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  1. I would never want to cause chaos!
  2. Brasso posted a link that there will be a theater event but I'm supposed to only divulge the information on a need-to- know basis. LOLOL ;-)
  3. 1972 Anaheim Kingsmen at finals.
  4. I'm watching on the app on roku. I haven't had one glitch and I'd definitely complain if it was bad.
  5. Oh ok. I didn't watch that.
  6. I watched independent world and it was over at about 5pm central. I didn't have any problems.
  7. It was so bad, it was funny.
  8. It's about ten miles Broad Ripple to downtown. I know of no shuttle but we used our Uber app three times last year and it was very inexpensive. Broad Ripple stays open late. It's hipster heaven.
  9. That's what I did. Seems pretty good so far. I'm watching on roku with their app. Haven't lost feed at all. I have a really good router. Picture is great.
  10. If you sing those songs backwards, you get your girlfriend back, your job back, and your dog back. ;-)
  11. I actually enjoyed myself a lot in Bloomington in 2008. Of course, the weather was perfect and Phantom Regiment set the audience on fire...quite a night. But I understand that it was logistically a nightmare. Speaking of logistical nightmares, we were in Ithaca, NY a few years back, where '74 championships were held...I'll never know how they did it. Hilly two-lane roads to the stadium and zero parking areas.
  12. I live in the Chicago area so I believe I've been to every big show held in Indianapolis in a dome. I'm burned out but I have no excuses since I live so close. I keep switching hotels just to spice it up a little. I've been to Broad Ripple and it's fun. I've went to the zoo and the state park. If I get really bored, I may have to go to the children's museum. JK.