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  1. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    And I respect that. :)
  2. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    Okay! I hear you loud and clear. I've simply heard a lot of things this season to make me question what has been performed live and what hasn't. The Boston Crusaders put on an incredible performance every night, and they have my total respect. Not trying to be a troll, and no I don't believe the world is flat... If no one questioned things on here, what would be the point of this forum? I still don't understand why I shouldn't ask. It really doesn't LOOK like she was singing fully, but that doesn't mean she wasn't. Again, people saying something was performed live doesn't mean it was unaltered as well. AND just because she could sing it doesn't mean she was every night, I said in my original post I was very sure it was her. The video also wasn't easy to find, I tried googling other sources but no one seemed to be talking about it. If she was singing live, unaltered every night then she was simply amazing, and I can handle that. No hate from me. And even if it was a recording it's dang good haha Sorry for all those I've upset. I didn't mean to stir up trouble, and I still have some unanswered questions, but I figure this is a topic I should just keep to myself. Thanks for responding, @Liahona .
  3. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    That'd be awesome. It could be an in-between... something like the Cascades singer who sung live, but through filters. That however, is almost impossible to know for sure so it's not really worth discussing.
  4. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    It's pretty borderline. Usually pre-recorded singing is played one phrase at a time rather than all at once, or she is just very good. I'd just really like some confirmation either way.
  5. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    Well they certainly didn't give her advice on breath support haha. Do you think she's singing live?
  6. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    8:30... that girl's barely breathing haha
  7. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    I would like to say that the singer at Boston is amazing, and congrats to a VERY successful year for them. However, I would suggest that anyone A) watch multiple videos of Boston's ballad (I did, one from Jupiter, Florida and Finals at the same time) B) watch the multi cam of Boston's ballad I highly, highly doubt that girl is singing live. I think it's her, but I don't think she sang that in a show for a while. She does not look like a girl who is singing in that video, she looks like she is acting and mouthing. If she singing, I am extremely impressed and hats off to her! If anyone could prove me wrong that would be awesome. (Yes, she was singing live at Concert in the Park and someone came to teach her about expression... that doesn't contradict what I've said.) Seriously... prove me wrong! I WANT to be proven wrong. Thank you in advance.
  8. Age Outs

    And three vocalists... if it matters.
  9. Cadets 2018

    haha this is honestly really funny at this point
  10. Cadets 2018

    You literally told young adults not to be proud... please explain how that's not negative? Lol
  11. Cadets 2018

    .... that really sucks, because they're proud anyway, and luckily for them there's nothing someone on the internet who I'm guessing was totally uninvolved can do about it. The Cadets goal was and always is to be the best that they could be, and for such a young corps, they were. They also put on a memorable performance that sets them up extremely well for next year. If any other corps had ~65% of their brass age out, 7/10 pit rookies, and had new brass staff, arrangers, percussion staff, and visual team, I get the feeling they might take a small hit. This year was a year of renewal... hopefully this year will be the first in several years that they can climb back to the Cadet excellence that satisfies the masses. And what good does it to them to not be proud? Who are you to say?
  12. Cadets 2018

    My mistake entirely, I apologize. He was a two year vet... in fact, I should've picked that up when I read the post as well! Sorry!