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  3. I think so. At this point my contribution was made purely to see the corps make it to the end of the season. Then someone needs to take a look at the activity and decide what the plan will be for the future. It has to be a real plan.
  5. He needs to trim -----------------JUST saying
  6. Well there is the hope the kids and support can pull it together and still get on with tour. Maybe not go to everything? Do they get a fine if a no show? I think they do as I remember skyriders and the great bus excursion of 87 comes to mind were fined for missing shows. But it would be good for them to show up at Indy and a few shows before that.
  7. Ever a day we need cook industries or circle K . Not good when this sorta thing goes down.
  8. YES. exactly. Hey is there a first tour any longer/anymore?
  9. I can agree with your points but I also see the position of stu. No matter what. and I don't mean this in a condescending way - They (Legeneds) need to step back and take an assessment of their position. Regardless of the money is there or not. Just make plans and make them sound. NO ONE including STU by his own words WANT to see them go away. For me that is the goal of the TOC / G7 maffia it makes this stuff more up front. More personal. NOTE TO LEGENDS MM and support staff. KEEP YOUR SPIRIT UP AND MOVE FORWARD but not WITHOUT A PLAN. Do what you have to do to show up in INDY. BUT MAKE A PLAN.
  10. I admire and respect that. But??
  11. I disagree. He gets whatever he wants eventually. Just look at G7 and then TOC. What a gas. Sell more Candy folks.
  12. Look man.. or gal. or ... I like the big Maroon and gold band. Garfield is one of the reasons why I like DCI so much. I never marched . had the opportunity but decided against it due to loyalty with BAC. But let me say something if you or anyone other than the person who is there now could take over I would feel much better about the direction. At this point G HOP is on another planet and should take back to leigh high valley or wherever just retire now. Here is my HOP impression ..... ..... ..... ... ... ...... ...... ok by myself now........ ....
  13. Ok enough really. I don't think that is the point. There is some financial irresponsibility here. Stu has pointed it out. I can't believe I will say this but I agree with him. The good thing is that the Legends are at home now. The bad thing is they are mismanaged. I would not have gone out on tour in the condition I take from that video. They sound like or should I say in my opinion they were rolling the dice on cash flow. Maybe back in the day they could float a check or two. Put off the credit cards or debt. But in today's world that become much more of a circle the drain move because info moves so fast. I went to donate. I feel good and bad about it. Because they are at home / not stranded somewhere but I really want them to continue. Conflicted feelings on this.
  14. Yeah once I realized the sound was a problem (I was only using one ear bud) I put the other one on and was able to here the voice but it was not balanced. I don't have anything advanced so I'm at the mercy of a Macbook Pro. Which by the way while "recording" the shows from flo the fan on the thing kicks into high gear and sounds like a drone on a hover pattern!