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  1. What info? and also why are stars definitely out?
  2. So Blue Stars are dropping out of finals that's rough I thought they were on the upward swing.
  3. This all leads to higher competitiveness levels which will lead to an even more fun season.
  4. I'm assuming this is not what you meant but are you suggesting they could all make it same year together? This is what'd look like Coats Devils Crown Vanguard Cavies Cadets Crusaders Madison Troopers BDB Colts Mandirins Looks like fun but I can't say it looks realistic.
  5. I hope so. I feel like the competitiveness in placements 13-25 is increasing and it is really good for the activity and really helps get away from the idea that WC is the finalists and a few other corps.
  6. I feel like the bar is just getting higher, I feel like few corps will actually end up rising because of increased competition. IMO a few corps are gonna fall from an inability to keep up.
  7. Exactly, that is considered crazy that number 1 dropped to number 5 where in BOA people are already saying Carmel won't make top 5 and their arguments are pretty believable.
  8. This is my only objection to the policies, but other than that I'm not sure why legal adults (or parents agreeing on behalf of their children) cannot make a contract with stipulations and face the benefits and penalties of a contract as they arise.
  9. The thing about GN and BOA in general is that it feels more random as groups can do so different year to years, band can drop or rise 15 places in a year where as in DCI those showing up is consistent, in all likelihood Bluecoats don't drop out of top 5 in the worst case scenarios. The biggest drop of recent I can think of is Phantom dropping 1st to 9th which was pretty extreme.
  10. IMHO, people should be able to switch but also corps should be allowed to have incentives to keep people.
  11. Oh yeah I get that I still want some BD jazz.
  12. Yeah, I've heard some people claim Hamilton isn't super complex musically, which could make it hard to translate to drum corps.
  13. Very true
  14. They'll do an angels vs. demons kinda thing with half the corps being Hamilton and the other half being Burr.
  15. The one problem for BOA is that it is harder to learn performances from bands that don't compete at big shows until nats, like a lot of the michigan bands.