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  1. Like Alex the droog listening to Ludwig van..
  2. I know of a corps who was scheduled to attend and was told by the Alliance management that they should look elsewhere for a show. The corps I'm referring to has scheduled a different show.
  3. Next time!
  4. Figures. I was eating dinner.
  5. Fellinesque was great. Wasn't that the highest score ever?
  6. Audio. I like the music.
  7. Yeah, that was tragic.
  8. If only a real mass was 11 minutes. I kid, I kid...
  9. I'm not going to make any assumptions about the show until I see it 6/22 but I have to say...this graphic is fantastic. I'm very impressed.
  10. I said to my husband after watching Bluecoats in the theater last year "No one is going to beat that." Well, I think they lost one or two shows but they took the big enchilada.
  11. I can't help it. I never make predictions and the old man always does!
  12. And it's silly. But you already know that...;-)