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  1. mjoakes

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I try to appreciate what it must mean to be a Madison alumnus. (I am not one.) And I am sure many Madison alumni feel the pain of the Scouts dropping into lower tiers multiple times more than I do. But FWIW, corps these days have a broader group of stakeholders than just alumni. Particularly with revenue generation. Recognizing that doesn't have to diminish the importance of the alumni group. It is at least reasonable that part of the mix of building back up again is utilizing some people and resources not previously connected with Madison. We have any number of experiences with firms, colleges, and other organizations brought down due in part because of an over-reliance on those considered long-time insiders. There are people out there who can credibly put Madison's brand and interests out front even if they are not Madison alumni. A few of them might be instrumental in sorting out the current state of affairs, looking at a big picture, and the various personalities and relationships, with a different, helpful perspective. I mean this generally. As a response to some tilt in the discussion here that seems to suggest whatever problems the Scouts now have are only in the hands of alumni to resolve. Got no people in mind and wouldn't know any of the right people if you backed me to a wall and forced me to listen to all the singers from the 2017 shows. Outsiders are not inherently bad brand masters and visionaries; insiders are not inherently good ones.
  2. Just over 1,000 miles for me. (But I still got it made in the shade for Indy.) Will concessions have anything special for TX or just the usual? Seems like Alamo Dome stuff is mostly usual.
  3. mjoakes

    2018 DCI Finals

    I usually sit in mid sections everywhere. But when I watch Flo high cam, I wonder if I should sit higher.
  4. Scouts now in a drawing group with Colts and Pacific Crest. That's Madison Scouts, right?
  5. Cadets do a wee bit of marching.
  6. Next year is music by Chicago. They’ll dress like John Hancock buildings. i like their show.
  7. That’s even more apparent tonight following Mandarin and Crossmen.
  8. Non-drum corps life intervenes, and I am nowhere near being able to make St Louis today. Nothing traumatic, fortunately. Sec 114, row NN, seats 1 and 2 are open. I think they’re decent aisle seats. It’s now on to waiting for Katy, TX.
  9. This thread is 12 pages and the show is a day away!
  10. mjoakes

    2018 DCI Finals

    At the Hampton you are not far from O'Reilly's (or O'Riley's? I'm too lazy to look it up). Had dinner and drinks after a Pacer's game last winter. And I believe we hung out there until a post-midnight hour. Unusual for downtown Indy (and also for me, since bedtime keeps creeping forward each year).
  11. mjoakes

    2018 DCI Finals

    My #1 choice!
  12. Studying the calendar this morning and seeing Katy is one week off. So why not bump this? There are three terrific days of drum corps in Texas, Thursday through Saturday. A fourth in Mesquite on Monday after SA. All four shows loaded with great corps.
  13. mjoakes

    2018 DCI Finals

    You're right about $200. For 2-3 nights, that adds up fast. I have traveled a bit this summer and booked more hotels than usual. Even Whitewater was a little pricey. Staying in Katy, TX next Friday night, and a Courtyard there is pushing up my budget. Allentown, too. I mind less the expense in San Antonio and Indy where I can park and walk where I need to go.
  14. Think there's any influence in drum corps like the (presumed) influence in NCAA Div I basketball regarding easy vs. challenging pre-conference schedules?