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  1. If you look at the actual post on Facebook, over 93 people liked it including a huge number of the kids who are marching this year, so there is something that we looking in from the outside are losing in translation. Perhaps we need to remember that we are on the outside and as long as corps has a great attitude maybe we need to let them have their season without all the drama that is generated by folks who are not actually marching this year. I'm old but I realize when I look back it is often with rose colored glasses - let's not detract from the MM's season - for some it may be the only one they have.
  2. The issue wasn't mentioning Jesus was "offensive," it was that the dialogue was making it difficult for some people to connect to the show. Even with the large amount of cross references, it can still be accessible to the general public. They kind of wanted to leave it out from the beginning anyway
  3. Luckily, despite all the talk on here, morale is high. The kids are excited to do their show which THEY love and appreciate as something different from the rest of the top 12. They will continue to clean, reach new heights, and work their A$$ES off in hopefully what could be one of the best summers of their lives. The staff is getting along too, btw. Man I swear when this show starts to place well and people start to praise it again I'll just be sitting here laughing... Sometimes, you really do need to trust the process and let these kids and the staff show what they can do. You might actually end up liking what they come with.
  4. Well, honestly, the ending isn't quite as exciting as it could be... it could use SOMETHING. Idk what that thing is but even if clean it would be slightly underwhelming
  5. Are you suggesting the brass play during Almighty Father? Just curious
  6. Perhaps the first part of their show was so clean so fast because the brass doesn't have to do anything during the second half until the very end? Half a show to rehearse and clean.
  7. Of course they check in here - these are kids who live in a digital age and are passionate about DCI. They know this exists and you bet they are following.
  8. True. We will see how they line up with last year's Top 8 tomorrow, so no Boston, but will be a very good indicator.
  9. Me too... but you might be in the wrong thread haha
  10. Anyone recording The Cadets?
  11. Good luck to your son! I also have a connection so we're on the same team :)
  12. Off topic. Which drum major is your profile pic lol
  13. Not Dix, but yes to guard. Brass alternates not usually, but there's been a bit of it since George made the call to "build a bench."
  14. Also new glass windows and a pretty substantial musical change in Angus Beef. They look nice, sleeker, and the musical change is substantial but positive and already learned... didn't take much cleaning time. Today was a good day in Cadetland