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  1. This might've been mentioned in a previous thread or even this one, but could Crown's show be based off of the infamous saying of "it is what it is?" Just a wild thought that crossed my mind
  2. I was sitting about two rows behind probably the same two people in 239. I thought the same thing. Well said.
  3. I felt the same thing. I'm starting to wonder if marching all baritones and no euphoniums has something to do with it? Not sure. They are capable of producing some power, the impact after the triple tonguing section was pretty powerful from a volume standpoint.
  4. The run tonight looked totally different than that of Tuesday's. Tonight was much more of a relaxed run through rather, since they weren't rushed into the performance. I absolutely loved the closer. The spinning quads and electric tuba seemed to be a hit with the crowd.
  5. I didn't realize how excited I was for this show until today, and reading all of the positive remarks about it makes me absolutely ecstatic. I can't wait to see it - and that's an understatement.
  6. I wonder if the pause right before the impact will be "The Cavaliers!" announcement around Finals time. Kinda like what SCV did in 2012 with their first impact.
  7. I'm glad I got to see something - that first impact had me fangirling. Only two days until we get to see the rest!
  8. Blue Stars posted a photo of theirs on Instagram. Finally, I posted to the right thread.
  9. I put this in the wrong thread. Oh my.
  10. Blue Stars posted a photo of their wraps on Instagram. I like em
  11. I like seeing Cavies first. :)
  12. It Is... what? I'll likely get it when the season moves along. I had this same unsure feeling when Inferno was put out but I knew that was about Dante's Inferno. I'm positive this show will morph into something great over the course of the season.
  13. 2007 - Crown 2008 - Phantom 2009 - BD 2010 - Cavies 2011 - (this is hard - can't decide) Phantom/Cadets/Cavies/Crown 2012 - SCV 2013 - Bluecoats 2014 - B/uecoats 2015 - Crown/BD... can't choose on that one either. 2016 - Cavaliers/Bluecoats
  14. Okay thanks, because I remember last year their dress rehearsal was recorded and streamed with The Cadets live performance. If I remember correctly, I don't think Cavies even had their entire show on the field. I think this will be live for both corps, as I read stuff online
  15. Just to be clear - their run tonight will be the one streamed on Flo on Tuesday, correct?