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  1. Cadets 2018

    205 Pages in the Cadets thread already...looking to break the record before the summer?
  2. I recently had Cascades 2017 show pop up in my feed. That was a semis show. How it didnt make it is beyond me, just unbelievably clean.
  3. All time shows: The Colts

  4. Big news!

    Thanks! You may ask, but Im probably gonna wait to reveal that until I ageout in a few years:)
  5. Big news!

    no comment. If Im right though, theyll get on the radar pretty quickly (in a good way).
  6. Im super pumped to be marching my first year in World Class DCI! Probably be signing off this forum for good. Thanks to everyone for helping me learn more about the activity.
  7. 2018 Rules proposals

    Ooh *spicy*.
  8. 2018 Rules proposals

    When do the rules get confirmed/denied?
  9. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    Fantastic. Terrific energy level.
  10. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    Feel free to come over to for further (civil) discussion.
  11. On paper, raising the limit seems great, but the only way to grow the activity, and the amount of great corps and performers involved, the 150 minimum is necessary. There is a reason we have seen the influx of great corps start to rise up and be serious competitive powerhouses (Legends, Music City, Spartans). Those corps are probably known as they best in the area. What do the local folks do when they find out there are better corps than the fantastic ones near them? They probably travel to go see them. The limit forces talent down into lower corps and in turn the activity becomes stronger. The limit is essential.
  12. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Retain your emotions.