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  1. This thread is almost 500 pages long...HOW!?
  2. To be honest, I think that is my favorite title/concept of the year. Cant wait to see how they convey it.
  3. There are still show announcements yet to be released, so please keep this thread on topic.
  4. Wish I got to hear some of those hot Rennick beats...
  5. I love the internet.
  6. Presenting their 2017 program entitled "2017 Show" Drum Corps International is proud to present THE BLUECOATS.
  7. Do you think Cadets would have won the 2011 championship with one color uniforms?
  8. I gave you a like just for that question at the end.
  9. I agree with all except Cadets changing uniforms. Crown wont win another championship for at least five years. There will be 50 drum corps at championships within thenext 10 years.
  10. OMG. I edited that as soon as saw your post. Apparently DCI isn't giving love for Genesis either, because thats where I got this list.
  11. I try. The thing is I could really see this happening XD. I edited a bit. Blue Devils- I just think have been very successful and probably are a safer bet than SCV SCV- The addition of Gaines, plus its their 50th. Cadets- Such a storied corps that has fallen for the last few years. I think theyre finally going to pull together a good design this year, and theyre playing Mass. Makes this a no brainer even with staff changes. I think if they had done this last year they would have won a title and they would have theyre staff back for this year. I think the most reckless is Bloo in 4th, because I have no basis except theyve been too successful. I feel like theyre bound to have a design flop at some point. (I honestly have grown to love Bloo, I just have other corps I prefer to be ahead of them this year) Crown- Victim of staff changes, but percussion is back on the rise. We'll still have that solid brass line, so they'll stay in the top five. Cavies- I think with this program they have they could move up into the top five but IDK we'll see BAC- Holy staff changes, big jump this year. Eventually we'll see a medal. Plus, they have that pit girl again. BK- I think we're gonna see more solid BK this year, this seems like a safe bet. Madison- Solid program, and I expect them to be hungry to be back in finals. Colts- What they have coming is crazy. Get excited. Blue Stars- Just like Blue Knights are gonna have just another solid show. Crossmen- The repetoire choices are really solid and I think they gonna be alot more refined than what we saw last year. Non finalists (not in order): Troopers- I love them but until they get those uniforms changed we wont be seeing them any higher (even with that monster hornline and battery) Phantom- Well we all saw that show announcement and it just didn't strike me as incredible. I love Phantom, but I just don't think standard Phantom is gonna do it anymore with what other corps are putting out. BDB- It just isnt their time yet, I dont have the vibe. Academy- I love their show, but I don't think it really wows me. But, maybe Im wrong I certainly was last year.
  12. Heres who Im most excited about in world class: Blue Devils Blue Knights Blue Stars Bluecoats Boston Crusaders Carolina Crown Colts Crossmen Jersey Surf Madison Scouts Mandarins Oregon Crusaders Genesis Pacific Crest Phantom Regiment Pioneer Santa Clara Vanguard Seattle Cascades Spirit of Atlanta The Academy The Cadets The Cavaliers Troopers