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  1. 2017 Favorite "Moments"

    Blue Devils: Opening drill, entire ballad, last 45 seconds after the "diamonds in the sky" line (serious chills from the last announcer bit) SCV: Entire show. Just an incredible program. Love the trading back and forth from the small ensemble and corps proper, and the trumpet -> baritone duet Crown: Opening impact, percussion intensity, entire closer brass arrangement (TUBAS!) Cavaliers: Mars My Way mashup was so #### cool Bloo: Zombie was tiiiight Boston: The best GE moment of the year with the burning (though I wish the witch had thrown in the corps member and escaped finals night!) Cadets: Big percussion hit after intro Blue Knights: use of color, fantastic brass arrangements, battery writing Phantom: guard was incredible Blue Stars: Love the Lana piece Crossmen: best use of props all year, so cool Madison: kids really got into character and bought into the show Mandarins: drum major, guard, great GE moments throughout
  2. Say hello to my great gramps, since you're living in the 50s and all.
  3. BEST BD BALLAD 2014-2017

    Nothing hits like this years ballad. Amazingly powerful and emotional while still being a beautiful ballad.
  4. I think they're a Bloo homer mad that Cavies passed them while missing the entire point of Cavies show
  5. Last years 12th place right behind last years 1st placed. What a crazy year.
  6. Whoever wins GE caption will win it all.
  7. FYI Flo isn't producing the Indy stuff, they're just broadcasting it.
  8. It lit up blue with LED. Very pronounced effect in person, maybe not as visible on stream?
  9. Man. Top 6 we're all incredible. What a night. Pulling for an SCV upset but both them and BD have shows for the ages.
  10. Cavies show was the turn of the year for me by far. Hated it in June, loved it tonight. Sounded great and Lucas oil loved them.
  11. Based on this cavies run, tonight could feasibly end with last years 12th and 1st place corps side by side. Wow!