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  1. I sure don't know the specifics of their low scores, but I do know a general principle: Music played with joy and passion will always be received well. Perhaps Jersey Surf's MM's and staff have gotten tense and apprehensive when they perform because of their past lower placement. If that's true, then my advice is to go back to the joy of music, the joy of the brother-sisterhood, and the opportunity to bring joy to the audience. If you look up Wikipedia pages for the top corps, MOST OF THEM HAD YEARS OF LOW PLACEMENTS, LOW SCORES. So I just want to say to the member/staff/volunteers of 2017 Jersey Surf - I'm for you, I'm not against you, I look forward to hearing and seeing your show and most of all, I hope you have great fun and joy in producing it. If you do, I will be whooping and cheering for you! And so will a lot of other people. May God bless you this year and provide everything you need to accomplish your purposes, your plans, your goals.
  2. It's great to hear from a current member and to hear such a positive report! I have felt in the past year that Crossmen were going to break out soon. Sounds like the catalysts may be in place this year to make that happen. I wish you well and look forward to your 2017 show!
  3. OK - time for Blue Devils to do "The Dreaded Groove and Hook" - I dare you to listen to this without smiling!
  4. Now you can't say all that - and not tell us which corps your kid is in! Loved your post, by the way because this activity depends on kids like yours. Otherwise, it wouldn't exist. I hope you and yours have a wonderful 2017 drum corps season! Go Fight Win - yea MikeN's team!
  5. Just saw this on Reddit. Looks pretty legit to me - from Simon Dobson's Facebook page. He's the composer of "Crystal". Here's a good video of Crystal:
  6. I regularly check out the WC topics on the individual corps, hoping to get an update on what's happening with them. I love the Cadets and am eager to hear about their show this year. I live in the Nashville area and last year before the Vanderbilt show, I drove around the parking lots listening for the corps warming up. Cadets' low brass were playing "Pines of Rome" and I stuck my head out the window and whooped at them like a teenager! This is page 354 - and I'm thinking that we may have lost track of something important about this activity that I witnessed this past Sunday afternoon at 2:00 in a middle school gym. I went to the performance for family and friends of Music City's hornline from their March camp. I actually got choked up during the moving performance of their ballad. I was so touched by these amazing young people. They all stood there in their red Music City T-shirts and every kind of shorts/pants you can think of - and I was blown away by the sound, by the beauty and power of those horns, by the emotions they poured through them. . .and by the sacrifice they are making. In a time in our culture when we are so divided, so "at each other's throats" over things that WE CAN'T CHANGE, here are these drum corps working so hard, with such concentration and dedication - to bring us joy, to make you laugh and cry, to take your mind off of what's going on around you that is stressful. It seems kind of legalistic to be so wrapped up in the uniform. I'll get a DC performance playing on YouTube and walk around the house, just listening to the sound, the amazing, powerful, moving sound of DC - and I'm not looking at the visual - just soaking up the beauty.
  7. Let's hear from JDFuncorps - a wise young man.
  8. I looked in my "Save" emails and found the receipt email for my subscription last year. I was surprised to see the expiration date is 11/2018. So I'm wondering if that $99.95 will include the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Surely not. 2016 Season Pass Bundle (Watch all 17 DCI Live! events) Type:ONETIME Purchase Total: $99.95 Expiration Date: 11/2018
  9. Anything from this show by Japanese DBC Aimachi. Fantastic show.
  10. I just happened to see this lot of 1960's Drum Corps magazines being offered for auction on Ebay - opening price .99. I thought some of you might be interested.
  11. Hmmmm - you are right. Earlier there were two DCI events listed in June - and now they aren't there. Is it too early to celebrate?
  12. How wonderful! I suspect you lived in the East. I taught school in Delaware in the 1970's and there were lots of local corps. They mostly marched in parades.
  13. A poster on Reddit made this neat map (below) of the US showing where all the drum corps are located, World Class, Open Class, SoundSport and DCA. It appears that there are at least 15 states that have no active drum corps. Because I am interested in the growth and health of drum corps, I know that the more people who are exposed to it, the better it is for drum corps. I bet that there are DCP'ers that live in those states that have no corps, so I would like to hear from you. Are there rumblings and stirrings in your state of interest in starting a corps? What's keeping that from happening? I know Open Class is healthy and growing. How exciting to see recent new corps starting in New Mexico, Utah, Louisiana, etc. Wouldn't it be awesome to see a Hawaiian corps with a guard that reflects their heritage? An Alaskan corps with limitless possibilities to showcase their state through the music and guard? You get my point. While I love World Class corps and eagerly look forward to being dazzled by them this year, my heart is most stirred by Open Class, because that is the incubator, the growth medium, the source of fresh, eager, talented young people looking to experience drum corps - and pouring all that talent, youth, and energy into making something visually and aurally beautiful to please us and to stir our hearts.
  14. Not sure exactly what you mean by "original music from a composer". Do you mean pay a composer to write music for a corps?
  15. The Bluecoats director said the show title they posted is not correct. This is from DCW staff.