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  1. Tiers sounds fun!!!(Also this is the last time predictions are fun and wacky because preseason still) tier 1 - Good chance of win and almost definitely medaling BD - They're just so consistent especially after a loss they're on their own tier not sure they'll win but if I was a betting man would put money on it tier 2 - Possibility of challenging BD for 1st and have a distinct chance of medaling Bloo - They're hot coming off from their first win but with no show material besides source music released can't put them in that top tier (also history PR '09 Cadets '12 Crown '14) Crown - Solid corps once again could shape up as a winner but could also flop Cavies - See comments on crown SCV - The perennial corps which creates great shows which keep it in top 5ish but not quite good enough to medal, maybe their anniversary will give them extra steam? tier 3 - All of these corps I've heard good things about but have done very little research so IDK about these Medaling seems like a stretch but so does dropping from finals Crossmen, Bluestars, PR, BAC, BK, Cadets tier 4 - In finals no surprise, out of finals no surprise Madison, Academy, Troopers, BDB, Colts Rough order - BD, Bloo, Cavies, Crown, SCV, Cadets, Bluestars, BAC, BK, Crossmen, PR , Madison / Troopers, Academy, BDB, Colts
  2. The thing I most predict is that we very well have more than 3 corps fighting for the top spot by August, which would be exciting considering that for the past few years it has been two (or three in 2016).
  3. Disclaimer I know there is already a thread on the world class page about predictions but I thought it'd be fun to have a open class predictions thread! So the first competition involving an open class corps is less than a week away, and while there is always the looming idea that either BDB or SCVC will win there are a lot of other cool corps, what y'all think will happen with placements and with open class in general over the season?
  4. The question is will Flomo put the same expectations on other streams? As this stream was very important as they knew that a lot of people would be watching and would make a decision based on that. So we''ll see if they keep up the quality.
  5. I think the stream today shows that if this quality keeps up a flomo subscription is worth it.
  6. The storm was actually created by the cavies themselves in order to ratchet up the hype for their closer .
  7. 22 June - Indianapolis Bluecoats - 68.750 The Cavaliers - 67.750 Carolina Crown - 67.000 The Cadets - 65.750 Blue Stars - 65.500 Crossmen - 63.450 23 June - Clovis Blue Devils - 69.000 Santa Clara Vanguard - 68.000 Blue Knights - 65.650 Phantom Regiment - 64.000 The Academy - 59.000 Mandarins - 57.000 Pacific Crest - 53.000 24 June - Massillon Bluecoats - 70.750 Carolina Crown - 69.000 The Cadets - 68.000 Boston Crusaders - 67.850 Troopers - 60.5 24 June - Sacramento Blue Knights - 66.800 Phantom Regiment - 65.000 The Academy - 64 Mandarins - 60.500 Pacific Crest - 55.750 24 June - Whitewater The Cavaliers - 70.000 Blue Stars - 65.000 Crossmen - 64.000 Madison Scouts - 63.000 Colts - 58.500 Pioneer - 44.000
  8. Oh right caviliers closer had some kind of big reveal right?
  9. Saw the Bluecoats logo and thought it was new content. But sadly I was mistaken.
  10. Electric tuba!!! I'm hype!
  11. Works on my phone, I'm digging that since I'm gonna be traveling alot this summer.
  12. I really like this new uniform from xmen, updated look but still with traditional elements. I feel it bridges the gap between the bluecoats modernism and a more historical uniform.
  13. This is a year of questions, with so many questions I wouldn't be surprised by a number of different results.
  14. Thanks for showing me, I fixed it.
  15. Let's do it!!! Opening show: 1. Bluecoats 2. Crown 3.Cavaliers 4. Cadets 5. Blue Stars 6. Crossmen Clovis 1. BD 2. SCV 3. BK 4.Phantom 5. Academy 6. Mandarins 7. BDB 8. SCVC 9. Pacific Crest Massillon 1. Bluecoats 2. Crown 3. Cadets 4. Boston 5. Troopers