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  1. RetiredMusTeach

    2018 Corps Reviews

    Yes. Yes you do.
  2. RetiredMusTeach

    Your 2018 Top 6

    1. Music City 2. Santa Clara Vanguard 3. Cavaliers - in spite of the tarps, which I hated 4. Boston Crusaders - with Music City, best storytelling shows 5. Blue Devils 6. Crossmen HM: Genesis - loved the music until they ended with Que Sera Sera which was a downer
  3. RetiredMusTeach

    DCI World Champs Finals - Aug 11, 2018

    Cadets are the first group tonight who have given me serious goosebumps. They sure pulled out all the stops.
  4. RetiredMusTeach

    DCI World Champs Prelims - Aug 9, 2018

    Flo is not broadcasting the top 15 corps for prelims. You have to go to a theater that is showing them - it's called "Big, Loud, & Live". But they will be broadcasting all of the semi-finals tomorrow and all of the finals on Saturday.
  5. RetiredMusTeach

    Music City 2018

    Kudos to the Music City members for pulling out all the stops at prelims. And kudos to the staff for the changes and upgrades I saw today - inspired! "Hell on Wheels" displays a great use of dynamics. Yes, they blew the roof off when appropriate but I loved the restraint shown throughout the show by reining in the fortissimos and displaying beautiful interpretive skills. All the soloists and small groups performed beautifully. The guard was exciting and masterful. The horns just kept getting better and better. The battery drove the train and drove it with finesse when needed and force when called for. Love this show.
  6. RetiredMusTeach

    Finals - August 7, 2018

    Yes. Nothing on the website.
  7. RetiredMusTeach

    Prelims - August 6, 2018

    FloMarching just announced they will start up in 5 minutes.
  8. RetiredMusTeach

    Lake Erie Fanfare - Monday August 6th

    Hope we have someone there tonight to give us some commentary. Meanwhile, I am making the most of my FloMarching subscription and just checked in on the Open Class Prelims at Michigan City. Caught the Raiders performance just now. Folks, this is a great year all the way around for great drum corps. Such a musical and entertaining performance from the Raiders. If you haven't checked out Open Class yet, now is your chance and I don't think you will be disappointed.
  9. I've had FloMarching for the whole season. Seeing all the corps from the viewpoint of the people in the stands (I don't pay much attention to the close-up cameras), I often can't understand what the judges are seeing and hearing - that I'm not. I don't understand why there are field judges. Even "America's Got Talent" judges aren't up on the stage, walking around, looking at everyone from every angle. Broadway shows that win the Tony awards weren't judged from the stage. Seems to me the most equitable judging where they see and hear what "The People" are seeing and hearing would be to put all of the judges in the stands, spread out from side to side but up toward the top - the view that we get from the High Cam. Puzzling.
  10. RetiredMusTeach

    Centerville, OH - July 30, 2018

    I just wanted to commend you on all the comments and reviews. So refreshing for a change!
  11. RetiredMusTeach

    Murfreesboro, TN - July, 27, 2018

    Those of you who are at the show - is this an appreciative audience?
  12. RetiredMusTeach

    Murfreesboro, TN - July, 27, 2018

    I second this. Next year, please FloMarching, consider this change.
  13. RetiredMusTeach

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    Ah Arsenal! You made this former New Mexican get emotional watching you today. The 20-member hornline: you guys ALL pulled your weight - great job. Color guard - lovely - don't worry about the drops. Every corps has at least one - you'll get better. Front ensemble - really strong especially with no amplification! Percussion - fine job with some neat tricks. For a 2nd year organization, you have all the markings of good leadership and good vision. I've been pulling for you and will continue to. Sing "O Fair New Mexico" today with joy and pride. You represented your state very well.
  14. RetiredMusTeach

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    This was so refreshing to read - a breath of fresh air. I hope you have a great time in San Antonio! Blessings & joy to you.
  15. RetiredMusTeach

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    Poor kids! Giving their best in terrible conditions - and the crowd can only come up with pitiful applause! That is lousy.