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  1. Crossmen 2018

    If they can pull off the 1st movement of Tchaikovsky's 1st Symphony, and play it cleanly, I am going to be really, really impressed. I've been hoping a corps would do this piece but knew they would have to have a mature horn line.
  2. Seattle Cascades 2018

    Just following up. Did you audition with them? Did you get contracted?
  3. 2018 Southwind - The Guitarist

    Thanks for posting this. I'm so interested to see Southwind's show this season because they were one of the most musical ensembles in Open Class last year. Really rooting for them and hope that a lot of that great horn line is returning for 2018.
  4. All time shows: Blue Devils

    I found this article from the Smithsonian's website several years ago. In it, there is a link that takes you to a section of the 2014 Felliniesque show. Listening to that small section was what re-introduced me to drum corps and made me a fan again. The last drum corps show I had seen was in the 70's in the Philadelphia area. Thanks, Blue Devils!
  5. The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

    I'm too new to the activity to know if anyone has performed this but it certainly sounds like great material for drum corps.
  6. This was a very good illustration of the difference between the two. Thanks for educating me. It was helpful.
  7. Thanks for asking this and covering all the different aspects. I have wondered the same thing but was too bashful to ask!
  8. 2018 Rules proposals

    Well said. Thanks - good to hear from an actual current corps member.
  9. All time shows: Genesis and Music City

    Music City 2017 - Tribe
  10. Music City 2018

    Just announced on Music City's website and Facebook page the Finis Sparkman Memorial Scholarship in honor of Finis, a snare drum player in 2017 who passed away during his rookie season with Music City. What a great way to honor his memory:
  11. Music City 2018

    Very interesting to read in DCI's "7 most talked about headlines of 2017" that Number 1 was Music City getting approved for World Class. Encouraging!
  12. Music City approved for World Class

    It's funny, Mike, but when I heard this on the local news, I remembered you saying something on some thread on here about this very thing. I don't know if you've kept up with MCDC's FB and web pages recently, but it looks like there are a lot of good reasons to expect an excellent corps and show this year. I'm very impressed with Kent Baker - what a great addition to an already talented staff.
  13. Music City 2018

    Nashvillian here. I've been following Music City since I first discovered them in 2016. Seems like there is a great vibe going on this year that bodes well for their inaugural world class season. I agree with ThePlanets assessment of "Tribe". I thought it was one of the most ingenious, musically entertaining shows of the season. This year's staff is loaded with talent and great attitudes and the new executive director, Kent Baker, seems like the right person at the right time to become their first, full-time ED. Lots of good reasons to expect a great show and 2018 season from Music City.
  14. 2018 Rules proposals

    Thanks for this very helpful information. So am I right in my understanding then that this is basically a scoring of the show designers' work, not the MM's performance of that work?
  15. Video edits 2017

    I just want to thank everyone participating in this thread. One of the most enlightening and informative threads I've seen on here in a while. Lots of good info and I think every question I've had about the issue has been addressed. This is what I come to DCP looking for. Kudos.