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  1. No matter the results tonight. I'll never forget SCV and Crossmen. My two favorite shows of 2017. And you thought I was one Corps fan...
  2. Crossmen 2017

    Agree but I don't think they can catch phantom even though I think xmen show is much more enjoyable.
  3. Phantom Regiment 2017

    Great show
  4. The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    Sorry, but I liked Crossmen way more than Phantom.
  5. Wish I could be there. Is this a new alumni corps or just for fun?
  6. Crossmen 2017

    Seems like Crossmen are more focused on Phantom tha Bluestars. Observation from this thread. Cool goal. Go for 9th! Go for blood (if you have any left ;)).
  7. Crossmen 2017

    What that mean? What happened?
  8. Crossmen 2017

    Great job. I think your show is great
  9. They got a new center snare and getting their groove back. I'm happy . They've had a rough time
  10. This lineup is so weird
  11. Bluestars for the win!
  12. Weird seeing fans in the back stands
  13. Madison is getting clean