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  1. Youll know in 1000 pages;)
  2. I thought I was in the Cadets thread for a minute....
  3. *Thats if you survive Jim's high velocity throw*
  4. Lol no. Some MM's on Reddit that said they had a 50+ person ageout class. They will probably still be incredible though.
  5. I think open seats are fair game...unless someone tells you not to sit in them, or someone asks you to leave them.
  6. I dont know if you guys saw this movie (pretty mushy), but I think BD doing a "La La Land" show would be pretty fantastic. Its a musical, similar to what they did in 2015. It would be more of a fan favorite show, it being a more recent movie. Jazz motifs play in and throughout the movie, along with a central slow ballad, that is perfect BD ballad material. I know its weird, but I really think they could pull it off. Ballad at 45:52
  7. Banzai. Then the Bach reprise.
  8. This needs to go in the one liners thread. And yes, drumline references were slung left and right.
  9. Im an established BD fan, but I just wanna ask a question. Wouldnt you say Bumblebee is the same way? I love it obviously, but its really just thrown in as a technical passage. If you take out Bumblebee BD 2017 is a (relatively) simple book. How does Bumblee play into the rest of the show. I would argue, like BD, its Crown playing to the sheets, and it works pretty much everytime. I actually enjoy it, and in my opinion I think Crown was doing a great job of getting away from those technical passages this year with the use of a more rhythmic/groovy book that showed much more demand than the runs that they typical do (and did sometimes this year). IDK, just a thought.
  10. PM me!? I hate being out of the loop! End my suffering!!!