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  1. And still no answer. Kinda thought we were going there.
  2. Except that it's not. I have a future son-in-law that has a World Championship ring, two neighbors who marched this year, and a daughter who will be auditioning in November. I guess I should warn her that if they place 6th or 7th, she will have failed, like her neighbors did three days ago. And she shouldn't be proud. That's "Dad of the Year" material there...
  3. So, now that we've established maturity levels, please answer the question posed to you earlier. What finishing spot warrants the "proud" label?
  4. 13 pages in 3 days. We're on a record pace!
  5. Your words.
  6. What's the acceptable finishing spot for a corps that went thru these changes? When are they worthy of the "proud" label?
  7. Beat me to it...On the Town or even Trouble in Tahiti??
  8. Hop said something about it in yesterday's FB Live post...that only Cadets fans know what that refers to, and it did nothing for the judges...so they canned it. Or something to that effect...
  9. I hadn't noticed it before and I've watched every show I could. I guess I wasn't paying attention to the words, but enjoying the chaos on the field.
  10. Kids said there was no way that's what was being said...now I have official DCP proof! Go Cadets!
  11. So my kids and I were listening to the show last night, and noticed something we hadn't before...at the very end of the choir's spoken opener, while the MM are spinning into the center circle, you hear what appears to be "and it was God d@mn good". Does anyone know the actual words spoken in the beginning?
  12. I doubt it's about the color after a couple days.
  13. The "facts" were probably based on what Hop said in his FB Live yesterday after the show... that they missed a laundry day down at Franklin Field last week so today was going to be one, after rehearsal from 10 until 6, I believe. Then tomorrow all day rehearsal from 9 AM to 10 PM.
  14. I saw these when they were rehearsing for the cancelled JBCrum show last month. There are lights inside each of the Bibles/Hymnals or whatever they are...pretty cool!