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  1. Bluecoats 2018-LETS GO BLOO

    Some say Bloo does it their way, have "vision"... others say they somehow out BD'd Blue Devils? Imitation is flattery?? Perhaps an Homage? Obviously a 5th place show didn't achieve results, unfortunate or not. Fosse didn't field anything as high brow, as interesting and as brilliant storytelling as felliniesque. PERIOD. The uniform comparisons to 2014BD pale in comparison... on and on. I wasn't fan of BLOO in years gone by. Since 2013 I've been impressed with the design team and direction, since Tilt I've looked forward to the contribution they bring to the activity. I look forward to seeing what this premier group brings, but the roar of the crowd is becoming a distracting din. Actually an embarrassment...Perspective, 1 title welcome to an elite group. Good Luck in 2018!
  2. Who will be the darlings next year?

    I've read your slanted opinions of various topics and my takeaway is your distain for the activity. Your writing style and comments seem to be penned to provoke a response toward you. I suggest you find something to make YOU happy and a place your voice can be valued. I hope your not as combative and unhappy as you appear online...
  3. Cadets 2018

    What are the terms of the arrangement with the Bernstein Foundation? They were approached with the concept of reimagining the World Champion show of yore. Did they approve of the creative synergy of 2017? Are they still committed to 2018 and beyond? Love Bernstein and want more, just curious.
  4. In a previous post I saw you as the "cool grandpa". Your also a wise man! Your students are a lucky bunch.
  5. Your discription is exactly how I saw Bloo last year! 2016 was the year of the lemon muffin-top. 2017's Bloo costume had a homemade and tacky quality unbefitting a champion. The suspenders at least had a vertical line to slightly offset the same complaint you see in SCV. Those bras and short-shorts enhanced many of the performers bodylines in a non-flattering way. I won't lower my observation to name calling as you did, but I too hope Bloo rethinks this...
  6. Appreciate your insight! I agree with your assessment of DCI overall direction.
  7. Was Scouts d Why should a judge take into account the audience reaction? Stanford audience differs from Allentown, Denver differs from Atlanta. I am so over Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Stadium that I won't go back for a very long time... why should any of this be factored? The rules should be written and the judging criteria should address this. If you want to acknowledge audience participation then make a new Finals award similar to "Spirit of Disney". Popular opinion isn't easily quantified and I don't want regional interests affecting the outcome. Finally I don't need people in the stands "voting" with more noise.
  8. then go play somewhere else...
  9. Blue Devils 2018

    do it up CARR!!
  10. Back in "the daze" buses broke down, kids were stranded with bankrupt corps leaving them on the road, kids ate peanut butter out of jars, uniforms were used for decades, and different factions complained bitterly about the activity... ...blinks
  11. Enjoyed your assessment of this years show but..Me thinks the "questions" and the "confusion" are subtle, but pointed ways to "dig" and insult the 18 time, undefeated world champions.
  12. 2000 Niagara Falls Niagara Falls by Michael Daugherty / Original music by Richard Saucedo 97.6501st 2001 Four Corners Four Corners by Richard Saucedo 98.3501st 2002 Frameworks Melody / Harmony / Rhythm by Richard Saucedo, Bret Kuhn, and Erik Johnson 99.1501s Orville Redenbacher wouldn't miss those shows... obviously... your loss...
  13. Blue Devils 2018

    I expected bitter, but you my (not) friend, and your stopwatch are living in a alternate world, I suggest you find an activity you can understand, win and control. This doesn't seem to be it...No need to gloat or complain, it is what it is....