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  1. Now this is what I like to see from a pre season prediction having 2 finalists from last year dropping out (Academy and Phantom), having 2 of last years medalists drop out of the top 3 and putting Colts in 9, I have one word, aggressive.
  2. My thing with claiming a corps is on a downward trajectory is that it can at times be unclear. Like maybe the Cadets will put out a fantastic product but so does everyone else so maybe they are on the up and ups design-wise but not so competitively.
  3. So much talk of uniforms but similar to the Jets (except for kind of the opposite) whatever uniform Madison, and all the corps this summer, are in they're gonna be great!
  4. A good point I always forget but that reminds me that just about every corps in the top 15 or so has something to prove or something different from a staff perspective which is gonna lead to an explosive season.
  5. Now I'm curious and I've asked this on the thread before why are people thinking stars are in trouble? They look good to me is there something besides there somewhat inconsistent record in the past few years?
  6. Man I leave DCP for about 4 days to go study for Ap Tests and I come back and like half of the top corps have released their shows.
  7. IMHO the reason that show had so much hype was because the Bluecoats in '14 and '15 the Bluecoats had highly innovative, and popular shows that could have won in the right year. People saw a Bloo victory as inevitable and people were excited to see a new corps win.
  8. I'm not really talking about quality; I'm talking about crowd reaction.
  9. So I was watching Madison Scouts 1988 and the crowd seemed really excited; the only other show I'm aware of that got a similar reactions was Bluecoats' show this year. I was wondering if y'all could think of any other shows that got a similar kind of reaction from the audience? Or any shows that got a particularly negative response?
  10. What info? and also why are stars definitely out?
  11. So Blue Stars are dropping out of finals that's rough I thought they were on the upward swing.
  12. This all leads to higher competitiveness levels which will lead to an even more fun season.
  13. I'm assuming this is not what you meant but are you suggesting they could all make it same year together? This is what'd look like Coats Devils Crown Vanguard Cavies Cadets Crusaders Madison Troopers BDB Colts Mandirins Looks like fun but I can't say it looks realistic.
  14. I hope so. I feel like the competitiveness in placements 13-25 is increasing and it is really good for the activity and really helps get away from the idea that WC is the finalists and a few other corps.
  15. I feel like the bar is just getting higher, I feel like few corps will actually end up rising because of increased competition. IMO a few corps are gonna fall from an inability to keep up.