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  1. News from Allentown

    There's a Holiday Inn Express, Howard Johnson Inn & Suites (really cheap <$100), and Comfort Suites on Hamilton Blvd. All look close to the show venue - two miles according to Google. One or more of those three acceptable for two nights in Allentown?
  2. Thanks for the advice and suggestions.
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    I appreciate the article from Gilley, and explanation from Beck. Does any of this matter in terms of scoring, however? Or are we all dependent just on good intentions?
  4. Thanks for the comments. Was hoping someone might say Philly is clearly the best option. Like @Terri Schehr, I don't like Newark EWR at all.
  5. Anyone want to comment on whether getting to Allentown is better/easier by car via Newark airport or Philly airport?
  6. Troopers 2018: The New Road West

    Thanks for the article. Great drum corps read as 2018 starts.
  7. DCI Uniforms from 2018 and beyond

    I think Brasso has it right. There has been a lot of diversity for years, even though the recent outfits of some corps have been dramatically different. My guess is there will always be space for the traditional uniform and that its appearance will be welcome, maybe even thrilling. After a couple of years of costumes, wouldn't DCI fans shout out the return of the traditional SCV or Scouts look?
  8. Cavaliers v.s. Bluecoats

    Both are fun corps to watch. I hope both of them find a way to evolve from 2016 and 2017. For me, the Bluecoats' frequent body bend and leg sway is growing old already. The Cavaliers' intense chaos has been fun, but I'm ready for something different. Love the Bluecoats' music selections; anxious for The Cavies to bother to play something for more than 10 seconds. I give the edge to The Cavaliers in 2018. An anniversary year + expecting the smart people leading the corps will change things up a bit (yet again) and give us bigger musical moments that will payoff in scores.
  9. This read like a pretty standard opinion piece. The writer has a point of view and has pulled in some cultural references to help support an assertion that society is getting meaner. Or at least that society is a bit mean. Much is debatable. But it isn't meant as a tightly argued research paper. (And it would fit comfortably in any thread on DCP.) As others have pointed out, the drum corps issue is just a jumping off point based on a personal experience. But are drum corps shows and themes too dark or mean? Do they reflect social discord or angst? Are The Cavaliers responsible for Haiti's troubles? Good grief. I have no idea. I don't mind something dark. (My favorite film is Gallipoli, so discount my opinion on dark.) And in general, I'm willing to trust designers, writers, and program directors to do their artistic thing and let the activity trend and evolve. I'm more concerned about the hint that the behind-the-scenes summer or members' bus experience might be less than squeaky clean and honorable. Please tell me that isn't so.
  10. Madison Scouts v.s. Mandarins

    I liked both shows and saw them a few times before seeing all of finals week. Was glad Madison made it to Saturday night. Would have been happy to see Mandarins there, too. (For my tastes, I'd have substituted Mandarins for Crossmen in terms of simple enjoyment of the shows.) If taken literally, it's a silly assertion that Madison's show wasn't in the same league as the rest of the top 15. But if this is a dramatic way to communicate that someone didn't like the show, no problem. I'm hoping the surprising direction Madison took in 2017, along with what seems to be an updating of the organization (FPA) itself, foreshadow more success in 2018. I'm hoping Mandarins in 2018 don't become The Academy in 2017. As for who comes out on top, I'd say Madison. It's both a wish for that and a forecast (as far as any forecast can be made in December about a complex package of entertainment that's not going to take place until August - and from someone who only sits in the stands and watches and listens).
  11. 2018 Rules proposals

    FWIW, I noticed in audience shots during the Madison and Crossmen shows (2017 Blu-rays) that there were empty seats in prime seating areas behind the DMs. 5 or 6 seats next to me in the 238 section were also unused for the first few shows of finals night.
  12. 2017 DCI A/V

    Pre-ordered last Thursday and chose two-day shipping.
  13. 2017 DCI A/V

    Agree. I’m impressed. I would have made different choices on the multi camera versions. But just my preferences. First impressions after all 12: A lot of teeth gritting. A lot of sweaty faces and arms. I liked Boston during the season. Maybe enjoyed that show even more on this first video pass. SCV was great. But BD was just awesome. Were either of them telling a story? I don’t care. I get how trombones work. It’s okay to back off of that slide work next year. A lot of MMs look to me like they are 12, and they all work very, very hard. Way hard. Overall first impression, wonderful video and audio.
  14. 2017 DCI A/V

    Just got an email saying Blu-rays have been delivered. A day early. If I didn’t have a few student meetings yet remaining this afternoon, I’d be home watching already.
  15. Madison Scouts 2018

    An early rumblings about Scouts' look for 2018? Educated guess from connected folks?