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  1. Interesting observations. All these corps are western corps, yea even the "Olde West". Perhaps a reflection of their heritage? Anyway, having lived in New Mexico as a teenager, I am so happy to see Arsenal taking off in Albuquerque and plan on following them closely. GO - FIGHT - WIN - YEA TEAM, oops - CORPS!
  2. Good information. As someone who is relatively new to drum corps, I always enjoy hearing about the history. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge.
  3. Cool. Thanks!
  4. Yes, I went to Abilene Christian and then went off to teach music in Newark, Delaware! I appreciate you taking the time to give all this great information. I'm going to check out Horizon now. So from your observations, it sounds like the new crop of band directors are energizing the high school activity. I assume a lot of them marched drum corps and bring that kind of excitement and vision to their band kids. Interesting to hear your observation of how the interest in DC has exploded from when you were in HS to now as a soon-to-be college grad. I am encouraged. And I appreciate the dialogs we are having on open class. Great information. Thank you.
  5. Found the concept expressed in this line in the Guardians announcement a good sign of some creative, progressive thinking going on in Texas: "The goal of a regional drum corps is to be affordable, less of a time commitment, and built by and for the community." Harks back to the old drum corps activities and maybe it's time to brush it off and re-invent it. I remember when I lived in Delaware in the 1970's that at local parades throughout the year, the high school bands might not bother to march, but there would be one or more D&BC's. A great way to draw positive attention to drum corps. I live in Nashville and we have some major parades every year, including the parade that opens up CMA week. Music City marched in a few of them but when parades happen during the off-season, a regional corps could step in and fill a need.
  6. More great info about stuff I wondered about. Appreciate you taking the time to share your expertise. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for this excellent information. You filled in a lot of holes for me. Appreciate it.
  8. So glad to hear from you DrumManTx and that you live in the area. I lived in West Texas as a child (Petersburg and Amarillo) and went to college in Abilene as a music major but I haven't been back in decades. I do remember that even small towns invest in their football and basketball teams. Do they do the same with bands? I have watched enough YouTube videos of HS band competitions in Texas to know there is a huge pool of great high school talent there and surely enough of it to provide great MM's for at least 1/2 dozen corps. So other than Crossmen, Genesis, and Guardians, are you aware of other corps getting started in Texas?
  9. And we can't count out the OC Texas corps Guardians. Only 4 years old, they have announced on their website that they are starting a regional corps - I guess this is their equivalent of a feeder corps - in the Lubbock, TX area. If Guardians has excellent support, leadership, and financial footing, they may start quickly moving up from 11th last year to a much higher finish this year especially because there are so many great HS bands in Texas. Last year their tour was 7 competitions and they've moved up to 11 this year. Exciting stuff happening in Open Class. Here's the info about the regional corps: REGIONAL DRUM CORPS: HUB CITY GUARDIANS The Guardians have launched a "regional drum corps initiative" aimed at bringing more drum corps to Texas. This initiative will expand to other cities, starting with the Hub City Guardians Drum and Bugle Corps based in Lubbock, TX. The corps will be under the direction of Lubbock-Cooper High School's assistant band director, Nicole Baxter. Nicole will lead the creation and management of the corps, while the national touring Guardians' director, Johnathan Doerr, will be the executive director and manage the strategic planning and financials. The goal of a regional drum corps is to be affordable, less of a time commitment, and built by and for the community. Hub City Guardians will be applying for drum corps international's open class for the summer of 2018. El Paso is the next community in the Guardians' sights for the regional drum corps initiative, with plans to expand to other areas of Texas shortly thereafter.
  10. Thanks for the input. Personally, I would like nothing better than to see corps spring up in every state and thereby let more people know about drum corps and give more young people an opportunity to participate in a corps closer to home.
  11. I just googled them and found their FB page. They are even inviting woodwinds to the April camp - makes me think they are willing to help good WW players learn a brass instrument. Here's the link to their FB page:
  12. That's great news! Do you know if they have a website or Facebook page up and running?
  13. What do you think it would take to get a corps started in Nevada? Is there a strong HS marching band presence in Las Vegas & Henderson? Seems to me that if New Mexico can field a corps (Arsenal - new this year), that Nevada could do it too. By the way, thanks for your comments on various OC topics. I would love to see more interest, information, and comments about Open Class corps.
  14. I just watched the WGI World Percussion Finals. Prelims and semi's were all just high cam, but the finals had multi-cam and they did a good job. I also think the sound was louder but that is subjective, just my impression. The camera work was good BUT, it would go out of focus and stay that way for a long time and then come back into focus. I don't know it if was Flo or my internet connection. There were also a few times when the picture froze - again, could have been my internet connection. But I have to say that the finals videos were much better than the prelims and semi's.
  15. So besides watching WGI and BOA on Flo......, I have also watched several track and field events. At WGI, there's one camera view, up high. Made me wonder if they know how to do multi-cams. Well, at the T & F events, they have multiple cameramen on the field so that for the 800 M dash, they can follow it and pass it around the track. I'm a hopeful kind of person and I'm hoping that the DCI folks will insist on some close-up cameras and not just a one-view-that's-all-you get. I do believe they have the capability to do that.