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  1. Good use of props
  2. I'll remember you said this
  3. BS should be worrying about Madison. Crossmen are focusing on the upper tier this year. Interesting season is upon us.
  4. Congratulations. Good to see them potentially back in top seven where they were in the 90s. Hope they can keep the momentum.
  5. Trivia loop
  6. I think it would sound cooler if the opening soloist was facing backfield and unmic'd
  7. I predicted in another thread that Cavies will win on the 22nd. After seeing how clean they are this early, I'm more secure with my prediction. #goCavies out of the gate...
  8. Got nothing but the logo on my phone. Disappointed
  9. Cavs 1st BCoats 2nd Crown 3rd Cadets 4th Xmen 5th Bstars 6th
  10. Is there a link to Flo on DCI.org?
  11. It might look better if the pit wore black like the DM uni.
  12. Well, the Periscope I was so excited about stopped.
  13. Being fairly new to to DCP I hope that I can stay close to the action here.
  14. Can't wait to see the Crossmen show. Watched BAC EARLIER. Preseason videos are the best. Gives me me something to compare to.
  15. Someone is periscoping now. Cool