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  1. I’m not sure which block is theirs, I got tickets for the 640 level which is dead center at the top level. The last few years I’ve had tickets a few sections over from the 640 on each side, as close to the top middle as I could. That’s just me
  2. I remember last year and in 2016 they announced around the 21 or 22 of April. Hopefully that trend continues because I caught myself recently getting excited that it’s a little over a month away from any kind of announcement. I’m so ready for this upcoming season, I’m having major withdraws. I already got my Finals tix too. It put a smile on my face when I read that they’re making a lot of progress for March. I cannot wait to see what this 70th edition of the corps does.
  3. 2018 Blue Stars

    Over 200 brass total auditioned this year... it got quite loud in that room.
  4. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    Ah, time to geek out. (Sort of) Top 5 Favorites (no order, too hard) Propaganda - the message here may have been controversial but my goodness, this may be one of the greatest comeback shows ever. I still find myself humming or whistling to some of the tunes in that show. It was absolutely brilliant. The Planets - The Planets by Holst is probably my favorite classical music suite ever written. Watching it come to life on the field was amazing to me and smiles were all around. They blew it out of the water - IMO, I don’t think it can ever be redone. Immortal - Personal choice here. It was the first show I had ever experienced in person. The raw power and emotion in this show was portrayed really well. I loved the fabric pulling part in the ballad the most. Machine - Need I say more? Samurai - being of Asian descent, this show was really cool to me. They didn’t over design this show or saturate it like it very easily could’ve been but it wasn’t. This one always stands out to me as well. Top 5 Honorable Mentions (no order) Mad World Xtraordinary Niagara Falls Frameworks Men Are From Mars Top 4 Least Favorites (no order) Game On - Oh goodness. I loved the music selections, but I’m just wondering what was even trying to happen with this show. Throw-away show IMO. 15 Minutes of Fame - Yeah I get it, I tried to like this show but I just couldn’t. I liked the Fame concept but it seemed overdone. The Great Divide - this show has seemed to be lost in Cavaliers history. This show had no impact points and I couldn’t figure this one out either. Secret Society - Again, I tried to like this show. I wanted to like it. This concept could’ve had so many more things done to it to make it wonderful. Not my flavor. Just some of my personal opinions/flavors. In the end some or most of us are Cavaliers fans and we all love our Green Machine :)
  5. Bump. Listening to MAFM and Propaganda makes me very excited for next year. Something tells me that the 70th Edition of The Cavaliers are going to be something very special. I had the feeling that SCV was going to medal in 2017 back in October of 2016. Here we are in September of 2017 and I have that same feeling for The Cavaliers as I did for SCV - The Cavaliers are going to medal next year. Stupid early, I know, but it’s just to pass the time. Here’s to the longest winter ever.
  6. Just skimming through and man, I am glad to see Hook'em doing well after the Houston devastation. I haven't been as active because of school, and just not a lot of newsworthy things I've heard. Also, about Colt Foutz, I purchased a copy of the book and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm happy to see everyone is doing alright!
  7. I've hardly had time to peruse through DCP since school started and I've been working a lot. I have listened to that tape and I am very happy that we got to hear that. I believe percussion helped them into 4th place at Finals, in which they finished 3rd in drums.
  8. Death to the Seat Poachers

    I honestly couldn't agree more with this. I said this at finals this year. After the intermission I came back to my seat to find a teenager sitting there. I told him politely that the seat he was in was mine and he was like, "oh, okay," looked at me, and continued sitting in the seat. Frustrated, I repeated, "hey, this is my seat," a little more firmly and he said, "oh." And got up and left. Didn't apologize, didn't look like he was going to move if I had sat on his lap. I'll never understand why kids do this. I paid high dollar for my seat and I wasn't about to let some teenager take that.
  9. I'll have to check it out, thank you! I'd love for there to be a drum corps to come out of Indy, it's been too long since the last one. Indy Ignition is getting started as well and I believe were pushing for Open Class approval but were beat out and had to stay in SoundSport. Cavaliers are my dream corps, I'd love to be a part of the Green Machine someday
  10. I am in Indiana, about 2 hours from Terre Haute. I haven't looked into that yet, this is the first time I've heard about it
  11. I've already signed up to receive audition information... Cavaliers are my dream corps to march and I hope to be a part of the 70th Anniversary corps
  12. Bluecoats have nothing to be ashamed of. That finish may not have been what they hoped for, but they still dropped the jaws of many fans across the country and their souvie booth was always one of the longest ones. Come back next year strong Bloo
  13. The Cavaliers 2017

    Couldn't have said this better myself. Bluecoats are my second favorite corps, I'm just super happy Cavaliers pulled this off
  14. If there is an alumni corps for either the 70th or 75th, I'm going to see that one way or another in person. But yes, wonderful momentum heading into next season - I don't think top 3 (or 2??) is out of reach anymore.