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  1. hvd3

    Cadets 2017

    Hello all! My name is Hayes, and i'm a current member of the 2017 cadets tuba section. I typically do not follow these forums because ~ignorance is bliss~ but today, im here to talk about something vital to the success of this great drum corps! I know this may be an unorthodox method of communicating, and may not be the main purpose of this thread, but i am here to shamelessly plug our mandatory fundraiser for this year. This year, the corps will be selling a yearbook including bios, show information, action shots, and other neat things during the latter part of the season (available at our souvie booth). We are currently selling advertisements for pages in this yearbook, and i'm reaching out to see if any regulars on here are willing to, or know someone who is willing to take advantage of this opportunity. Pages can be purchased at cadetsyearbook.org, where you will be prompted to upload your proposed ad, and other pertinent information. Please list Hayes Dunlevy as the member youre supporting (i would appreciate it) :) Note that the deadline to submit an ad is April 30th!! Here are the following prices for advertisements: Full Page: $500 Half Page; $300 Quarter Page: $200 Eighth Page: $100 Please be aware that any ads for corporations that rival the cadets (jupiter, fjm, etc) cant be considered. And please be aware that the admin staff will ultimately determine what is appropriate! Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!