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  1. they just posted a photo with a maroon background and gold "2017" numbering with a sparkle in the background. That could've been it for now
  2. When would the announcement be if it were today?
  3. I've got my tweet notifications ready for them. I am ready. I've been ready since August.
  4. At the end of last season, I told some friends that I thought Vanguard would medal this upcoming season as my bold prediction. This announcement might have made my prediction come true. I'm extremely excited for this corps
  5. Maybe once WGI season ends then the announcements will pick up
  6. I don't think it was posted by the corps themselves, I thought perhaps a member transcribed it and put it on there. It was definitely interesting for sure. I now understand what you mean though, sorry!
  7. I didn't realize that at first, my bad
  8. I happened to be on Musescore and I found a piece with the title called "Cavaliers." Out of curiosity, I clicked and listened. I wonder if that will be their opener this year...
  9. Vanguard tweeted that May 12 will be when they have a show announcement! Excited!
  10. They announced Immortal in early March, Game On in mid-April, and Propaganda in late April. However, I am expecting an early-to-mid May announcement because of the new trend as you mentioned.
  11. Their parade/retreat look was stunning. Wish they'd use those as their regular uniforms for a while.
  12. I have a feeling Cadets and Cavaliers will flip flop 5-6 throughout the entire season. Just my opinion though.
  13. They posted on social media that they have a "Great Announcement" coming on Thursday at 7:58 PM. I'm hoping it's at least repertoire. I have a weird feeling about BK this year, in the best of ways.
  14. I wonder if their announcement will be at around the same time as last year, mid-to-late April. I hope we get repertoire before the show announcement though, kind of hypes it up in my opinion.
  15. I feel like within the next couple months, show announcements will be at rapid fire. I'm ready. That's my glass half full take to corps being so quiet this offseason.