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  1. I said earlier in this thread that a La La Land show would never happen. It occurred to me today that as drum corps is beginning to integrate vocal performance into programs that a La La Land show isn't as far-fetched as it seemed at first. I can always dream right...
  2. I have a couple feelings about this. The first is that this week a big announcement/tease will come. The second is that with the first top 6 announcement, a flurry of announcements will come.
  3. Bold prediction: Boston in the top 5, knocking either Crown or Cavaliers out.
  4. On the real though, the five seconds that actually are shown in that video are bananas. They're getting after it
  5. I wanna bring up a point that I don't think has been yet. The reason the Bluecoats thing worked so well last year was because AMID THE OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS and the other corps being hyped up, Coats were nowhere to be found. So people got excited and were waiting for that. Therefore, I don't think that they're doing it to go off of what Bluecoats did, and if they are, they don't realize that it takes the other announcements to build hype like that.
  6. Patiently waiting on the Blue Devils to pull this one.
  7. with that mindset, we shouldn't be allowed to get upset when our favorite sports team does not perform well. we're not entitled to our team winning.
  8. you sound like you know something...
  9. Boston 12. My favorite show from Boston and my favorite show of 2012 and it has quite a long buildup, but once you get there, dang do they blow.
  10. There's some very high quality videos of some very high quality playing of Bridge Over Troubled Waters from the Cadets this past summer. They did it so exquisitely and I would love to hear that integrated into a field program.
  11. Ah okay I was unaware of that. Hypothetically though the only group I thought was better than them last year in the nation was FloMo. And in 15, I thought they were the best (caught a bad break finals night of course.)
  12. You're approaching a slippery slope if you don't think Hebron will be in the mix.
  13. BD might have thrown subtle hints to a fan on Twitter about maybe possibly doing a Hamilton show...
  14. '95 Scouts. Easily my favorite brass book ever.