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  1. My guess is, if it doesn't happen before then, it definitely will between San Antonio and Indy. Outside of I believe the Angels & Demons year, Cadets have lost steam from San Antonio to Finals each year.
  2. And as I said, in one season. Daryl was writing the visual up until a camp in a December I believe when they fired him as he was supposed to be getting on a flight to camp. Sal Salas and Mark Sylvester were both brought in and have both been let go. Micheal Terry was fired! Either way still speaks volumes of the organization....I certainly wouldn't want to work there. Theres a reason why I stopped donating my $34 a long time ago..
  3. So let me get this straight...since the beginning of the season: Daryl Pemberton, Sal Salas, Mark Sylvester and now Micheal Terry have all been fired?!?? Yikes...has this ever happened before for a corps in one season to fire all these guys that were brought in?
  4. I'd like to see the BAC close the gap on Cavies...my prediction is: Cavies 72.9 Boston 71.5 Blue Stars 68.0
  5. Any scores yet?
  6. Or just chalk it up to one judge popping them a number....after all people said the same last season and I believe her guard was 8th in Indy!
  7. I watched both FB Live brass warm ups and surprisingly Cadets sounded less mature than Boston....just my 2 cents...
  8. I can't wait till your cadets unveil their uniforms....want to see what your thoughts are then. Maroon and Gold for sure but what?
  9. It's not "hype" at all, Boston is very good. It's an understatement what quality show design can do for a group. Give the MM's the vehicle and educators and watch them soar to new heights! Very excited for this organization!
  10. Point taken - seems to be a lot of discussion about Boston on this thread, had me confused there for a minute.
  11. What I do know, is that Tom hasnt produced a top line in a decade! What I do know is Colin has produced top lines with far less talent than most others. Because he has the ability to mold and teach, gets on the field and gets it done. So until we see what Tom can produce, my money is on Mcnutt. All day everyday! What I do know is the guard staff at Boston is top notch and guard members follow that. People need to suck it up and get over it but take notice at what's happening in the NorthEast! It might not happen this year, but from what I know, it's certainly is coming! DCIKnowItAll