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    None...but a die hard fan for 30 years!
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    Carolina crown, cadets, cavaliers, star of Indiana, scv
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    1990 star of indiana
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  1. Mahler49

    2017 Boston Crusaders

    Something that is driving me crazy. What does the "A" stand for when do abbreviates Boston crusaders as "BAC?" I know we can't use "BC" so that we can delineate from bluecoats...but this is driving me MAD!
  2. Mahler49

    Best Drill

    Ya know, I'm beginning to agree. Their shows are so refreshing! Much more traditional drill which I LOVE! And his designs do a magnificent job in interpreting the music. His drills are a breath of fresh air every time!
  3. Hi everyone...long time lurker...first time poster. I was curious to see what everyone thinks is the greatest drill ever written. The one I can never watch enough is Star of Indiana 1990 -- Belshazzar's Feast. It mesmerizes me everytime! Star's cross to cross in 91 is IMO the greatest drill MOMENT, but the rest of that years drill doesnt impress me as much as Belshazzar. Any thoughts about your favorite drill?