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  1. Yes, they did! Thanks to everyone's help.
  2. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Those explanations are just too funny!
  3. Music City last year was my 2nd favorite show among the top 6 last year after Legends. This year they were my favorite show in the top 6, with Legends second. I always seem to enjoy them.
  4. Some measures of "best" are too complex, personal, and subjective for an outside observer to see. I'm not sure if a casual outsider would note that "it was my son's corps best season". By score it was a better season than last year, by placement not. However, they started out in a far worse situation (a rebuilding year with a new director, few veterans, teaching drummers to play horns, etc...), but ended up giving a better show than last year IMO by the end. It was both a victory for the new (and old) staff who did an outstanding job, but especially a victory for a very junior group of performers to show the most improvement over a season I've seen. I envision a lot of new "best season ever's" coming up.
  5. We will be holding a one day 7R Experience Camp that will be FREE of all costs! We encourage you to come and be a part of our family and experience what it is like to be in one of the nation’s top marching ensembles. More details will be available shortly!
  6. Pioneer 2018

    What is their mission? If their mission is to be a teaching corps, and give every kid with the desire, regardless of experience, a chance to do a world class tour, then I think they are fulfilling it.
  7. My roots in this activity don't go very deep, just two years, but FWIW I will say that I have specifically heard from veteran 7R staff that they have the utmost respect for Music City. They mentioned that they were a strong corps with good values.
  8. We already miss 2017. Thankfully 2018 is right around the corner. Want to be a part of a DCI Drum Corps? Learn more at: http://www.seventhregiment.org/join-2018/
  9. Okay, I must say now that Crown makes the biggest mess on the field since cavaliers last year.
  10. That's a technical music term I don't remember in music class growing up. Lol
  11. Another 7th Regiment shout out to Boston! The baddest corps in the class! Love you!
  12. Lucky you. I'm just hoping the line to pee dies down before intermission is over.
  13. It's wonderful that there is so much variation in this art.
  14. Blue Knights. I love that they open with last year's 7th Regiment ballad "Wave" by Beck. I don't understand anything about the show but they sound nice.
  15. Phantom regiment such a wonderful follow up to the really nice blue star show.