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  1. '91 Star! There have been a ton of good ones since but still haven't watched a show quite as special as that one.
  2. How many trumpets did they use for the opening fanfare in filleniesque?
  3. Good accompaniment music? You mean like the Moonlight Sonata...backwards?
  4. Thanks DrumMan. Do you remember who the first to field it was?
  5. No intention of starting an electronics debate! I am still trying to catch up from the early 90's and just wondering when did electronics (amplification) first make its debut in DCI?
  6. Traditionally...Cadets Ever...91 Star This year...Crown
  7. Garfield, Let's just say my shock was a bit "amplified"!
  8. Thanks Ghost, I'll check it out
  9. I know there are a lot of former mm's and long time corps followers on this forum. I have recently renewed my interest in the sport after not following for many years. The landscape has changed a little since I last followed. For perspective prior to this past season the last live show I saw was 1991. I did not even know that Star doesn't march any more. I learned this year G bugles are not the standard anymore. The learning curve was pretty steep but this year was pretty incredible with the opportunity to see most of the top 12 at some point. My son is headed off to college next year as a music major and has developed quite the interest in d&bc. We were discussing some of the corps the other day and began talking about traditions. My knowledge was a bit lacking. I am curious what some of the traditions of the different corps are. Any inputs would be appreciated.
  10. Some of you that have been around for a while may know better than me. I am just getting reaquainted with DCI and loved doing it this summer. I have always thought a Civil War themed show could be very majestic on the field. Maybe adapt the soundtrack from the movie Gettysburg I could see Crown pulling off something like that.
  11. It was BAC's laid back trumpet solo
  12. Just wondering what kind of night this could be
  13. I loved that show more and more each time a saw it. Got to see it live mid season and never really caught up with it but by finals it was one of my favorites.
  14. Lots of favorites but here are a few that stick out: Loved BD show front to back but the coolest visual to me was the back and forth brass line coming across the field after the bieber dance. SCV rain drops Crowns rifle toss. That thing had to be in the air 20 yards! BK's black hole Loved the tomb stone chairs and how they used them Anybody notice the sideline trumpet quartet "whip" at the end of Cavies just before they rushed the pit. That was funny It had to grow on me but I really liked the Crossman run from "infinity" to the closing set. Cool effect Maybe the most memorial visual moment though wasn't even planned...the "wink"