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  1. Oh, okay. I see now this is an news item spotlighting what they've been doing. I first was thinking maybe it was something new for 2018 getting ready for World Class. Nice news clipping, good public relations for them.
  2. What does this mean, going national? Does it mean it's a larger tour than they did last year? Does this have something to do with applying for World Class?
  3. New Open Class corps in 2018

    That's not the topic.
  4. I must have seen a different Open Class the last two years than you did. Also, one of the great things about all open class competitions, is that they are more affordable. So you can get more new people interested.
  5. Save them for the Guardian Cadets, when the current Guardians Corps goes World Class.
  6. Thoughts on the Guardians 2017… I was really looking forward to seeing the Guardians. I thought they were great last year, and I was not disappointed this year. This was a really entertaining show. I got to see it 3 times, probably when you were at your best (O.C. Prelims, O.C. Finals, W.C. Prelims). The show was very original and unusual. I had a basic understanding of the show concept before I saw it from reading on the internet. Everything was put together very well. From an enjoyment perspective, I liked the Guardians show as much as any other. This is kind of funny, because I don’t think I could’ve named a Kanye West song before this show. You should be very proud, this is a Corps that is going places. I hope you are all recovering rapidly after the hurricane. From your profile it looks like you played mellophone? Do you still use the green traditional uniforms for parades and such? I liked them, but I know many seem to be moving to costumes for the shows now, which is fine with me as well because it helps make the shows unique.
  7. Yes, exactly. I want it on my amazon cloud. I don't want it on a disc that I'll drop, and the dog will run off with it. Or even worse, I can't get the disc to play because someone put honey in the carrier.
  8. 2017 DCI survey

    Received my survey finally. It takes longer than they said if you put a lot of effort into it. They said 15-20 minutes, it took me about 45 so plan accordingly. YMMV
  9. It'd be even funnier if you stopped and told the anecdote to the construction crew, and one random guy happens to understand. You both laugh and fist bump, while everyone else on the construction crew just scratches their head in puzzlement.
  10. Never initiate a shiny happy thread in the World Class Corps discussion forum.
  11. 2018 Spartans Leadership Team

    Best wishes to the Spartans on their upcoming season!
  12. Very moving video about how important the experience has been in their life. I'm sure everyone who's marched DCI can relate to the felt emotions.
  13. I don't remember posting anything about them on the world class thread other than when they were performing at Indy prellims. I posted this one here because it was world class championships even though it has some open class in it as well. I liked the picture so I pointed it out. Yes, there is some parent over-exuberance. I put a lot of time and money into the activity the past two years, I have to get it all out of my system, have patience with me. lol
  14. Second that. We have family in that area as well. It's looking as bad as I feared it would be.
  15. The Company

    It was a good show. For some reason it made me feel like I was at Disneyworld. Maybe it was the theme reminding me of Carousel of progress "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow..."