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  1. The last one coming almost 10 years ago. This is not the glory Phantom. I love the unis though, like wow.
  2. Alright here goes nothin'. 12. Crossmen - I just don't get this one. I see two or three moments if that in their show. Their high quality performance will keep Madison at their heels. 11. Academy - Solidified. Plain and simple. Everything I've seen from them screams big and yet intimate. Love it, it's gonna grow and develop a ton, another fan favorite. 10. Phantom Regiment - Overhyped. I loved the idea, but I don't think it's gonna be executed too well, I just don't trust PR right now. That opening sounded nice though, so did the brass feature toward the end. 9. Cadets - Another idea I liked, but is yet another mess for the maroon and gold. Love the unis though. 8. Blue Knights - Typical BK show. Gonna be deep and introspective and reflective. I think it'll be forgotten four months from now. 7. Blue Stars - Up and up. Impressed a ton by what I've seen so far, and this is a show audiences can really connect with. It's hard to tell this story the right way, but I think they're pulling it off. Also that brass is out for blood. 6. Boston Crusaders - Just missing top 5, I think that this show for me will go down as the best story show in DCI's history. Truly a masterpiece, big things to come from them. 5. Carolina Crown - I really hate to have them here, but it's where they belong in my eyes. The brass is INCREDIBLE, but that goes without saying for them at this point. They have maybe my favorite uniforms this year, love the flashy yet subtle purple. But the singing in the closer is a mess, and the cohesiveness is a mess, and those kick drums are reminiscent of the mufflers in 14. 4. Cavaliers - Impressive, impressive show, and I think the doubters from Tuesday will be proved wrong tonight. Could be in my personal top 3 favorites for this season. Also shoutout to Matt Owen, he's really leaving his mark on the activity, in the best of ways. 3. Santa Clara Vanguard - Not quite ready to play with the big boys in Blue, but a stunning show ahead. Wish they and BD integrated Triumph of Time more though. 2. Blue Devils - Visually underwhelming and disappointing, but always performing better than the vast majority, if not all. That opening is killer, but I don't think the rest of the program is enough to get the gold. 1. Bluecoats - Do I hear "repeat"? Jagged Line, oh Jagged Line. This show is going to stun even more than Downside Up did, I think. Performance is up, and a title comes with less controversy.
  3. Boy I can't wait. A little different from what I was hearing, I heard "Jagged Mind" but I think I like this more.
  4. What are the odds that for their 50th in 2022, they play Bridge Over Troubled Waters again /.\
  5. Ugh I have to do one of these again soon....
  6. I find it stupid to be perfectly honest, but I see why they did it. I just don't agree with it. Especially having it so out there. Would've preferred it woven in better. But thats just me.
  7. "For example, in the United Kingdom, diamond was a well known symbol for the 75th anniversary, but this changed to the now more common 60th anniversary after the Diamond Anniversary of Queen Victoria. The current monarch Queen Elizabeth II's 60th year on the throne was widely marked as her Diamond Jubilee and commemorated in 2012." -Wikipedia
  8. Traditionally, a 60th anniversary means a diamond.
  9. I think DCPers should listen to Dan (won't even attempt to spell his last name). After a few years, we'll really start to see what FloMarching is capable of. Just give them 3-5 years' chance.
  10. Easily my favorite uniform that I've seen from Crown and all of DCI in 2017 (with eyes out still for Stars, Cadets, SCV, BD, and Bloo).
  11. Ya know, it feels like a WGI show to me, in that, for me, the majority of WGI shows (at least percussion) are designed along the lines of "let's do a ton of really cool stuff and try and make a show that fits it." I think this "It Is" show is just "It Is... Cool." Not much else to it. They just do a ton of cool stuff.
  12. Really quickly and I can't elaborate on this till Thursday for my start-of-season 12, but if there's a season where Blue Devils don't medal, this is it... and it wouldn't necessarily be their fault.
  13. Probably prepping his popcorn for Tuesday making sure all his butters and seasonings are in order.
  14. Question I had when watching the BFDTV video, do we know if the vocalist (who makes it look effortless btw, props to her) is supposed to be Abigail or Elizabeth?
  15. So before tonight, I had heard the show through the ballad, and I'm very impressed with the work done on that portion. I was absolutely blown away by the last two movements, and I think it definitely got the ending it deserved. Couple things from the electronics (dare I say) caption (whoa I can already hear people yelling "get off my lawn"), I think they, at this moment in time, have figured out the singing-while-brass-plays-loudly thing better than Crown has. Also this is the first instance of narration that hasn't felt awkward to me. Great job, BAC! Well on your way back to the top, and I think a top 6 appearance is in order.