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  1. No problem. I have mad samurai sword skills. :-D
  2. I wonder if it was full of walkers? :-D
  3. I learned very quickly to turn a deaf ear to people who were critical of your child's corps. It was tough but you can't go around clocking people. JK ;-) Best of luck!
  4. I need to be more observant when watching TWD...
  5. That was the gist of my answers, too.
  6. It is excellent. Fifteen minutes from my house, great concessions, and comfortable seating.
  7. It's not so much the shows as much as it is how poorly run some of them are around here. Uncomfortable venues, interminable lines for concessions (I need water. I become dehydrated), bathrooms not open...I'm 59 years old. My tolerance for the hassle it's become in some venues is limited. The show I'm going to in Lisle, Illinois is a very well run show and that's why I'm going to it. And very comfortable with individual seats at Illinois Benedictine university. Hats off to the Cavaliers.
  8. Look it up. It's up on DCI.org. I'm on the one show here in Illinois in June, San Antonio in July, Indy in August. I've also shortened my drum corps season.
  9. Dekalb TOC is a much different show in 2017 than it was in 2016. It's 20 miles from my house and I haven't decided if I'll go or not.
  10. My responses were all about the financial sustainability.
  11. I wonder if they'll like my responses? LOLOL
  12. Gino was on camera speaking several times.
  13. I like how they plowed right through scores...if only... Loved seeing Shayne's wink, He definitely has star quality.