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  1. Thought some might can relate and get a good laugh. You know you are a drum corps nerd when you are driving through a construction zone and suddenly you catch yourself looking for that Crown brass line because the torn up concrete formers look just like Crowns "deconstructed field lines" laying on the side of the road. Boy is it a long time until June!
  2. 2017 Favorite "Moments"

    1. Pretty much entire BD show. 2. Cadets closer! 3. Boston singer and burning 4. Cavaliers spinning drums 5. Crown opener...BRASS! 6. Crossmen uniforms 7. BK drum solo 8. Pioneer handling of Les Mis 9. Zomby Woof!!! 10. Last but not new interest in The Thank You Scientists
  3. So just trying to plan summer vacations next year. Gotta get the request in early at work. Anybody remember when or know roughly when the next years schedule is published.
  4. Well I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another you'd been...oh wait, sorry. That was just on the radio. Never mind. I didn't hear anything. Carry on.
  5. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Here's what I know to be fact for 2018, not just a prediction. It will take forever for May/June to get here and then August will just suddenly happen way too quickly...and then, just like that, the 2019 prediction thread.
  6. Cadets 2017

    I have not posted much if any here in the Cadets thread. It has been interesting reading though, that's for sure. I am just going to share my thoughts. Cadets to me have always been sort of the poster child of DCI. Be it Holy Name, or Garfield Cadets or Bergan county or just The Cadets it never really mattered. Growing up a drum corps fan and mm(not of The Cadets) The cadets are just what you think of when you think of drum corps. DCI is better when the Cadets are doing well, imho. This show may not place as high as some thinknit should and will place higher and others would have it. So be it. I make no qualms that I am a BD fan but have always pulled for the Cadets. When I saw this show at the Premiere in LOS I thought uhoh, Cadets are in trouble. It was a mess. I have now seen it live fhree times throughout the season, a few times on FLO and and last night in the Theater. I've gotta tip my hat to this corps and staff. They stuck with it and built on it and this show has grown into my favorite show this year. Yes, that said from a BD fan. From a fan perspective this year as a whole has been great but the two moments of the night that get me on my feet are BD's ballad and the Amen ending of this show. Despite all the negativity and distractions WELL DONE Cadets! Thank you for the product you have put on the field for us to enjoy.
  7. I'm gonna throw my .02 in. I am very much a BD homer and want to see them win, and believe they will but I've gotta say the true winner this year is the fans. As I look through the probable top 12 this year there is not a single show in it that I don't enjoy. I've been lucky enough to see all of them live this year at some point in the season and each one, in their own style, are awesome. I think we will see #18. I don't think anyone can catch them but no way am I willing to bet on #2,3 and 4. Too close in my opinion. Anything can happen though Bottom line...great year to be a drum corps fan! Looking forward to going to the Theater tonight.
  8. I'm about ready to tell Flo to kiss my grits! Been a rough night trying to watch.
  9. Favorite shows of 2017

    BD, Cadets, Crown, Crossmen, Coats, Spirit, Cavies, and believe it or not...Pioneer
  10. I can vouch for their openness and warmth to the fans. My son (future marching member), and I, the dino, spent the day at BD rehearsal in Broken Arrow two weeks ago. The staff was extremely receptive to the fans. John Meehan invited all of us into the circle at the end of sectionals (highlight of my day, by the way). Classy organization...on and off the field! I've always been a Devils fan. Spending the day with them made me even more so. And that snare line up close with the music book they are playing is ridiculous! You should be very proud of your son.
  11. And there goes Flo! You were doing so well until now.
  12. I don't know if they are direct references to last year but the little whirlpool drill before bumblebees is very similar to the drill going into Bieber last year.
  13. Don't you just love autocorrect. Lol