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  1. Welcome back to DCI Vessel!
  2. DCI 2017 Open Class Programs List

    Can we get this unpinned as 2017 is long over?
  3. Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Santa Cara, Mandarins, Troopers, Oregon Crusaders, Seattle Cascades, Boston Crusaders, Blue Stars
  4. Seattle Cascades 2018

    I did audition at December camp and I will hopefully be marching (there's some organizational issues a couple of us have to work through).
  5. What you want for 2018

    More corps joining Open Class and eventually World Class in the future (I'm looking at you Armada, Arsenal, etc.) A more competitive season, once you see one corps winning every show by the time we get to say DCI Southwestern it's not too hard to predict who will win, who will make finals, etc. This is what makes 10th-15th range interesting after because it's super competitive. Return to more traditional yet modern uniforms. I think Phantom and Colts for example did this well in 2017, they have a somewhat traditional look but are really modern at the same time. A new finalist, Mandarins, OC or bring back old finalists say Troopers or Colts maybe even get Cascades back into finals (I can dream) I feel like DCI was on a downhill slope as a whole but with the programs and qualities show by both Open and World Class in 2016 and 2017 I feel like that's turned, just a general continuing of this upward trend.
  6. 2018 Rules proposals

    1. Increase membership to 154 - Yeah okay this doesn't change to much so I don't really care, there seems to be no downsides. 2. Extend World Championship Finals to 15 corps - Finals has always been 12, why change it now? How would you fit that many on the field during retreat? Why would you want to change finals? 3. No scoring before July 1 - The only problem I see with this is that some corps don't start touring until after July 1. I don't know it seems like a minor complaint on my part. 4. No scores – ordinals only - George... STOP 5. Annual Rules Congress - No real drawback, seems okay, it doesn't change a lot 6. Brass amplification limitations - I honestly can't comment on the rest of these because I'm not brass or percussion 7. Add a “Brass 2” judge at large shows 8. Percussion adjudication and music analysis 9. Update the music analysis adjudication sheet Basically: I'm okay with 1, 5, I can't comment on 6-9 but they seem fair , and I don't like 2-4
  7. All time shows: Oregon Crusaders

    Favorite Nevermore (2014) Dreaming in Color (2012) EnCompass (2017) Hunted (2016) The Midnight Garden (2015)
  8. 2018 Prediction Thread

    OC has tried to keep it on the downlow but I've talked to some former members and staff and there's a lot of staff issues and conflict. I talked to one of the volunteers about the 2017 season and she was glad I didn't march because apparently it was really bad. I've also talked to one of the former guard caption heads and they said one of the best decisions they've made is leaving. That's about all I know but with how long this conflict has been going on, it is unlikely they'll see much success in the future.
  9. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Bold prediction for the future. Oregon Crusaders will need to fix it's disorganization or else it will die like their winterguard, Compass Rose. I don't have hopes high for this though.
  10. I'm stalking the schedule and it appears DCI didn't list Pioneer on the World Championship Prelims page but they also listed Louisiana Stars twice so I believe this to be a mistake?
  11. Pioneer 2018

    I checked the DCI schedule and Pioneer doesn't seem to appear on the event page for World Championship Prelims, is this a mistake?
  12. I hope it is, no better place to start my drum corps career, I'm hoping to be there with Cascades. The event page says it's at Hillsboro Stadium, but who can really trust DCI and their new website