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  1. 2018 Uniform Thread

    I know there was plenty of polarity regarding Madison's outfits this year. (I liked the radical change maybe more than I liked the costumes themselves.) But FWIW, the images Madison is using in social media and on its web site might be pretty compelling to some young guys thinking of auditioning. Maybe not as compelling as a top 5 placement. Still... http://www.madisonscoutslive.com/mainsite/?DB_OEM_ID=33500
  2. 2018 Schedule

    Cool. Is it mentioned somewhere else that Cadets are going west, too?
  3. 2018 Uniform Thread

    I expect (maybe hope) to see diversity - across corps, but also year to year for a given corps. Maybe Madison comes out with something just as different as LMS this year. But soon, it will be a thrill to see the traditional Scout look come back. Same for Vanguard and others.
  4. Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    Longitudinal data would be great to have. Did you have a spreadsheet-like total of the 990s from the earlier thread? I'm sorry if I missed that, though I rather quickly browsed through the older postings. Or is the data what was available in the individual posts?
  5. Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    I'm about to set a student on the task of creating basic and financial profiles of (at least) the 23 WC corps. One deliverable of the project is a spreadsheet of key financial data and metrics, by corps, as mined from most recent 990s. Is this duplicating something that already exists some place? Some of you would more likely know of this than me. It is a finance project more than a musical arts project. And valuable for the student as he analyzes 990s even if something like this already exists.
  6. Question about college?

    I know this is widely available online. But here it is from my own iPhone a few weeks ago.
  7. I'd probably like to have the option of either digital or DVD/Blu-Ray. The latter to keep up a physical collection. But the former is increasingly becoming more convenient. The current mp4 downloads are okay, but difficult to treat as anything other than a computer file. Rather, I'd like to buy or rent on iTunes and watch on the TV. Sound running through my older Blue-Ray is not great.
  8. This sounds pretty harsh, but I agree with you. Those of us who donated did so given a very fuzzy situation and we should accept the risk that it might remain fuzzy - and for some of us, even unsatisfying. On the other hand, I also agree with the general point coming out of Tim K's comment: The director and board of a good organization ought to have offered something substantial regarding that plea for help and the response from so many donors.
  9. So, possibly, some folks running Madison had integrity? Or anyway didn't want to get in bed with GH?
  10. Madison Scouts 2018

    While awaiting any 2018 news or commentary, a step back to 1980 thanks to the Drum Corps Heritage Society on Facebook. Still love that kind of rifle work, though it's also looking a bit awkward compared to the all-out fluid movement we have seen for many years now. How did the DM not break his arm with that salute?
  11. Alabama A&M

    Those drum majors!
  12. This won't be relevant to most of you here already. Rather for those who might pop in to this Stu-not Stu thread and want more formal background, the following was helpful to me. (In addition to some browsing of the way older thread linked above). Drum Corps World, May 19, 2010 – http://drumcorpsworld.com/?p=1098 CNN, Aug 12, 2010 – http://edition.cnn.com/2010/BUSINESS/08/12/drum.corps.trouble/index.html Halftime Magazine, Jul 29, 2011 – http://www.halftimemag.com/features/dci-tour-of-changes.html DCP, Jan 9, 2013 (and note from G7/GH) –
  13. Phantom Regiment 2018

    I just became a Mello Dude fan.
  14. 2018 Blue Stars

    I haven't been a big fan of Blue Stars the last two years because of the story/show. (They have been over-propped, too.) But the music plays in my head maybe more than any other corps. Especially this years'. Melodic, well-played, just plain enjoyable. There were marching moments this year that were terrific to watch, too. For me, the couples/love story theme grew tiresome. (I will gladly vote for a three-year moratorium on any hint of couples finding and losing each other on the field.) So I'm anxious to see BS bring their talent and music together in a much less labored show design. If not, I'll anyway still look forward to what I expect will be great music in 2018.
  15. Wow. Some intelligent finance/economics commentary on DCP. (And someone sounds vaguely libertarian.) I've goosebumps. I agree with both of you. It is possible to say China owns significant US debt. It's also possible to say the link from that to sinking the US economy is a weak one. Partly because of incentives. Partly because of how the markets would work. Would hate to see the military bands go. But it's that kind of bogus, wimpy thinking (my own) that leads to so many thousands of unnecessary items financed by tax dollars and debt.