you have the run and time of your lives tonight Crown!!!!! Oh yeah baby!
  8. Santa Clara Alumni Corps

    I just saw the alumni group at the sounds sport event and WOW!!!!! That was so much fun! Simple gifts nearly brought me to tears. They even had a marriage proposal! Thank you so much SCV alumni for that truly special performance!
  9. Like it or not, no denying Crown has the best brass.
  10. As far as I could tell from several live viewings, I did not notice any amplification from the hornline. Some synth in the closer stuck out a couple times but that's about it.
  11. Carolina Crown 2017

    Just got home from Massillon, what a wonderful performance tonight Crown! My oh my y'all have come a long way since June. My seatbelt is fastened and I'm along for the ride in Indy. Make some noise in Indy Crown!!!! P.S. I'm in love with this brass yet again. Just an absolute jaw dropping performance. Can't wait to hear it again live on Saturday!
  12. Carolina Crown 2017

    Those brass scores tonight, holy smokes!!!! Great run tonight Crown!
  13. I got scolded a few weeks ago for saying Cavies are locked in at 5th! Now most people seem to agree!
  14. Nobody can touch Crown brass. Great run!