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  1. Carolina Crown 2018

    Still trying to verify if this is show music or not, but it's going to be an incredible year once again with this brass section sounding this good in February!
  2. Carolina Crown 2018

    Musically, I can't see how anyone is going to be disappointed!
  3. Carolina Crown 2018

    I think it's more along the lines of Inferno from 2015 instead of part 1 from last year.
  4. Carolina Crown 2018

    It's true! Just loud and lots and lots of notes for both percussion and brass!
  5. Carolina Crown 2018

    There will be no subtlety! You will know they are there right from the start!
  6. Single night tickets go on sale December 4th.
  7. Carolina Crown 2018

    Disaster??? Placement speaks for itself whether you liked it or not! Taking a strong 3rd should never be considered a disaster! Now, on to 2018! Largest audition camp EVER this past weekend and vet retention rate is very high! Going to be tough to make this corps this year and sounds like the show concept is falling into place very nicely! Can't wait to see how strong they are this upcoming season!
  8. Carolina Crown 2018

    Only 44 ageouts this past year (lowest number in the top 5)! Huge number of vets returning from what I am told!
  9. Carolina Crown 2017

    Only 44 total ageouts! Upper 20s in the brass and very few in percussion and guard.
  10. Carolina Crown 2018

    They only had 44 total ageouts. They are losing upper 20s in the brass and low numbers in percussion and guard!
  11. Carolina Crown 2017

    Then almost every drum corps has terrible design! There is a reason that DCI has Michael Boo doing a live blog from regionals! One of those reasons is to help explain some of these shows! I've been a marching member, a fan, and ultimately a parent in this activity. Every year it gets harder and harder to understand the concepts that these corps are putting on the field and it takes many viewings and listenings to even come close to understanding what the designers were thinking. At this stage of drum corps, I wish more corps put these videos out before the season starts so the fans can TRY to appreciate and understand what is going on out there!
  12. 100% yes! Ending at Indy has been planned since Day 1! It can only work at Lucas Oil Stadium!
  13. Carolina Crown 2017

    They are not in panic mode! The last set of changes to the ending have been planned all year but can't be put in until they get to Indy! If you don't like the finished product in Indy, not much can be said but it isn't done and may leave you scratching your head right now and that is by design!
  14. DCI had Cavies with a 0.00 and now below Blue Stars?
  15. About 30 more seconds still to be put on the field! May not happen this weekend.