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  1. Lithium Nitro

    Drum Corps Map and Daily Rundown

    Actually we’ll be in La Conner for all days this year.
  2. Lithium Nitro

    Featured on the Schedule

    Unfortunately they've only posted the streaming schedule up to DCI Central Texas and since I leave for move ins on the 15th I won't exactly have a computer to keep track of things. Maybe after the season ends haha.
  3. Lithium Nitro

    Featured on the Schedule

    That makes sense and I think Regionals are the home city corps, Cadets for Eastern, Spirit for Southeastern, and Crossmen for Southwestern. They chose Crown for Midwestern this year and Legends for Minnesota.
  4. Lithium Nitro

    Featured on the Schedule

    Unfortunately no :(
  5. So on the Schedule tab of it shows all the shows and a picture of a corps along with it. I like statistics and numbers and here's what I found: First World Class Corps featured: Blue Stars Last World Class Corps featured: The Cadets First Open Class Corps featured: Blue Devils B Last Open Class Corps featured: Colts Cadets Not Pictured At All: Blue Devils C, Heat Wave, Incognito, and Vessel (of course it's their first season back) World Class Stats Boston Crusaders - 6* Carolina Crown - 5* Bluecoats - 4* Colts, Genesis, Pacific Crest, Spirit of Atlanta, Troopers - 4 Blue Devils, Blue Knights, Blue Stars, The Cadets, The Cavaliers, Crossmen, Madison Scouts, Phantom Regiment - 3* Seattle Cascades - 3 Music City, Santa Clara Vanguard - 2* The Academy, Jersey Surf, Mandarins, Oregon Crusaders - 2 Pioneer - 1 Open Class Stats Blue Devils B, Legends - 3* 7th Regiment, Guardians, Louisiana Stars, Raiders, River City Rhythm, Southwind, Spartans - 2* The Battalion, Colts Cadets, Impulse, Shadow - 2 Gold, Vanguard Cadets - 1* Columbians, Golden Empire, Watchmen, Les Stentors (although they're inactive for 2018) - 1 The Company - 0* (No individual picture only from Open Class retreat) Blue Devils C, Heat Wave, Incognito, Vessel - 0 * An asterisk means that they were also featured once on the full retreat pic for either Open Class Finals or World Championships, I mainly took data for individual features. PSA: Not trying to push an agenda or anything, I just like statistics
  6. Lithium Nitro

    Seattle Cascades 2018

    Reviving this thread because of this: Our 2018 production, WHAT GOES AROUND, is coming together! For the first time since 2013, we are thrilled to be returning to original music along with a few of popular selections. Wound Up, Spin Moves, Infinite Echoes, and Unraveled Original Music by Key Poulan, Micah Brusse, Alex Brinkley, & Kaela Shoe Ave Maria Franz Schubert What Goes Around... Comes Around Justin Timberlake, Tim Mosley, & Nathaniel Hills Around the World Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk)
  7. Lithium Nitro

    2018 Predictions

    Santa Clara Vanguard Carolina Crown Cavaliers Blue Devils Bluecoats Boston Crusaders Blue Knights Cadets Phantom Regiment Crossmen Blue Stars Mandarins Madison Scouts Colts Academy BDB Troopers SCVC Spirit of Atlanta Oregon Crusaders Pacific Crest Genesis Music City Seattle Cascades Legends Spartans Jersey Surf Louisiana Stars Golden Empire 7th Regiment Pioneer Heat Wave Gold Jubal Southwind Guardians River City Rhythm Raiders Shadow Colt Cadets Impulse
  8. Lithium Nitro

    2018 Programs & Playlist

    Wow they actually announced a show Couchmen 2018: This Flat Earth Rep: • This Bitter Earth by Clive Otis • This Cruel Moon by John Mackey • Earth Song by Michael Jackson • New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorák
  9. Oh I meant that as a general example not that we’re in a recession right now haha oops should’ve phrased it better
  10. Lithium Nitro

    2018 Programs & Playlist

    Acadmey 2018: Academic
  11. It's important to remember though that a lot of successful corps have also gone inactive in the past, for example the Oregon Crusaders, Seattle Cascades, Blue Stars, and Bluecoats. The original Oregon Crusaders went inactive back in the 70s but won Division III in 2004, and Open Class in 2012. Seattle Cascades have gone inactive in the past but are growing and have the largest membership they've ever had this year. Bluecoats have gone inactive 3 times in their history but won DCI in 2016. The Blue Stars rank among the Top-12 consistently but folded in their past and grew back up through the ranks of DCI. Its important to recognize the negative but we also have to look at the positive, not everything is as bleak as it seems. Like the economy, we may be in a recession but eventually growth will occur given time and effort.
  12. Lithium Nitro

    2018 Show Announcements

    Hmm it would appear so, their website still has the 2017 camp schedule listed.
  13. I think especially for the Pacific Northwest, high school band is only growing. This year in the local winterguard circuit was around 400+ members, 2 years ago it was half that. Oregon Crusaders are continuing to pump out excellence, Seattle Cascades are growing, even though Rivermen are inactive for 2018 it is a good sign for the PNW. Maybe even Pacific Dream (from the same parent company as Rivermen) will move into DCA. On drum corps as a whole with Vessel rejoining Open Class, Music City moving up to World and lots of corps planning the jump to Open or World (Open - Armada, Arsenal, Hub City, Storm, Lone Star, Encorps, etc). We could see World Class grow by 3+ corps in the near future, Legends, Louisiana Stars, Guardians, etc. I think that these are short term losses for the activity but it will continue to survive and grow as it has through the decades.