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  1. Waiting for Crossmen to reveal. Can't wait till it's out in the open,
  2. There's a person on Twitter who has a pic of it on his feed. "Drums Down Under"
  3. Prayers to the Veerhusen and Madison family.
  4. Nope. Just dreaming
  5. ELP!!
  6. they just posted clue 2 on FB
  7. Does the image in the background of that that first riddle hold a clue?
  8. Or Tuesday-Sunday 6 letters
  9. Love it! Can't wait
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new corps uniforms. Wonder how many will be replaced by costumes? #thanksbluecoats
  11. and Thurston how the third
  12. impressed. Heard good things about the fundraising efforts for the new equipment truck. Rumor has it that there's anAlumni ensemble forming that will be performing in the park in Allentown for DCI East. Upto 52+brass and 1000k percussion anyone know anything about this endeavor?
  13. I said TOUR experience