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  1. Except Crossmen...well at least for a minute!
  2. It was unnatural and pretty loud live too.
  3. A couple notebooks observations from being there live last night: I have to remind myself this is the first show of the year. No one is near championship form yet. Some are more polished at this time of year than others. Things will most definitely change. We haven't seen the west coasters, BK, BAC and Phantom yet. I'm sure they will have something to say about last night. Not lumping everyone into this but has drill and footwork,dancework, become so difficult that gone are the days of plain old in-your-face, peel your ears back music? CC's brassline is still ringing in my ears. This is one seriously powerful line! If the second half of the show can catch up to the first this show is a monster. I do hope to understand the yard line props better later. Can't wait to hear this brass line again in July. MASS is already growing on me. I really want to see where this show goes. I get the feeling reading about the Theater experiences that most of the electronics were WAY better balanced lived. Even Crowns vocal was mixed pretty well live. I think it probably made more sense live too. As did the MASS choir. One Coats solo was missing live so imagine it sounded terrible in theater. Speaking of the Coats. You make me nervous! I cannot help but think there is a disaster waiting to happen. Really cool concept though! Coats have a bit of an attitude, as you would expect from a reigning champion. Before the National Anthem was even sung Coats DM came out to the sidelines and carried himself with so much confidence. As if to say "go ahead, try and beat us". Standing in the tunnel waiting for Crown to finish you could see the same attitude from the rest of the corps. I like that in a competitor but that is a slippery slope. This show is definitely beatable but they perform the heck out of it! The music is a lot of fun. I'll be curious to see where they take it from here. all in all I still say this is going to be a fun year!
  4. Nope. I had that thought right after the opening hit with all the mid and upper brass running down the front stairs. And that was before the snare fell. Could get ugly but I sure hope not!
  5. So just back to the hotel from LOS. Here is my very "unprofessional" take on the night: Theme of the night: how big can your props get and how many speakers can you fit on the field Cross man: my favorite show of the night belongs to Bones! They have stepped it up a notch this year. This show is integrated very well with the props and the guard. Pretty good brass book. It sounded a little thin tonight but I'm sure it has to do with the demand of the drill. I'm sure that will get better. Those uniforms look incredible under the lights. I really like this show. Bluestars: Cool story! Not at all what I was expecting. They tell a love story that is pretty easy to follow. Awful brave using Romeo and Juliet after The Academy but it sounds different enough that the comparison went away pretty quick. This brass line is pretty good. Cadets: not sure what to do with this one yet. This show is hard, hard, hard! And not traditional Cadets. It has a ton of potential and if it catches fire it could be a tough one to beat. The choir blended pretty well. they were featured when needed and at other times just sounded like part of the brass line. This pit is really good. I actually like the stained glass props. The trumpet and baritone duet toward the end was gorgeous the way they were staged. The robes are going to have to grow on me. Too easy to highlight dirty feet. I'm anxious to see this one again in July. Cavies: Electronic Avenue! They have gone crazy with the electronics but somehow it worked. I can sum this show up in one! The uniform "switch" was seamless and virtually unnoticed although it was in plain sight. The live crowd liked the switch. Visually this show was stunning. Not sure this has the potential Propaganda did but it is going to be fun to watch it develope. Crown: The preview video floating around dies not do this show justice. This show is a monster. Those uniforms look great in person. I quit trying to figure out what "it is" and just enjoyed the show. That brass line...OMG!! None of the other corps tonight came even close to that Crown line. And the battery is definitely not in the way this year! Tight, crisp, and loud. As this show evolves it is going to be a contender. Coats: Well...they did it again. There was a collective gasp as the props began to come onto the field. And their uniforms this year are more minimalist than last but they fit the show. At least they are wearing hats this year. Lol. They came out with that champion attitude! I'm not really sure how you beat what I saw on the field tonight. I wasn't really impressed with their overall sound but it is early and that is some tough music. Don't know if it was seen on the stream but on of the snares highlighted the danger of this show. One slip on the stairs an the whole corps winds up in a pile at the bottom. I hope he is ok! I do have to admit the opener is insanely cool, and that! I do wonder though where does this show go from here? It is Bloo and I'm sure they have a plan. Bottom line: If the six corps in tonight's premier are any indication of the rest of the corps we are in for a lot of fun this summer!!
  6. Anyone know if there is an encore tonight?
  7. Just rolled into Indy. Here all week for a big church function. Ticket in hand to opening night. I tears me up that it is just coincidentally the same week. Lol i forget how big LOS is. Blows me away every time I see it!
  8. Phantom 89 New World Symphony is still my favorite.
  9. Lots come to mind but there are two in particular that stand out. I can't remember the year exactly, maybe 90 SCV did Carmen? There is a point in the show the entire corps is marching across the field and stop for about two seconds in a high step. The hit after that pause was short lived but I remember it being quite the surprise and incredibly loud! The other is Blue Coats Boxer in 08. The trumpets sitting on top of the rest of the horn line were rediculos...and man that was loud!
  10. I will just happen to be in Indy all week for business. Such an unfortunate coincidence! So I'll be in section 140 watching the premier live for the first time instead of the theatre. Super excited! Looking forward to the all but curious to see how much like old Crown BAC looks like and what kind of drill new Crown and Cadets put on the field. Most curious to see what Bloo can pull off after last year. The show that intrigues me most so far is the Cavies I have to admit my favorite corps is not in the premier but I am looking forward to being there live for the kickoff of what looks to be an interesting summer.
  11. June 22 Premier July 17 Music on the Move Bentonville AR July 18 TOC Broken Arrow Ok July 26 DCI Arkansas Little Rock AR
  12. Ok, I'll ask...
  13. Well it's gonna be even longer until the TOC at Broken Arrow OK. Only time I'll get to see them live this year. Chrystal in that video is ridiculous!
  14. I'll join the PM party too if someone is offering.
  15. '91 Star! There have been a ton of good ones since but still haven't watched a show quite as special as that one.