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  1. Totally random but I took a look at flo mo's "rankings" and it predicts BD's score as being over 100 by the end of the season. posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. I guess that's the story of the night considering that none of the other corps placements relative to each other will probably be a surprise.
  3. Sacramento Mandarins 2017 - Wow

    This is a good way to use post 100, Let's go Mandarins! Really got impressed by y'all at DCI West and hope y'all can make a finals run, this show is awesome and two new finalists in two years would be cool too!
  4. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    Well with that question you get dangerously close to the question of how much synth is too much?
  5. It's not fighting it's an aggressive disagreement
  6. Cadets 2017

    Can I just say I feel vocals are like electronics or even playing really loud, now hear me out all of these things old or new can be really good if used well but for any of them if they are used in the wrong places (less so for playing loud) or too much they lose their effect, but used wisely each can add some great to a corps' performance.
  7. Yeah, at finals everyone below 5th besides PR went down.
  8. Sacramento Sacrifices - June 24, 2017

    More scores = better numbers = better comparability, I'm out east but still excited to see how it goes.
  9. They missed finals but BAC's finals score was lower than their semis score which also happened to be lower than the scout's semi score so in the ranking of points from the last competition scouts is 12th and BAC is 13th
  10. 2017 PREDICTIONS!

    But then they'll win because the contrast is innovative and Hop will once again be hailed as DCI god due to his visionary ideas.
  11. With all the changes in uniforms, and design I'm curious how y'all feel about the idea a corps may have to shed some of its traditional roots in order to find greater success on the score sheet.
  12. 2017 PREDICTIONS!

    G3 ---> Hop becomes director at Blue Devils(definitely not just Cadets wearing blue unis)
  13. Sunday, June 25 Michigan City, IN (Max: 42) Carolina Crown - 73.950 Cavaliers - 73 Blue Stars - 66.5 Crossmen - 66 Madison Scouts - 65.6 Colts - 60 Pioneer - 49 Stanford, CA (Max: 42) Blue Devils - 73.5 Santa Clara Vanguard - 72 Blue Knights - 68 Phantom Regiment - 66.5 The Academy - 65 Mandarins - 62.5 Pacific Crest - 62.4 Monday, June 26 Hamilton, OH (Max: 48) Bluecoats - 75 Carolina Crown - 74 The Cavaliers - 73.75 Boston Crusaders- 68.5 Crossmen- 67.75 Troopers - 67.75 Colts - 62 Pioneer - 52 Tuesday, June 27 Pittsburgh, PA (Max: 42) Bluecoats - 76 The Cadets - 71 Crossmen - 68.5 Troopers - 68 Colts - 64 Spirit of Atlanta* - 60 Genesis* - 59.5 Wednesday, June 28 Evansville, IN (Max: 30) The Cavaliers - 74 Blue Stars- 69.5 Boston Crusaders- 69 Madison Scouts - 67 Pioneer - 55 Santa Barbara, CA (Max: 24) Blue Devils - 76.5 Santa Clara Vanguard - 74.5 Blue Knights - 71.5 Phantom Regiment - 70.5
  14. Cadets 2017

    When we look at a corps like Madison they beat BK by almost 2 points and Academy by almost 6 points at mid Cal last year. They didn't even make finals where those other two corps were safely performing on Saturday, for better or for worse change in placement is not only possible but probable.