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  1. DasTuba

    Carolina Crown 2018

    I absolutely believe they have a strong chance to medal, possibly even win. It's a tall task this year, a lot of very strong programs this year! No way do I see them falling to 6th though as a lot of people are saying. 4th is the lowest I see them but I'm hoping for higher than that of course! They have the potential!
  2. DasTuba

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Even if Crown doesn't medal this year, I love this show! I believe they're headed in the right direction with the changes they've made so far. I know brass has an off night, I'm certain Matt Harloff will take care of that as he always does. But let's talk about this percussion! Wow! Even if they don't medal, how great would it be if Crown took home the Sanford?!
  3. Great run Crown! Woooo!!!! That was great!
  4. Well done Bloo! Such a fun show! GOOOO CROWN!!!!!
  5. Well done Boston! Starting to really like this show after not caring for it much at the start of the season. If there is one corps that should NOT be accused of not marching and playing this year.....it's Boston! My goodness those kids are MOVING!
  6. Cavies, I don't get it.....but who cares? It's fun to watch! Great job!
  7. I admittedly have blinders on when it comes to Crown, but this years show sure does beat last years show IMO. Honestly last years show did grow on me quite a bit by the end of the season, but still far from being a favorite.
  8. I am always optimistic lol, probably why my rankings are never correct! Seriously though, I won't even bother trying to predict 7-12 right now.
  9. Looking forward to a great night of drum corps! Good luck to everyone performing tonight! Can't wait to see how everyone places as a lot of them meet up for the first time tonight. I think we're in for a few surprises! 1. Bluecoats 2. Crown 3. BD 4. Boston 5. Cavies Just for the top 5, I think there will be some excitement for the 7-12 spots tonight as well, I won't even try to predict that one.
  10. DasTuba

    Zionsville, IN - July 11, 2018

    That could be why she was practically hugging me with her legs haha, man that was so awkward. I definitely got the girl in front of me with my knees by accident a couple times.
  11. DasTuba

    Zionsville, IN - July 11, 2018

    Yeah that was pretty rough. I felt bad for Kevingamin sitting a few seats to my left trying to find a way to give DCP a play by play with his laptop. It was also incredibly awkward that the teenage girl behind me was REALLY tall and had her legs halfway wrapped around me.... She felt bad and was a little embarrassed lol.
  12. DasTuba

    Overly Proud Dad Alert!

    Be proud dad! My almost 9 year old daughter started competitive Winter guard after I took her to her first live drum corps show a few years ago. She has her first fall guard practice of the season tonight where they perform at half time for the peewee football games and march in local parades. After that she'll be starting her 3rd year of winter guard at only 9 years old and she loves it. I couldn't be prouder of the hard work she and all of the other kids put into it at such a young age! She says she wants to march with Crown or Boston when she gets older. Keep being a proud dad! Keep supporting your son! It's the greatest gift to watch your kids having fun and living their dreams!
  13. DasTuba

    Orlando, FL - July 8, 2018

    How do you know it's summer time in Florida? The weather man gives up and says thunderstorms every day until football season starts!
  14. DasTuba

    Orlando, FL - July 8, 2018

    Beats the heck out of Ohio winters! Why oh why did I ever move to Ohio?