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  1. I honestly couldn't agree more with this. I said this at finals this year. After the intermission I came back to my seat to find a teenager sitting there. I told him politely that the seat he was in was mine and he was like, "oh, okay," looked at me, and continued sitting in the seat. Frustrated, I repeated, "hey, this is my seat," a little more firmly and he said, "oh." And got up and left. Didn't apologize, didn't look like he was going to move if I had sat on his lap. I'll never understand why kids do this. I paid high dollar for my seat and I wasn't about to let some teenager take that.
  2. I'll have to check it out, thank you! I'd love for there to be a drum corps to come out of Indy, it's been too long since the last one. Indy Ignition is getting started as well and I believe were pushing for Open Class approval but were beat out and had to stay in SoundSport. Cavaliers are my dream corps, I'd love to be a part of the Green Machine someday
  3. I am in Indiana, about 2 hours from Terre Haute. I haven't looked into that yet, this is the first time I've heard about it
  4. I've already signed up to receive audition information... Cavaliers are my dream corps to march and I hope to be a part of the 70th Anniversary corps
  5. Bluecoats have nothing to be ashamed of. That finish may not have been what they hoped for, but they still dropped the jaws of many fans across the country and their souvie booth was always one of the longest ones. Come back next year strong Bloo
  6. Couldn't have said this better myself. Bluecoats are my second favorite corps, I'm just super happy Cavaliers pulled this off
  7. If there is an alumni corps for either the 70th or 75th, I'm going to see that one way or another in person. But yes, wonderful momentum heading into next season - I don't think top 3 (or 2??) is out of reach anymore.
  8. Best birthday gift ever. I lost my mind when they announced Bluecoats 5th - and I happened to be sitting right next to Bluecoats fans ...
  9. THEY DID IT!!
  10. You beat me to it! I knew I should've started a thread before Finals ended ;)
  11. I thought they always waited to announce the last two on Semifinals night
  12. Closer than ever to Bluecoats with just one more run left... come on Green Machine, you can do this!
  13. I thought it was brand new but my focus could've been on something else as it was happening before. I'd have to watch previous runs to determine that
  14. Last night at Depauw they mentioned something that was new about the domes moving at the end, I thought that was new to the show, my fault. And I'm sorry to hear it was a meh performance, I was really hoping they'd be closer to Bluecoats after tonight.
  15. Nothing new that I noticed, until the very end... I won't spoil it though ;)