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  1. Whomever signed off for this new web-sight just be fired. Trying to navigate through the schedule is troublesome.
  2. Pioneer 2018

    Love to see them field a full size corps like they did back is the mid-90's. Back then they were Div 2.
  3. Music City 2018

    The director of Music City Mystique would be a great candidate. Running a successful WGI percussion group for years is a great accomplishment.
  4. Remember the Spartans took a year off to regroup and we still have them. Everyone though they were going WC.
  5. The Spartans were thinking about moving up to WC years ago but ran into some financial difficulties, took a years off and came back sound. Still with us.
  6. Minnesota Brass

    I wonder do they pick up any RCR members once DCI season is over?
  7. In my junior corps days, we had a drummer back in the early 70's who used to come to practice drunk quite often. I corps director kicked this kid out the corps 2-4 times but he always found a way back into the corps. This kid could play. That was the only reason the director would give this kid so many chances. I used to happen a lot back in the day.
  8. Any updates on Racine Scouts?

    They've been removed from MACBDA website. Just happened today.
  9. I'm from the 70's corps but is there a no refund policy in drum corps? It's not your fought a decision was made not to field a corps. I'm sorry, I love drum corps life but I'd take some type of legal action to try retrieving some of my money. Everybody doesn't have Donald Trump Money!!!
  10. Shows we will never see.

    I think Blue Devil's should do a Backstreeet Boys or Milli Vanilli show.
  11. The east coast is dead. That's the bottom line. Because of DCI Soundsport you see smaller corps all over the map like UT,ID, NM and other area's except the east coast. Even with Soundsport the east coast has hardly any. No junior corps growth. I believe the last new eastern corps was the 7th Regiments in 2003. Soundsports is the answer just take baby step.
  12. Good move. Glad to see you back. I heard the MACBDA is a great organization to be a associated with. One question, in Racine there's a group called the Lighthouse Bridage of Racine wish is a summer marching band that competes within the MACBDA. They've been around for years. Both groups recruit for the same membership base. Hopefully, this won't be a problem for the Scouts. Good luck.
  13. Horizon Misses Open Class Designation

    It's unfair that the other two corps were mentioned as being denied before an official announcement has been made from those corps.
  14. A new corps in Florida named Solaris will be competing in class A this summer. Say this info on there website.