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  1. I'm taking my kiddos today to NightBeat! Putting them in the kill zone so they can see and hear how to flow air! They can see drill on video...always priceless to see DCI rookie fans during their first live show. It's always a look of, "how is this possible?" I love it!!
  2. MusicPrevails

    SCV 2016

    SCV should already feel successful this season. What I love about them is that each section of the corps does their job very very well. No section is a hybrid of any other section which makes for great design without having to read doctoral program notes to understand. This doesn't mean that what they do is easy by any means, but easier for me to let go and enjoy!! Just my opinion.
  3. MusicPrevails

    Dark Horse

    I would like to say that Madison could make a placement surge. I know people talk about the story being vague to folks who don't know JCS, but they do have most design elements to be in the top 6... they're just really raw and a bit dirty. Would love to see them rise up!
  4. MusicPrevails

    Favorite 2016 Programs?

    Still loving SCV!! I feel like they have a music first approach and the design flows from the music as opposed to music flowing from design.
  5. MusicPrevails

    Prayers for Dallas

    As an African-American, knowing my maker certainly helps me get through this. There is zero condoning what happened tonight in Dallas, even though times are tough between the police and the African-American community. I swear, if more people would look at each other through the eyes of musicians, the world would be so much better. We love each other, appreciate each other's talent and accept the message that is offered through music. I feel for every life lost to stupidity and as a veteran, I especially hate it when a life is lost due to the lack of the inability to see each other as equal human beings! Cops do what most of us will not do and we must not put all cops in one basket... as ###### up as it seems, let's do what musicians do best and lift each other up!!
  6. I guess this thread is as good as any for my first guys and gals are great folks! The opening hit of BD 96 has always been my go-to for pure chills and goosebumps, but the 39th slash from Madison gets me too. As music is what I listen for the most with all shows, SCV is my current goosebump show as a whole.