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  1. Alright here goes nothin. Presenting: Brassdude6171's 2017 DCI Predictions: Spring Training Edition 12. Academy - I've had a chance to see the corps in person and I'm very impressed with the increase in difficulty and how well the group is handling it. Heard from a member the other day about the props and it made me much more of a believer in the show design concept overall, though I'm still questioning it. I'm gonna try and get out to a rehearsal this or next weekend and see them some more before the season starts, but so far, green light for a second straight finals appearance. 11. Blue Stars - Just some mostly lackluster stuff for me from them, and I don't think this show will be much different. The members will still perform the heck out of it, which will keep them in Finals, imo. 10. Crossmen - Another vague concept this year from them, and I don't have too much info on it, so it's mostly a wait and see for San Antonio's own, but that ballad sure bangs. 9. Phantom Regiment - I really really love the show they're putting together, and the direction they're going with the "Reimagine" campaign, but I need to see it before I believe it. I really want them to place higher and put something out on the field that I really love... I just need them to prove it. 8. Blue Knights - Another group that I really want to see higher, and I love what I've heard, I just don't know if they'll get over that hump of finishing a show. Plus at this point, the top 7 are all really REALLY good. 7. Boston Crusaders - They'll certainly be fighting for a spot in that coveted top 6 all summer. I'm expecting big things from this corps of giants, as I've expressed many times. 6. Cadets - No change in placement from last year, but big ups in terms of a cohesive idea being put together that can be well received and is pretty straight forward. I felt like last year, any time Hopkins talked about the show (and this was evident in Clash of the Corps), he seemed horrifically confused. There's a definitive idea here with this show and it's something that is really impressed me. I was pleasantly surprised when I was finally able to hear Hopkins give some insight into this. I never thought I'd say this about a Cadets program, but this is one of my most anticipated programs this season. 5. Carolina Crown - I truly believe they take a pretty big step back. The way I see their show this year (not saying anything, so don't even ask) is kinda the way I see the Cadets show from last year to be perfectly honest. And with the staff departures (that from reports I've been given have had major implications), I don't know that their crazy awesome brass will be able to keep them in the medalist group. Especially with the other two in the 2016 top 5. 4. Cavaliers - They continue to stride forward and forward. This show has sooo much potential if they really beat the story out of it. Could love it, could hate it. Want to love it though. 3. Santa Clara Vanguard - Honestly could see them finishing anywhere in the top 3 but certainly not lower than that. Based on the talent and vibes that have been coming out of Santa Clara and those members, my goodness, it gets my really to the edge of my seat. I'm putting on a few extra layers of socks because I'm sure one won't be enough. 2. Blue Devils - I just don't see them breaking that streak of top 2 any time soon, and they're really playin' right now. And someone on here was hinting earlier today about how mood-wise their ballad is similar to last year's Bluecoats ballad, which has me amped up like crazy, because as far as I'm concerned, that's the rockin'-est ballad I've seen. 1. Bluecoats - Innovation will prevail. Again.
  2. Internet: 2. DCI: 0.
  3. As the last couple posters have been insinuating, they are going to continue to push the envelope design wise and do unexpected things while the rest of the groups will catch on after them. They're not gonna stop after their title season. This show is certainly something that is coming out of left field, so to speak.
  4. Alright, Cadets. Today's the day. Impress me!
  5. What a coincidence! I also have a really good feeling about this show after kinda forcing myself to be skeptical of it
  6. Also worth noting is they revealed a shirt that says "Reimagine." As it was guessed, modernizing is happening in Rockford
  7. Tomorrow night for the public is what I've been hearing
  8. Precisely the reason I'm waiting for their announcement before I make my final start-of-ST predictions
  9. In the sense that you trust they'll put out quality substance or that it doesn't interest you?
  10. This often happens on TV and movie soundtracks where one particular motif appears throughout. I happen to like this one more than the Carolina choice, and I can't wait to see what they do with it. They're one of the few that I'll have a chance to see in person this season
  11. I think this was a given after that survey a couple months ago.
  12. I must say that this has, as expected, jumped up to number one on my Most Anticipated list.
  13. Tomorrow's the day!! Also... #FreeCorpsband
  14. Is there a chance that more of the control is being handed over to Pitts in an attempt to hearkening back as well as look forward? This video seemed to indicate that he was leading the way design wise, not just in his arranger role
  15. This is my personal most anticipated show. So so sooooo hype