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  1. Was anything of note said in the Herbert Washington interview on Marching Roundtable? Getting a little desperate for answers at this point...
  2. I had a dream that it was April 3 and the show announcement was accompanied by clips of the brass playing the show and it sounded so cool
  3. I firmly believe in their ability to bounce back I just don't see a finalist falling out. And in my eyes, Troopers wont make finals until they find a sense of unpredictability in their design because every time I see a Troopers announcement there's always the same reaction from me: yep that's Troopers. It's good and well that they've found an identity and that they pull it off pretty well every year, I just think they need some more diverse ideas. So between the packed group of finalists and Troopers' predictability (imo) I don't see either corps making it in.
  4. Couple bold-ish predictions (one objective, one subjective): 1. The finalists will stay the same group of corps but will see a lot of placement shuffling especially in the bottom half. 2. Genesis will have the most entertaining program of the non finalists.
  5. As I'm going through the source music for the 2017 program again just for good measures, does anyone know of some info out there about what the show is about, not just the title, that I don't know about?
  6. ah you had me thinking there was a hint.
  7. I'm not predicting anything, just saying don't be too shocked if it happens. They're certainly capable is all I'm saying
  8. So I was able to see some clips of the hornline playing some excerpts today. Boy they are sounding incredible. I remember being at one of the rehearsals last year and seeing the instructors begging them to give more volume but it is certainly coming easily to them this year. Even with the huge rise in difficulty, they are pulling it off with ease and overall, especially in the trumpet section (which seemed to be a weak link for the hornline last year IMO). Don't be shocked if they not only maintain placement, but rise multiple spots as well. They are SURGING.
  9. Any particular reason you capitalized "Unity," Brasso?
  10. Just saw the teaser, and I've heard other bits and pieces of the program. I gotta say early indications for me are the brass performance is astounding, while the writing is... underwhelming. I know it's early and a lot of changes are to come but that's my initial opinion.
  11. Evermore from the new Beauty and the Beast movie. Incredibly emotional and beautifully written, so I'd love to see a corps arrange it for euph soloist and hornline.
  12. I'd say I'm more intrigued than concerned
  13. can I just say I'm very very curious to see how Ryan George and Gino blend their desired sounds together
  14. Almost halfway through March, roughly two months away from move-ins, we only have one finalist announcement and it's literally only a title. I'm getting awfully antsy. Not even any teasers (not including the Boston one since they ended up taking it down). Whennnnnnnnn
  15. Recap of the Hop Talk anyone?