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  1. What do I look forward to? Watching my daughter and her friends soak up the Allentown DCI experience. It makes me shiver to think what effect this activity has on young folks. High school marching band gets them started (and they did pretty good last year at MetLife) and DCI just brings it all to another level. Not a lot of them can pull off a DCI Corps summer, but there are a couple with contracts this year. (Note: none of them will give me ANY Cadets info.) Kudos and admiration to anyone who gets to experience the MM life. It's wonderful how these kids grow and develop their skills...not just musical and physical ones but the mental and emotional ones as well. For the next five years, my high school kids will keep me in the Pit Crew, pulling speakers, fixing props and giving/getting high fives from them and their fellow band members, no matter how well they do at a given show. And nowhere have I heard more "thank yous" than at the end of the night, when they get off the bus to see that the Pit guys have already gotten the drums out of the trailer and put them away for them. Makes me realize that maybe, just maybe, these youngsters are gonna be pretty good grownups. My $0.02
  2. Derailed in less than 10 posts.
  3. Billy Paul, of course