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  1. still think should be top 15
  2. 1 SCV/Crown 2 Crown/SCV 3. BD 4. Bloo 5 Cavies 6.Cadets/pr 7 PR/cadets 8 Bk/blue stars 9 blue stars/bk 10 Madison 11crossmen/bac 12 BAC/academy 12 Academy just cuz
  3. 78 Madison Malaguena. Hands down. ears still ringing.
  4. I actually remember that one lol
  5. just saw your post on the Del thread.  Mike who? Douglas?

  6. I believe it was 83 that they begun their zingali run winning streak
  7. Yup, just got back from their rehearsal, they got a new music director and arranger, both okies alumni, my brother da as director, and myself as arranger. Great sounding group. Joel is still da boss, though attracting some non drum corps players and younger folks too
  8. No, the names don't ring a bell with me, were they from that group?
  9. He also was DM for Delasalle a couple years too!
  10. He was also DM of De la Salle before.
  11. 1978 I thick. It was us open Muchachos were three, and when they marched off, they blew off fire extinguishers an I think firecrackers as soon as they stepped off. Great fun!?
  12. there is a good thread about the differences between a b flat trumpet and a g soprano bugle, as well as the differences between a b flat tuba and a g contra bass somewhere on this site. Andalucia instruments is in the process of pushing b flat soprano bugles, and b flat contras back into the drum corps world.. I would think that going to these horns would purify the brass sound to more like the old days. Bigger bores, and different bell designs. Check it out. As well, we had not just mellos, but flugles and marching bell front french horns, all built based on the same characteristics as the soprano bugle, rather than their concert counterparts
  13. Back when I played and did some arranging, we mostly played in g,f,or a major, or e,a d minor. I missed the change to 3 valves, so in my time, we were limited by practicality. Any note requiring the 3rd valve was not playable. As well, there were many more corps around, so the average ability didn,t come any where near the talent in brass lines today, so that played a part in the difficulty of music arranged and performed. As for the saddest key question, it could be due to conditioning. Minor keys are associated with sadness and darkness. The key of D minor is used alot in soundtrack music as it takes advantage of the lowest clear notes on the double bass, and allows for more span of orchestra for the string section, the most versatile and emotive of the orchestra. I would think that since we all have heard these sad themes in movies, and their associated music, we hear it as the saddest key? Hows that for armchair psychobabble. Anyways, it's true about D minor being one of the most poular sound track keys, That info is from a Mr Hans Zimmer.
  14. agreed, I was merely saying that, with a good sample library, you would get a better idea of colour changes commensurate with key changes in general, using a good brass sample set, but most sample sets do not include G bugle in their libraries so your point about accuracy is correct.