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  1. brassdude6171

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    so uh that new first chord for the hornline. what exactly is it? besides being super duper crunchy and bad-a
  2. brassdude6171

    Top 12 All Time Shows

    Too busy to put together a full list right now, but off the top, if you don't include Star 93 and Babylon, you're wrong. Sorry
  3. brassdude6171

    Mesa, AZ - July 2, 2018

    Just got home from tonight's super fun event. I was able to be in the BD brass circle before seeing Mandarins, BD, and Academy on the field. Before my steaming hot take, I have to point out that being in that circle is an experience unlike any other and is a must for anyone who has the chance. Now. Hot take: Academy's performance, tonight at least, was cleaner in terms of what the members put out on the field than what the Mandarins put out. IMHO, tonight's scores reflected how impactful reputation and design are on a group's score. I still think Academic is super corny and cheesy, but those members do a heck of a job with it - great sounds and beautiful visuals all throughout the show. Mandarins have a great show to work with; it's just pretty dirty right now, even compared to Academy.
  4. brassdude6171

    Mandarins 2018

    Do Mandarins make their rehearsal schedule available anywhere?
  5. brassdude6171

    Pasadena, CA - June 30, 2018

    honestly, how many shows ever have been designed better than this show? it's already up there all time and it still has so much to add.
  6. brassdude6171

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    not sure if there was anything mentioned tonight about this tonight, but if there's anything on this planet that brings more joy than seeing Claire's reaction to the crowd reaction to her unsheathing, I don't know what it is. also, this show is my current favorite of the year. too much emotion for it not to be.
  7. brassdude6171

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Vanguard hinted on Twitter at debuting the closer at the Rose Bowl on the 30th.
  8. brassdude6171

    Blue Devils 2018

    Question about BD's housing sitch. I was looking to stop by rehearsal when they're in town on the day of the AZ show and it said on their site "indoor rehearsal" at 12:30 at Mesquite HS. Being decently familiar with Mesquite's campus, I don't know of any indoor facility they would use. Does anyone have a way of getting clarification on this?
  9. brassdude6171

    Bluecoats 2018-LETS GO BLOO

    just to make sure, bluecoats are the only undefeated group left, right?
  10. brassdude6171

    2018 Predictions

    Serious question about Vanguard. So they scored .6 higher than the Blue Devils (who are obviously the favorites to win every year) despite missing a movement and a couple obvious big mistakes (like the ballad brass hit not being super well timed together and the electronic issues they were having with some brass microphones at parts). With that closer being as incredible as it is (if you haven't heard it already, you're gonna love it), could we be looking at a challenger for the 99.65 mark?
  11. brassdude6171

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    uh the Vanguard ballad is definitely the best movement this season. the dueling baritones were incredible, the brass hit was even better, and the trumpet screamers had me saying "wow" out loud multiple times while watching the stream.
  12. brassdude6171

    Bluecoats 2018-LETS GO BLOO

    it's at the point now for me where the Bluecoats are so good that they're making it less fun to watch the other groups lol. this already has surpassed anything the corps has done in recent years for me and it certainly could end up being an all timer with the right changes. for example, i got a couple beefs with olivia. first, the balance isn't consistently on point with the ensemble, and i understand that's a june problem more than anything else. second, i'm not a huge fan of how she's dressed or her makeup. i think it would be much more fitting to have her hair down, personally, and with much less eye shadow. she can work on the visual aspect of her performing a lot too and that's another thing that i don't doubt will come with more time. she sings wonderfully by all accounts though. there are a ton of opportunities for the body movements of the hornline (horn line??) to really seal some deals in terms of the difference between corps x and corps y. i hope they can do a better job of cleaning body than they did last year, i thought that opening dance sequence was very dirty even finals weekend. however, this group has already proven that they aren't last year's Bluecoats. love this show. really. like a lot.
  13. brassdude6171

    Flo still sucks!

    I actually just came to the site to rave about how awesome of a job they've been doing. Seems like as long as there's a good internet connection, the audio/picture quality are both incredible.
  14. brassdude6171

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    i was really looking forward to seeing this show - rather than just hearing it - but i wasn't all that impressed with the visual package. the group feels a little thin at times. maybe the uniforms for both ensemble and guard blend into the field, maybe they have an abnormally large fe, i don't know what it was. the group just looked small to me, and it left me feeling like they were lacking something.
  15. brassdude6171

    Bluecoats 2018-LETS GO BLOO

    copy-pasting my post from the prediction thread: i have to make an apology. i had the bluecoats 6th going in... this was maybe my worst prediction in anything ever. i had no idea that session 44 would turn out to be maybe the most well-put together complete packages in a program i've seen. it's impossible for me to not smile at any point during the show, the performers are already killing it, and the visual/musical package is breathtaking, saro and the closer especially. i cannot wait to see where this program goes, and cannot wait to see it live in august. i have to say my favorite moment for the time being takes place in the growth toward the climax of saro when the lead trumpets carry their chairs over to right in front of samuel, sit down in them, and play a rushing line that leads into a beautiful high note that cuts through the rest of the sound in the most perfect way. i love this show. i think it'll end up being the highest placing show to not come out of california - that being 3rd behind vanguard and blue devils in some order.