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  1. DCI would lose money.
  2. Ok here we go, I have feared creating this post for awhile but here goes... Cadets 2016 is actually a way better show than we give it credit for.
  3. Here's one not listed yet: Academy 2016 I saw that show really early season and knew it was gonna be great. Just a great fan favorite show that I think will be talked about among many young drum corps fans for years to come.
  4. Cavaliers 2017: Men Are From Mars FEATURING THE MUSIC OF Richard Strauss Aaron Copland John Mackey Steve Vai Max Richter Laurie Anderson Johann Johansson Gustav Holst Frank Sinatra Official Announcement:
  5. Unlimited funds huh...Ill play. I would start with a larger piece of material against the opposite seats. I would prefer something that leaves some room for echo, but ensures that we dont get a smeared sound that domes tend to provide. FREE WIFI Create an app that is only available to ticketholders. *It would provide a scoresheet to score the corps yourself. *A livestream to FloMarching that will let you choose between high cam and field view, so you dont miss out just because you missed out on the nicer seats. *A chat that allows fans to communicate only with the other fans in the stadium. *The app would also give rundown of all aspects of the corps show from repertoire to staff and exclusive director interviews. * The app will give a live view of corps horn arcs and lot videos. *Add special offers that gives discounts off of different products in the concourse. Added sound dampening between concourse and stadium seating. Chuck Henson announcing. I want drones.
  6. Well whats funny is that I found it and the composer is Awertt. Awertt is a member on DCP and I'm pretty sure he isnt marching this year, so I dont think its real. (You guys might have some underlying sarcasm Im not picking up on though)
  7. I mean I saw it coming but really! Tom Blair...I'm praying for you.
  8. Ok so, to be honest I'm sad he isn't going back to Cavies. With that being said, I can only imagine the glorious content SCV is gonna be putting on the field in the years to come. I am just very excited he's making a return to DCI.
  9. I could probably do a solid 50 shows BUT.... Blue Devils 2008 Constantly Risking Absurdity Blue Devils 2015 Ink
  10. Attention: Blue Devils announced a redo of When a Man Loves a woman in their 2017 program.
  11. Attention: Cadets will be starting with the left foot this year.
  12. I'm always gonna call them uniforms. To me at least, I see costumes as individualized for each person, and uniforms are something that spread across an entire ensemble. So, by my definition they are uniforms, even though they arent the durable and heavy like the ones we all came to love.
  13. this thread