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  1. Proverbs 17:28 - "Even a fool is considered wise when he keeps silent, discerning, when he seals his lips."
  2. Having read the previous posts about the probable lack of interest/knowledge for drum corps in Tennessee, I have personal facts that may be encouraging. I was a middle school and high school choir director and class guitar teacher for 15 years. Then I got nodules on my vocal cords and had to find another means of supporting myself. I loved working with young people, especially the bright, energetic young people who are typically involved in music. I was a band kid in high school and college and have gotten teary eyed every time I see a marching band in a parade. I taught in Delaware in the 70's and that was where I heard my first drum corps at a competition in the Philadelphia area - I still remember being blown away by the Madison Scouts and Phantom Regiment from that time. Fast forward to 2016. I was totally out of the band circuit and didn't even know that drum corps was still alive and well. Then, right before the 2016 tour started, I saw a segment on Music City on Channel 5 news. I got so excited because I didn't know we had a drum corps in Nashville and they looked really good! I got online and started googling everything I could about drum corps and spent many hours on YouTube getting more and more excited. I went to the Music City dress rehearsal and have followed them faithfully ever since, contributing some money and a lot of prayer for their 2017 season. Channel 5 did another segment on them before the Vanderbilt show last year and again this year on their "Talk of the Town" show. So unlike some other places mentioned in this thread, there is some good news coverage for Music City in Nashville. I think MikeRapp mentioned that the Nashville area, including Brentwood, Franklin, etc. have big, healthy band programs and WGI's gold medal winning Music City Mystique's home is here and they have groups that play before Predators and Titans games. Music City has led the opening parade for the huge Country Music Association week several times. The Vanderbilt show was not only sold out, it was a very loud and enthusiastic crowd full of people who are very drum corps savvy. I learned this year how important it is to have plenty of corps members from nearby areas because parent volunteers are so vital to the success of the corps. Music City had a healthy group of local talent this year. SO - be of good cheer! I think this has all the signs of working and flourishing. Let's all wish them well - it will be great for drum corps.
  3. So glad to hear this as I was pretty sure that Music City would not have intentionally been disrespectful to the winning corps. Nuts4DC, please check out this video from FloMarching about how the corps honored Finis: And BassClefTristan, congratulations on a very powerful, emotional, moving and thrilling performance. One of my favorite shows of the season.
  4. Hmmm - I'm not following all the reasoning here, but Keith Hall, the founder and non-paid executive director will still be on the Board of Directors but . . . well, I'll just put the exact words from their FB page, which, by the way, doesn't say that the new ED will have to be from Nashville, but will need to live in Nashville in the future. I think this bodes well for the corps. "Music City Drum Corps is excited to announce that the corps seeks to fill a full-time executive director position as soon as possible. Keith Hall, current volunteer director/board member/founder is stepping down as part of the organization’s plan for future growth. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications. It will be necessary for the person selected to reside in the Nashville area in the future. Interested applicants are asked to send an email expressing their interest to as soon as possible. Please include a resume. The search will continue until the position is filled. Music City also invites you to let us know if you are interested in serving on our staff in another role. And if you know someone you believe to be qualified for the director position, please let them know about this opportunity. Thanks in advance for helping us spread the word."
  5. Amen and Amen! Consider yourself our DCP mascot. Thanks for the time and thought and love you put into this. After last year's, I was looking forward to it. Now get some well-deserved rest.
  6. Boy I have had Blue Devils down for 1st for the past several weeks. But tonight, from my seat at home in front of the computer, love the Blue Devils but it looked to me like Santa Clara Vanguard may have overtaken them with what looked like a perfect show.
  7. Vanguard’s show is another one that I’ve seen probably 6 times this year but I keep finding things I hadn’t noticed before. Lots of layers of fun things to watch and hear. Like the close up of the girl playing what I guess is a theremin instrument – first time I’ve noticed that. And talk about fully exploring and executing the theme of a show! Guard looked like a professional team. Fascinating visual stuff and just amazing designing. OH – and the music is full of variation and dynamics and different textures – just a magical show and what looked to be a perfect execution of it. WOW!!!! You blew me away, Santa Clara. Thank you for providing us with some fantastic entertainment!
  8. Blue Knights’ show has really grown on me over the season. Seeing it for the last time I realize how rich it is in texture and complexity – and maybe that all went over my head the first few times I saw the show. Now it all seems fresh to me and quite amazing. Visually delightful, good use of the guard. And the music arrangers seem to be in the musical-genius range! Love, love, love this music book, both brass and percussion. Congratulations Blue Knights for a wonderful performance.
  9. The.most.symphonic show this year. And they greatly improved over the season. Loved - those wonderful Phantomettes, luscious flugelhorn solo, the grandness of the last 1/3rd of the show, the spectacular (yes, spectacular) full-field movements, drill, and use of flags and costume changes. I know this is a rebuilding year for them but these young people can be so proud of their work. I loved it and if this year didn't have such a glut of great shows, I think they would be scoring higher.
  10. Yes sir! All I have to do is think of all those videos of PR playing Elsa to think loving thoughts of them. I want them to have a great show tonight. Go Phantom!!!
  11. Good crowd appreciation for a beautiful Crossmen show. I have loved the look and the music all summer and am so glad to see it one last time. Some delicious solos, fantastic mellos, and just overall top notch musicianship and showmanship. BRAVO CROSSMEN!
  12. Love that mellophone choir number! Just so beautiful.
  13. Hey CrownBariDad - I hope you are so happy with all the fan love we gave to Southwind this summer because they blew all of us away. I did not read ONE NEGATIVE COMMENT about Southwind's performance - it was all stars and amazement and love. I hope you convey to your daughter/staff member that SW has a bunch of new fans who aren't parents of members, former members, or Alabamians - we're just people who love great music and fantastic young people like the members of SW. I think this corps has such a great future and I am happily looking forward to following them more closely next year. Blessings & joy - a retired music teacher.
  14. I never marched in a drum corps, so I'm just a musician and fan. Listening this year to both Open Class and World Class, I was so entertained, musically engaged and moved by many of the corps. I think if everyone did the same style and no one branched out to try different things, I might have gotten a little bored listening hour after hour. But instead I got to hear Kanye West, Shostakovich, Mad Max/tribal wildness, rich and thick symphonic brass, Broadway, cute and humorous shows with classical and even peace era/folk tunes, high end brass ensembles, every stripe of percussion forms you could think of - a wild variety of music, a plethora of styles, a smorgasbord of food for the soul. Even in Open Class, I think there were 2 corps that made good use of trombones and I loved the sound! Trombones add another texture of sound. So my vote is - let's turn these bright, young, creative souls loose and hang on to our horses!
  15. WOW! Music City really gave it up this afternoon and poured it all out on the field. Totally sold the whole Tribe vibe and loved watching their faces and expressions on multi-cam. Sounded great and looked great all the way around.