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  1. gregory11

    who's going to the first

    It's June 18th, HR hasn't been added to DCA schedule. Never seen this before. I think they should just show up at any DCA contest to perform like I stated before. You have nothing to lose.
  2. gregory11


    Exhibition only, no scores.
  3. gregory11


    I don't get it. What's wrong with MBI coming out as a class A corps then rebuilding the corps back up to the open class level within time. Are they to a shame to be class A? Or is open class the only way to go in DCA. All of the excuses for MBI not coming out seems overrated. I rather see MBI come out with 17-22 horns competing rather then no corps at all. Hope to see them back in 2019. Now watch, here comes all the excuses from everyone on DCP why they can't come back as class A.
  4. gregory11

    who's going to the first

    How can you be approved but no show will schedule you? If I was Highland Regiments, I would just show up at any DCA show and demand a slot to perform. Just show Up!!!
  5. I'm sure there's individuals in the DC Hall of Fame with very shady backgrounds but know one will bring it up because of respect the legacy they left on the activity.
  6. I noticed when all of the craziness with Hopkins/YEA come about a month ago, the Xmen camp was very quiet. Now I know why!!! Just sweep everything under the rug and it will go away.
  7. Who's Revolutions? What state do they represent?
  8. Some info about Racine Scout situation, there's a group called the Lighthouse Brigade of Racine wish is a summer marching band that competes within the MACBDA. They've been around for years. The problem is that both organizations recruit for the same membership base. The Brigade are the defending MACBDA Champions from 2017. Looks like interested kids in the city of Racine have another summer options rather than the Scouts. I do hope they make it back to DCI soon.
  9. I'm surprise the Xmen haven't responded because of there earlier involvement with YEA!!!
  10. Whomever signed off for this new web-sight just be fired. Trying to navigate through the schedule is troublesome.
  11. gregory11

    Pioneer 2018

    Love to see them field a full size corps like they did back is the mid-90's. Back then they were Div 2.
  12. gregory11

    Music City 2018

    The director of Music City Mystique would be a great candidate. Running a successful WGI percussion group for years is a great accomplishment.
  13. Remember the Spartans took a year off to regroup and we still have them. Everyone though they were going WC.
  14. The Spartans were thinking about moving up to WC years ago but ran into some financial difficulties, took a years off and came back sound. Still with us.
  15. gregory11

    Minnesota Brass

    I wonder do they pick up any RCR members once DCI season is over?