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  1. But the tuba line is great!
  2. I love it! It's visually and musically exciting! Their theme is played out without ambiguity, it's fun to watch, great entertainment. What's not to love?
  3. Soooo - can our beloved Academy rise to the occasion after that MAGNIFICENT program by the Mandarins? Love that we are getting this high quality of shows in the "lower" place corps!
  4. Love everything about this show - and I didn't mind the singing at all because it wasn't intrusive, top heavy. Let's hear it for the Mandarins!
  5. For me, this is the most visually interesting show of the night so far. And I like the sounds too!
  6. Here's a little taste from Music City's FB page of last night's premier performance for family & friends. Due to lots of recent rains they couldn't use the stadium - had to use the parking lot. Recent rains may have forced Music City Drum Corps to hold its dress rehearsal in the parking lot, but there was no dampening of enthusiasm of the corps' premiere performance of its 2017 production "Tribe." Check out a short segment of the corps' performance for family and friends on June 24. Thank you to the masses who turned out to cheer them on! Music City Dress Rehearsal Highlight 2017
  7. After watching The Company's video, I can say I am very impressed with the soprano trumpet line. Doesn't surprise me that they are excellent, including the soloists, considering the tradition of the great British brass bands/ensembles. Can't really comment on the visual since the static position of the video doesn't give us much of an idea of the drill. I like the music selections. Main issue I heard was intonation problems when the ensemble was playing the first part but it tightened up as the show progressed. Musically, the corps seems top heavy - lots of trumpets. I miss hearing good, solid baritone/euph sound. But overall I suspect they will place well and I'm glad they are coming to the US this year.
  8. Here's a video of their show. What does everyone think their placing will be?
  9. I live in the Nashville area so have been to several of the Music City practices. If they can pull this show off cleanly, I wouldn't be surprised if they take the gold. The show is that good, musically and visually, and the kids seem to love it and are rising to the challenge. They have a monster baritone section that keeps getting better and sounds like a block of liquid gold. The staff look like they are totally invested in the kids and I was impressed watching them direct this production. I definitely see the influence of Visual Caption Head Josh Meyer, 5-year Bluecoats age out. The show is quite difficult so cleaning it will be the trick. But I'm thinking they may just pull if off. So since I can't see the other top OC corps products, I'll just be bold and say Music City will be numero uno. Tomorrow at noon, they will participate in the funeral services for their family member, Finis Sparkman. These kids have been through deep waters in the past few weeks and I think it has matured them. Blessings on them.
  10. Are there any videos floating around out there of Genesis, Vanguard Cadets, & Blue Devils B's shows? Hard to make any predictions without any hints.
  11. Can you play mello? Cascades has an opening, full tuition paid:
  12. So I thought the uniforms, all of them, really work and look great. The Cavaliers probably have the best pianissimos and subtle, nuanced sounds that I've heard in awhile. But I kept hoping for the fortissimos that didn't come - maybe the storm interrupted before that part. I look forward to seeing the whole show.
  13. Shucks! I have now become a Blue Stars fan! Great sound, great show that kept me engaged the whole time, love the costume changes in the guard, but mainly I love the musical selections/arrangements and the way this corps sounds.
  14. As someone fairly new to drum corps, I have a judging question: How much scoring weight is given to soloists, especially the main soloist? If they are having a bad night - crack a note or two, have pitch problems in a few places - how badly does that affect the scoring? Is there a specific place to score soloists? Thanks for your input.
  15. Here are the funeral arrangements just posted by Music City. Music City Drum and Bugle Corps Please join the members and staff of the Music City Drum Corps in extending our condolences to the family of Finis Sparkman, one of our snare drummers who passed away on Tuesday after experiencing complications from an ongoing medical condition. Finis was a dedicated corps member who enjoyed the friendship and respect of his fellow corps members. We celebrate his life and his love of music performance. He had also chosen to be an organ donor, and we are all grateful for this gift that will benefit many others. MCDC is extremely honored by a request from the family to participate in the funeral services which will be held at Payne Chapel, 212 Neill Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206 on Thursday, June 22 at noon. Visitation will take place on Wednesday, June 21 from 3-6 at Lewis & Wright Funeral Home, 2500 Clarksville Hwy, Nashville, TN 37208 and on June 22 at Payne Chapel at 11 AM. If you are able please consider contributing to a fund to assist Finis' family with the funeral expenses. I'm sure they would be grateful. We appreciate the tremendous outpouring of support from our fellow drum corps organizations, friends, families, and fans. Please continue to keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.