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  1. This show is yet another instance of a Cadets show that is great musically and visually, but is a huge whiff conceptually/thematically. These past couple Cadet shows especially are some of my favorite to listen to, but least favorite to watch front to back.
  2. This thought just came to me. Does the pricing mean that you could get the whole summer's worth of broadcasts for two payments of $30? That'scertainly better than what I've been doing and just doing the theater events and finals which ends up being roughly $130
  3. BK 2014. Big Loud and Live that year was my first run-in as a fan and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Wish I could have been better prepared for a show as beautiful as that one.
  4. Could be wrong but I'm hearing the Sinatra is "My Way" and the Laurie Anderson is "O Superman." And if the repertoire is listed in the order of appearance, that Sinatra is gonna be one heck of a closer.
  5. If I had to guess what the Laurie Anderson song was that they're using, I'd guess O Superman.
  6. I heard a rumor a few months back that they were doing a show about the colonization of Mars, but then I had that shot down quickly after. Maybe that shooting down was just to cover it up! If they do that idea and do it as well as imaginable, it could certainly end up being my personal number one for 2017
  7. Man that playing of Cadillac of the Skies has me feeling so many feels that it's got me about to puke. That is some special writing and playing.
  8. Also, a different angle to this news. Is this solidifying marching band as a sport, now that the highest level of marching arts is now exclusively covered by a sports outlet?
  9. I'm just trying to be optimistic, man
  10. Quote from the discussion on Reddit: "Tom Blair will still be producing both championships week as well as the Tour Premiere in the theaters. Also, the tech people at DCI are WELL aware of the issues that Flo has had at both WGI & BOA." Gives me some relief here.
  11. Last post on the subject for me for now, promise. (1) After watching some of their recent lot posts, they seem to have fixed their microphone problem (could just be temporary). The sound in these lot videos is awesome. Very clear. (2) I'm guessing that since FloMarching is apparently working with Tresona and they've also taken the marching arts by storm recently, they must be pretty well off financially at this point. So better equipment and tech people on the way?
  12. Also, this was unclear in both articles. Would the "live lot" videos be streamed free? Or at the same cost?
  13. The way I see it, Flo is mostly okay. They've done a great job at becoming kind of an ESPN for marching arts with the articles and featurettes they put out. The only problem (and it's a big one) I see with them is the streaming quality. Video picture wise it's great, but angle choice is not always the best, which they can learn from by hiring the right people and simply having more time in the circuit. Also their mic's have had a tendency to not be amazing, but I'm assuming they now get all the equipment DCI has been using. So, my thoughts here are this: skeptical but I also wouldn't be shocked if they come out guns blazing.
  14. We've had that date for a couple weeks now, if memory serves.
  15. Their uniforms always make me think of an interview on Marching Roundtable that I think was Cesario, but I don't remember for sure, so don't quote me on that. Anyway, they were saying it's important to find the balance between intricate details and still having everything seen from the top of the stands. I'm skeptical that all the tiny details of the Southwind uniforms (which I love) will present well to people more than 150 yd away from the field.