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  1. You're probably right about Cadets. Same for me as Blue Devils. Fortunately, I recognize it as my problem, not theirs. I admire these two corps' accomplishments and consistent perches in the top tier. What BD has done in DCI over four decades is possibly unlike any organization has done in any other competitive field. (They ought to be the subject of several business school case studies.) I just never get hugely enthusiastic about their shows. I like many of them; the shows haven't risen to favorite of a year, which requires very tough screening. From what I have seen on video, however, BD 2017 might change that. (Still, there will be SCV to overcome!) I get to see BD live this weekend in San Antonio - and it will be a highlight.
  2. Definitely joking. I am all supportive of San Antonio without headphones. Soon, though, maybe. After all, if the corps are all going electronic, maybe the audience can, too. And sit there and watch on iPad Pros. Oh, wait. That will just be like staying home and streaming, won't it?
  3. Starting to think about packing for SA, and I wonder about this: Given this year's major singing competition and amped brass lines, are we at a point where I could connect to Alamodome Wi-Fi and just get all the music through my Beats wireless headphones? Isn't it kind of old fashion to use unaided ears?
  4. Hope it turns out that way and that you're unaffected and on your way. My first flight is out of Indy, and so I just rescheduled through Houston. The United alert meant any additional fees or fare was waived. And United service was fast and excellent making the change. Surprised and happy.
  5. Bummer. United sent me a travel alert regarding bad weather at O'Hare Thur through Sun. I think they are indicating the risk is high for delays and cancellations. My flight out is Fri morning. Guess I'll browse through rescheduling options.
  6. A very sensible attitude. Thanks for good thinking and saying.
  7. I see this, too. To each their own preferences, of course. But given this relatively small community of mms, staffs, and fans, I wish more people would show up for the early performances. It's a lot of fun to watch what the less prominent organizations are doing. Sometime soon, one or a few of them might be top 12. And as a BTW to anyone showing up for seats late: Stay out of my way until the performing corps is done! Geeze.
  8. I go to several shows a year and never think about whether it is TOC or not TOC. The important factors are: date, location, my other scheduling issues, corps playing. If the first three items mentioned don't work out, something designated TOC means nothing to me.
  9. They have a real shot at 11th (and however unlikely it might seem, it isn't impossible for 10th). Those are not unsuccessful bounces from 2016.
  10. I'll be looking down on you from 13 rows up. Actually, I'll be looking at the drill on the field. But congrats on those aisle seats.
  11. I like the show this year. And I like the look. It could be better, too. But then I thought 2016 ought to have been much better. For me, the Madison issue is one of getting genuinely top level drill and music - show design, obviously. That influences everything. With a great show, we probably wouldn't be so obsessed with the look and identity issues. As much as I appreciate what's going on right now, the whole corps package just isn't there yet.
  12. That isn't a bad description of the story. I think a few of us simply prefer to see such a familiar and iconic piece of music like "My Way" delivered by macho Cavaliers via their macho horn line. I don't think the story would be diminished by relying less on a voice sound track.
  13. Maybe the best part of Rockford and Minneapolis shows. Really want the rest of what they do to measure up.
  14. Yikes. I remember that hot walk last year to the dome early afternoon. They should serve breakfast there so I can go early AM.
  15. Any chance Madison gets a better audience response during prelims, semis, finals (I hope)? Each time I've seen them, I am so busy looking at everything that I don't really react. (That could also mean, I suppose, the show design isn't giving me big moments to react.) I catch myself thinking I'd like to see them at least a couple of times quickly back-to-back to be able to remember things.