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  1. After reading about Music City being evaluated for World Class in 2018, I remembered your contributions to this topic and looked you up, since you are a current MCDC member. No wonder you guys are so excited about this year! I love what I'm already hearing musically from the corps (the April camp video sounds great) and just wanted to extend my congratulations to you and your fellow MM's and wish you a great experience and the most successful season MCDC has ever had. And may the evaluation go favorably - blessings & joy, BassClefTristan!
  2. Exciting news just posted on their website - I posted the info in the "Who Will Move Up Next" topic.
  3. Just saw this new post on Music City's website. Very exciting stuff! Way to go, MCDC! Help MCDC Become World Class! Posted on May 17, 2017 by admin Attention drum corps fans! Music City Drum Corps is excited to let you know that the corps is being evaluated by Drum Corps International for possible inclusion in DCI’s world class for the 2018 season. Surprise! As many of you know, Drum Corps International has two divisions of corps, world class and open class. The 2017 season will be MCDC’s ninth year participating as an open class corps. What is the difference you ask? World class corps travel more, have significantly larger budgets and generally perform at a higher level of execution as they tend to attract larger numbers of college students. A corps must receive an invitation to become a world class corps. Just this year, Genesis Drum Corps from Austin, TX was invited to participate in DCI’s world class. So how can you help? While DCI will certainly be scoring Music City’s performance on the field, it will also be evaluating the culture of the organization, its fans and frankly the appetite of Nashville to financially support a world class corps for years to come. Yes the performers in every drum corps pay membership fees that pay most of the bills, but world class corps can’t saddle all of the additional expenses on the backs of its members. We need YOU to help Music City Drum Corps make it to world class! We need YOUR support. Be counted!! Not everyone can write a big check. But let us count you among those willing to support a NEW world class drum corps in whatever manner you can. Maybe you can volunteer to help prepare meals for a week or two, maybe you can help with uniform alterations, maybe you have what it takes to become our newest board member or maybe you CAN write a check. It’s time to be counted. Will you please help? Donate or contact us now. Bookmark the permalink.
  4. Having only recently rediscovered drum corps, from the videos I've seen of the finals show, it is the one show that I wish I could have seen live in Indy. I've never seen an audience reaction like that and I was greatly moved by their reaction. I'm guessing it was a great drum corps moment.
  5. So I just looked at Music City's tour schedule again and noticed that two competitions originally on their schedule - July 30th at Troy, MI and Aug.1st at Macomb, IL - have been removed from DCI's schedule page. When that happens, do the corps that are affected get moved to other shows or do they just have to cool their heels for, in this case, 4 days, before they perform again? What typically causes a show to get cancelled? Since I'm new to drum corps, hopefully some of you regulars can fill in the details. Thanks.
  6. Awesome! I love this kind of news, and thanks for posting the info here. I look forward to hearing more about Storm in the future.
  7. I'll tell you something interesting I have observed on PInterest. I have a Pinterest page called "The Beauty of Drum Corps" where I put especially beautiful photos from DCI corps. Pinterest sends me regular emails telling me when someone has "liked" one of the photos or saved it to their own drum corps or band page. The corps that is most likely to be liked or saved is Carolina Crown. I would say 75% of the time or more, that is the case. Most of the pin-ners appear to be high school/college age kids and they have lots of CC photos on their pages, especially from 2016. The number one photo pinned is a frontal view of a line of brass in front of the stagecoach.
  8. Since I'm relatively new to drum corps, these kind of comments always intrigue me and I want to know more. Do you know what caused this? Is it all drum corps, or just DCI-affiliated drum corps?
  9. I agree! I'm looking forward to your show and seeing you represent New Jersey well. I lived in Delaware for 10 years and you are the closest "home corps" for current and past Delawareans. I'm still looking forward to the day when every one of the 50 states has a least one healthy, viable drum corps. Blessings & joy to Jersey Surf!
  10. Yes, that was part of the article that I questioned. Thanks for your input.
  11. I just saw this article on FloMarching describing the differences between Open Class and World Class. Do you feel it is accurate?
  12. Funny you should post this as I was thinking the same thing. It was all their videos and photos that first called my attention to them and I've been a fan ever since.
  13. Re: . ."it sounded a little rough." I think they have gotten a pretty difficult set of music for this show and it definitely sounds like WC music, not OC music. At the March camp for brass, they played more segments of the first two movements than are played in this video, and they were equally challenging. Just marching for 4-6 minutes at 160 bpm while playing this music could be daunting, but I think they are up to it. The MM's seem to be excited about the challenge.
  14. Good! I look forward to Southwind turning my head! Any inside info you can share with us? Do you know how many MM's the corps will be fielding this year?
  15. Yes, after all the great advice in this thread, please do come back after finals and give us an update. Blessings & joy to Ryan - and good health!