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  1. mjoakes

    2018 HYPE

    Lots of interesting comments here. The hype seems significantly subdued this year compared to the past few years. There are some obvious distractions. Me, I'm anxious to see what Bluecoats do, as I'm wondering if the designs of the last two years wear thin at all. I liked the past two shows much, however. Also anxious to see what SCV, Cavies, and BC do as follow ups to what were for me great tours from them last year. I've stated before that I have never gotten much excitement out of BD shows, even though I really really try to get some goosebumps. But loved their show last year, thrilled they wrapped up DCI on Saturday night as champions, and now hopeful what is on the field in 2018 is as accessible to me. Finally, I was a Madison supporter all last year. I liked that the leadership and members had the right stuff to do something pretty unexpected and daring - and go for it all-in. Especially given what had to be some serious negative reactions. So what might that bold thinking and attitude produce this year?
  2. Just as last year, this year's NBA playoff headlines are keeping drum corps front and center and making me anxious for the June start. Is this LeBron's age out year?
  3. mjoakes

    2018 HYPE

    Always hoping for this.
  4. Tired of the airport wait in Houston before a second-leg flight to San Antonio, I decided to rent a car, see the Katy show, and drive to San Antonio the next morning. It's a terrific group of corps in what I hope is a bit of an intimate setting? And it means The Cavaliers twice in two days!
  5. It's an interesting story of on-field performance tracking along nicely with continued organizational development.
  6. Bluecoats' camp is not far away this year.
  7. It's an okay name for these kinds of things. I didn't realize that Crossroads of America is an official nickname of Indiana. (Here from Wikipedia.) As I think more about this show, and study the other shows I want to get to during the summer, I'm even more impressed with this lineup. Hope you enjoyed those 1970s years in drum corps, @oldsoprano.
  8. Zionsville High School is a member of the Hoosier "Crossroads" athletic conference.
  9. I wouldn't say bitter for me, but was sure looking forward to it again. On the other hand, various scheduling things came together so that I am going to see the Whitewater show as my own premier.
  10. mjoakes

    YEA board resigns

    It mattered to me in a good way to see the brief bios and the planned focus of each person. Seemed like someone put some thought into not just the who but also the why for the who.
  11. DCI added a show on July 11 in Zionsville, IN called DCI Crossroads. Included Blue Devils, Cavaliers, Legend, Phantom, and Madison. Not a bad list of corps for what I think is a new show. Maybe some of you know that this is a revival of something else. Zionsville is a short hop northwest of Indianapolis, essentially the Indy area. What might be the thinking in adding another Indiana show (after Evansville, Muncie, Michigan City, and finals week)? Maybe the timing matters.
  12. Good point and thanks for correcting. The difference is purpose (education, religion vs, social clubs) not membership. I've way over-generalized what I thought applies to social clubs.
  13. As an FYI, YEA! is a 501c3 organization, checked from their 990. There's another non-profit type tagged as 501c7 which is a membership organization. That's the type that has a larger membership base from which board members are elected.
  14. That's actually about $20.00 worth. Most non-profit boards of the 501c3 variety are exactly like that. For YEA!, board member removal would more likely result from the kind of external pressure that makes continuing untenable. Or, even better, members reconnecting with something called integrity.
  15. mjoakes

    Cadets 2018

    Michael Boo just posted on FB a link to this: https://www.facebook.com/supportingourdrumcorpsfamily/?hc_ref=ARSoH135DN-R-aX6t2WFEallPMDh8WYasJ8-SuTVSrfQns5o8P0uP_xFkKtaLKDOGak