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  1. Psycobikerbob

    Question about college?

    Thank you everyone for the input we are going to contact OSU and see how they want us to proceed. We realize that marching for OSU and DCI is going to be a major undertaking but we think he is up for the challenge.
  2. Psycobikerbob

    Question about college?

    Thank you for the input I guess I should not have limited it to world class only he did march open class last year and the same problem would occur either way. Unfortunately I do not know any OSU members and I was hoping maybe someone in a similar situation would have some insight regardless of which college. Thanks again just trying to get our ducks in a row so to speak.
  3. Hello, Not sure if this is in the right place sorry if it's not. My son is planning on auditioning for a world class corp this fall and he will start college next fall and I am wondering if anyone marches for Ohio State University and for a world class corp? If so how does the auditioning process for OSU work with DCI finals on the same weekend? We are trying to plan for college and DCI and it's proving to be quite the challenge thanks for any help and input.
  4. Psycobikerbob

    Experience for Auditions?

    Anna, some may not agree with me but if the money is available to audition for the bluecoats then absolutely do it. My son tried last year and the experience and feed back from everyone at the audition camp was unbelievable. After you audition they will either offer you a contract give you a call back or explain that your not quite ready and then they will tell you exactly what you need to work on for future auditions. The staff as well as the other people trying out are phenomenal and extremely encouraging I also agree with the blue way camp in June if you not on a corp for the summer. Good luck and confidence is key they will understand nervousness the more you relax the better the experience will be.
  5. It was a very informatitive breakdown and I appreciate the time spent to explain it. That being said i am ultimately a fan of all Corps that entertain me regardless of who they are. I just don't feel this show was as entertaining as say Spartacus in 2008 or for that matter Wicked Games this year. I spend the money to be entertained and captivated not confused. 2011 A Beat My Heart Skipped was very enjoyable and I feel a much better show then this years. Regardless of who my favorite Corps is I will give credit to who I feel deserves it and I'm sorry I just didn't feel their show was the best I felt it was a third place at best show. Again this is just my personal opinion I am sure I will be bashed for this but we are all entitled to our thoughts. I am not particularly a fan of the Cavies or Scouts I felt their shows were more exciting to watch.
  6. Yea still don't get it I didn't see that at all but that's just me.
  7. Ok well then can someone please explain the BD show to me? I could follow a lot of the shows fairly well Vanguards show got the point across very well although I wasn't particularly a fan it still told the story. It seemed to me the BD show was a lot of move to a spot play then stop and move to another spot play and repeat. It was very confusing to watch and really although it was loud sounded like a lot of noise. No disrespect to any of the members I know they work their ##### off and like all the corps should be proud of their accomplishments I just don't get it sorry.
  8. "But in short, GE is broken into Music and Visual GE. Both will look heavily at the design of the show, and how well it impacts or engages the audience." So then what your saying is this explanation of GE is incorrect? If that's the case then a stand still performance with razor straight lines and perfect horn angle and exact stick height would score better then a show that moves around but may not have those perfect lines and horn angles but is more "enjoyable" to the crowd?
  9. Ok let me rephrase this I did not mean the scores were bad I just felt they deserved higher marks regardless of what they received in the past. All of their shows were much more enjoyable to watch then BD for me personally.
  10. Ok this is sure to make people mad and that's not what it's intended to do however I feel compelled to voice this. For the first time I was at prelims and semis and I went with an open mind trying to decide for myself which I thought was the best show. That being said I felt that BD's show was very much a glorified stand still performance they only really played after moving to a spot and stopping. Vanguard was entertaining for the first part of the show then seemed to be repetitive to me. Bluecoats seemed a lot like last years show entertaining but a little lack luster. Crown is always my favorite brass but this year the show was a little confusing to me personally. My real issue is the Boston Crusaders and Cavies and Madison Scouts shows were enjoyable to watch very powerful musically and overall understandable and yet not very good scores. My confusion in this whole thing comes from 2015 when inferno was undoubtedly the most enjoyable show on the field and they came in second last year their show was in my opinion a lot more enjoyable then BD and again fell behind them at finals. Maybe it's because it's subject to judges opinions that some score higher in GE then others so why not do away with GE and score it on execution of the music and how well the show was performed as opposed to how well a judge like the show. This is just my opinion and we all know what is said about that. Congrats to all the corps open and world on a wonderful season and lifelong memories.
  11. Psycobikerbob


    Ok thank you all for the answers and now I'm more confused then ever with all the math and dimensions. I used the visual score instead of the GE in my post and I guess that's where I'm confused looking at the GE scores before Atlanta and since they have jumped by at least a point every show. I wouldn't expect them to decrease however I don't follow how it could increase. I guess it really doesn't matter in the end. I am more of a story type show or a theme it's easier for me personally to follow. The BD show is hard for me to follow it kinda seems all over the place to me the tarp pulled it together for me a little but I'm still lost watching it. I have so much respect for all the corps I feel they all deserve to win just for the effort they put into it. Thanks again all
  12. Psycobikerbob


    Hello please let me start by saying I am new to this site and somewhat new to DCI. I have only really known about DCI for about 3 or 4 years and I am confused on the scoring. Before I get screamed at about hating one Corp or another I have nothing but absolute respect for all involved I realize the hard work and love for what they do and I am not bashing anyone. My question is how does the Blue Devils score continue to increase every show if they do not have the tarp they use in the field? I have read that it was stolen in Atlanta and has not been in at least two shows. Doesn't that mean the show would be considered incomplete? I realize they did not have it at the begining of the year and the visual score was quite a bit lower and now with it gone the score continues to increase every show. I don't want anyone to feel like I am directing this just at them but it's the most obvious because of its size. My question would be directed at the crown if the stagecoach were missing any help or direction would be super helpful thanks everyone.